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June 28, 2020



Looks like my kind of walk. I love the roses and other shots. We've also had a mix of rain and extra hot days but I'm guessing the heat is unusual where you live. My daughter moved to Seattle from Maryland in March and she doesn't have A.C. which is normally fine there but they had a stretch of hot days too. It's cooled off there recently which is a relief for her.


looks like a lovely place to walk and what an amazing (ancient!) cherry tree

Tanza Erlambang

beautiful flowers and lovely garden to walk

Michelle Banks

How beautiful...I only have the one rose bush, but we have friends whose entire yard is roses and roses and they need a lot of work to keep beautiful.....

Lisa at Greenbow

Lovely walk.

Stewart M

When I see roses I always think about the amount of time that must have been used to foster all the different colours and shapes. My Mum (Mom!) had a special fondness for roses, although we never had a garden for flowers.

Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne


we have the same habit, stay close to home on the weekend and go out and about during the week. unless there is a good festival or fair on the weekend, but we don't have to worry about that right now!!

the roses are gorgeous, i love rose gardens and seeing all the variety of rose colors!!!

David Gascoigne

Good to see those CANADA Geese there, Sallie! Make sure you take good care of them!


Those are beautiful roses and a lovely place to walk. I enjoyed learning about the Owen Tree and the story behind it, and I liked looking at the map. Comforting to hear that people were behaving sensibly and that you felt safe. Thank you for another lovely post Sallie :) Have a great weekend!

riitta k

Amazing to think that the cherry tree is so old - surely deserves its center piece in the gardens. Wow, what roses - I especially love that peach colored rose - so beautiful. Thank you Sallie for taking me along - wishing a lovely weekend.

Linda Walcroft

Beautiful flowers! I also avoid popular places on weekends. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing PacMan with the virus.

Lea's Menagerie

Beautiful roses! And I enjoyed seeing your other photos, too.

Peter B.

That really is a bouquet of perfection! Beautiful photos. I really like the huge cherry tree.


A beautiful walk and nice roses!

Suzan Batz

Oh my , so lovely..I don't blame you for getting out there and enjoying the scenery.
Stay safe...my son is an ER nurse at Salem General...he says please wear your mask and stay your distance too.

Himawan Sant

Beautiful and memorable trip you can find beautiful flowers. I am glad to see it.
Have a nice week and greetings :)


Such a lovely combination of walks along the river and through the gardens. Love your photos of the roses.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful shots.

betty - NZ

My, what stunning scenes! I would take forever to get through the walk--and hold up traffic, too, I bet!
We tend to do our 'tourist' visits during the week, too. We don't play well with others :)

'My Corner of the World' is happy to see you this week! Thanks for linking.

Hootin Anni

My gosh, Sallie, what an incredible area. Those roses are so very special!


...we stay at home most days, but if we go out it's during the week. Those roses sure brightened up my day. Thanks Sallie for joining in today!


We stay home on weekends and get our jaunts in during the week, less people.
Lots of things still closed here which is fine by me.

Iris Flavia

:-) Nice of you to give others room, but I reckon they´d rather love to have you around, you seem to be really nice guys :-)

Sami Veloso

What a great walk and such beautiful roses.
We a very small Rose garden in Perth.

handmade by amalia

Oh, I enjoyed this. Is there anything more perfect than a rose garden in June?

Amy Franks

Lovely roses. I just planted mine into a pot on our deck outside. You said the mall was quiet, do you think people are wary of being out around others?

Sandra Nachlinger

There are so many beautiful places to see in Oregon--- dramatic beaches, lighthouses, rivers, mountains, and of course roses! Thank you for sharing photos from your rose garden walk.

ellen b.

Such a magnificent tree and rose garden. Glad you could be out to get all those steps. Looks like a wonderful neighborhood to live in and enjoy.


Just look at all those beautiful roses! So pretty.

Alan Bates

I love areas with a variety of trails and paths and your park certainly fits the bill. Smart to get people to walk their bikes, otherwise their would be a few that would fly through.

bill burke

What a beautiful place to walk and explore. Love all the colourful flowers. Have a wonderful week, Sallie.

Wally Jones

Wow! I'd be in front of those roses clicking away all day! Fabulous!

We hope you're not missing our 98 F temps and 98 % humidity too much!

Have a terrific week, Sallie.


I so enjoyed this virtual walk with you, only wish I could have smelt the roses 😊 Stay safe and keep well, Diane


What a beautiful walk. I love the roses.

Sharon Wagner

I love the color extravaganza of those roses. I wish I had some in my yard. Right now, we have berries. Lots of yummy berries.


How nice to have a river walk so close at hand...and the roses are lovely...I stopped doing malls years ago, and have no plans to ever enter one again, Im doing the same thing doing my errands on weekdays and not weekends!! Have a great week.

Tanza Erlambang

beautiful rose garden

Lady Fi

Nice to get out and about! Those roses are fabulous.


Loved you showed rose -land to us at All Seasons. As far as I know they end to stay up better than some other flowers with hot weather. Am amazed at the variety and colors (can you tell roses are my number one flower, am gaga over them and painted several of them!) Many thanks for sharing Sallie, and am happy you felt safe during this endeavor:) Have a lovely rosy week, Jesh

Veronica Lee

What a beautiful garden, Sallie!

The roses are so pretty!

Emma and Buster

I have been to this rose garden and they do have pretty nice collection. I enjoy the history of the cherry tree.

Jennifer Jilks

Glorious flowers!
I love me a good park!
Happy trails.


So beautiful, Sallie! I don't know why, but roses this summer seem to be more prolific than ever before! Both my daughter and I have more roses in our gardens than ever before.

Bob Bushell

Beautiful array of nature, love them.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

What a fantastic park and lovely roses. I do the same, walk and take pictures plus check my step count. What did we do before phones? LOL
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Maggie Bryant

Thank you for the bouquet of roses, they quite made my day! Well done on getting out into the fresh air and staying away from the Mall. I'm trying to up my daily step rate too but with the rain we've had this past week I have been staying indoors way too much.
Happy MM

Karen, Pixel Posts

A great walk, thanks for taking us along. The roses are gorgeous!

Linda P

What a lovely stroll through the rose garden! I too would have wanted to stop and admire the blooms and enjoy their fragrance. The weather here has been changeable. Last week we were able to spend a lot of time in the garden, but the weekend has turned wet so a walk will have to wait. Take care Sallie. Have a good week.

Little Wandering Wren

In Thailand, We are all pretty good about wearing our masks at all times. This looks a perfect summers afternoon walk - there is nothing better than a rose garden ...well maybe an orchid farm! Have a lovely week!
Wren x

Lavender Dreams

It really is nice to have some trails open to walking only. I want to drive over to a botanical garden this week...maybe one morning! Love the rose blooms and I love maps and enjoyed seeing the map of the trail. Let's see...where should we meet? At the viewing platform? Hugs!


Hello, Sallie,

What a beautiful walk, the roses and scenery are lovely.
Hubby and I try to visit most places during week, the weekend are usually too crowded. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

// Heidrun

Good morning, dear Sallie... it's time between the birthday Breakfast and lunch to visit other Blogs. My husband, the silver surfer has Birthday today.

Your walk looks perfect. A wonderful area. The roses are fantastisc. Thank you for sharing this lovely captures. Giving tips around.

I answered to your comments by the way

Thank you Sallie for your good inspiration, the visit and the experience with Amish Country. I agree, any travel let us learn of each other - it's a good definition.

We have no caravan, but we travel around with the Honda Goldwing. Stay healthy.

Happy MosaicMonday


So beautiful roses! I'd like to smell them.
And I love that old cherry tree! Really an impressive centerpiece!


Oh, Sallie, we were on the same page this week - roses, roses and more roses. A beautiful bouquet indeed!!! Isn't it wonderful to get outside? I feel that summer has finally arrived. How considerate of you to (usually) let the workers have public spaces on the weekends. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Su-sieee! Mac

Mmmmm, delicate and fragrant. Your walk is my kind of walk, Sallie. Back in the late 1980s, I walked once along the Willamette in Eugene. The footbridge sparked the memory box. Cheers, Sallie!


When we were looking for a place to park the RV to go to Oregon softball games, we considered the Valley River Center. I also read at one of the apps that they allow you to park overnight, but don't know if that is still the case. We ended up parking at a Safeway (after shopping) and took and Uber to campus. We stayed at Armitage Regional Park, a spot we really like for games, and travel north and south to California. - Margy


Sallie, What a great walk with such lovely scenery. We've learned not to go on popular trails on the weekends! Breckenridge is busy again with tourists. Masks are supposed to be mandatory, but of course there is no enforcement, so many go without.I haven't seen any roses at high altitude, so your post is a real treat for me. Stay well!


ah I do love roses!

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