July 26, 2020


soma @ whimsandfancies.com

Finley Wildlife Refuge seems to be a really beautiful place. I had no idea there are that many species of geese. Lovely photos!



The Kingfisher, near no water and out in the prairie, must get its GPS reinstalled. But, you did get a photo or two! That's what counts.

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Great bird sightings. I didn't know about the different types of Canada geese either. Going to have to pay closer attention next time I walk around at the park, always Canada geese there. That view in your last photo is just beautiful. Hope you are having a great weekend!


I need to look at the species of Canada geese


Wildlife refuges are wonderful places both to visit and to know that the protection of birds and other species is real. I'm worried about the defunding and sell-offs that have taken place recently (a less well-publicized crime against our society, so not as recognized).

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Hello, Sallie

I love visiting our national wildlife refuges, there is always something to see there. The scenery is lovely. I see David and Sondra have helped with the Grebe Id, it is a cutie. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend! PS, thanks for the visit and comment.


Hello. Looks like a great place for birding and animal observation. Thank you for sharing.


I couldn't even hazard a guess about that unidentified duck (?) in the photo. It's a mystery to me.

We have a son and daughter-in-law in Corvallis. I will have to ask about going to the wildlife refuge the next time we get to go for a visit!

Sharon Wagner

It's always a good sign to see Food trucks. I love the wavy field photo.

riitta k

I love the open views in your photos Sallie! I never knew there are more varieties of Canada Geese :) In Finland they are very abundant at some places and poop all the environment. But to me they are handsome birds. Wishing you a pleasant weekend, riitta

image-in-ing: weekly photo linkup

Such fun photos! I hope you'll come share them at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/07/sleeping-and-stretching-fulltime.html

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Lovely photos. Glad you had a good day out. I also havent a clue what day it is anymore!

Linda Walcroft

Lovely scenes! Glad you had a nice day.


I think you do very good to capture any birds at all, they are so flighty. A perfect place to play, for you and them.

Suzan Batz

Love all your shots of a very interesting place to see. I especially like the old barn and the modern advertisement on the side of the other one.

Stevenson Que

Sallie, the beauty of the last scenes just goes straight to my heart! I feel peace and happiness and joy after a long day of work right now, thank you so much for sharing it! Those geese look very cute and cool on the signage and I hope you get to see some on that place. Sending hugs to the coming weekend!

Su-sieee! Mac

After reading your post, Sallie, I tell myself, again, that the Husband and I ought to start taking Sunday and not-Sunday drives. We are such homebodies.
I like your collection of photos in the top collage, especially the water reflection of the clouds. I'm pretending that I'm swimming among the clouds. :-)


oh what a great spot for some serious exploring!! i never knew there was such a variety of canadian geese, i think they all look about the same!!

how exciting that you captured a kingfisher, that you took the picture and now you have it forever!! the last picture of the field is really beautiful!!!

David Gascoigne

Would be nice to have a little more detail on the picture, Sallie, but I am about 90% certain it is a young Red-necked Grebe. It would help to check what other species of grebe breed in the area - Western and Clark's I suspect, but it is certainly not the young of either of those species. Eared Grebe probably breeds locally and that is an outside possibility, but it doesn't look right. Pied-billed Grebe is another candidate for breeding but the bird is not a young Pied-billed. At the stage depicted in your picture the young are still dependent on the adult so it s good to wait a while when the adult will sooner or later bring food. Hope this long ramble helps!

Veronica Lee

The Finley is gorgeous! Looks like a great place to explore.

Happy Thursday, Sallie!

My Corner of the World

The 'getting there' is always the best part of my travels anywhere, too. How strange to find a kingfisher there. My photo was taken through a window and a long way off--they fly away at the slightest hint of movement.

I'm so happy to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for linking up with us.

Tanza Erlambang

love the colorful bird (seem like young duck)....
Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos.
Great shots.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good sign.

Wally Jones

The Finley is a beautiful place! Love the images of the prairie, and of course, the birds!

Just getting there seemed to be fun, too!

Don't come back to Florida just yet, Sallie. More humidity than you might like and a tropical storm headed our way. I'll let you know when it's all clear!

Thank you so much for sharing your northwest paradise!


...the end of that barn is a wonderful place for a sign. Neat find Sallie, thanks for sharing.

Iris Flavia

Hubby sure would follow that beer-sign ;-)
Love the picture of the prairie - I need to get out! Or visit your blog :-)

MaryBeth Schwartz

A very neat place to go. I like your pics of birds---fuzzy or not---I do that too.

Amy Franks

One of my favourite things to do is spot artwork on old barns and i'm like you with days of the week, sometimes I have to double check.

Jade @ Captured by Jade

This sure does look like a nice place to spend some time & connect with nature - great photos.

Penny O'Neill

Hi, Sallie - just letting you know I'm still here and back to spending more time reading my favorite blogs with most definitely includes YOURS! Love your visit at this refuge and that you saw the kingfisher. I've only seen them along the rivers and creeks here so interesting to see them on the prairie. Penny


I'm all for taking all the little bird photos I can too!
Happy whatever day of the week it is - I'm with you, who knows!
Wren x


What a beautiful nature refuge. I too had no knowledge of the canada goose. I thought it was only one, so I learned something today.
The little unknown one seem to be a young grebe of a kind. But it is still unknown. :)

Take care, stay safe.

Linda P

You took a drive to an interesting area for wildlife. It looks like a promising area to see birds in their habitat and enjoy the natural beauty of that region. I would have been pleased too if I'd seen those birds, especially the kingfisher.

Karen, Pixel Posts

The refuge looks like a nice place to wander around. I didn't know about the Canada Geese either!

bill burke

Beautiful photos! What a fun trip to enjoy nature, you never know what you'll see. I like your take on photos even when they're not very good. I posted some crappy photos, don't like them but it is what it is especially if I'm on a bus and I'm not going back. It beats not having it. :)
Have a great week. Take care and stay safe.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Thanks for sharing your little road trip. I believe the first bird is a Grebe juvenile. Have a great week and be safe.
Sylvia D.


Interesting wildlife post

Bob Bushell

Beautiful wildlife area, you have done well Sallie.

ellen b.

Ahh...how nice to get out on the road no matter what day it is. Who knew there were sub species of Canadian Geese. Very interesting. Love the Kingfisher...fun surprise. I always appreciate Eileen's expertise in identifying birds!! Happy last week of July to you.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

With so much natural habitat being destroyed by building it's great to see areas like this.

Lavender Dreams

I love the barns and buildings and neat signs along the way! And it really is neat to spot a Kingfisher out there and get such good pics! WOW! It was a fun trip! Let's go again!


Sounds like a good place to drive to. I am also struggling with bird photos, it is too hot for any birds or insects at present.
Keep safe and have a good week. Cheers Diane


It must be nice to have these wildlife refuges to visit nearby, Sallie. We have not ventured out much as yet as all our local places are very crowded and not many are social distancing as they should. I am hoping as schools and offices reopen there will be fewer people milling about and we can begin taking some more local trips.

Penelope Notes

Sunday drives any day of the week sound good to me. It is surprising to learn there are so many variations of these geese. Haha … I wonder if they know they are all Canadian, perhaps some flew in from somewhere else. :))


Hi Sallie, glad you guys found a nice place to view some nature and birds agree with the idea of getting a photo even if it's not a perfect photo..I have only seen the one sub species, the cackling goose...I think the grebe is a red necked due to the white stipes on the face, the beak seems small but that could be the angle of the photo. Great finds!

Jennifer Jilks

What a lovely trip!

Maggie Bryant

Blue skies, walking in the fresh air, discovering something new, I like the sound of your day out, we had the chance to that last week too, such bliss. Seems we both have the same difficulties when it comes to photographing wild birds, they never sit still for me either!
Happy MM
Hugs M.


Hello, I love visiting the wildlife refuges. You can always see something there, the scenery is pretty. Your young bird looks like a young pied billed grebe? I could be wrong. The Kingfishers are always great birds to see. Did you visit the beer garden? Take care! Have a great day and happy new week!

Himawan Sant

I was entertained by taking a virtual tour from you. The natural scenery is beautiful and is an ideal place for animal populations.

Lady Fi

What a lovely drive and views!

// Heidrun

Yes, I know what you mean... the sorrow of us photographer, birds are in action. They flying away. But the moment we meet, we never forget. Next I will searching for some ugly captures of my experience with the birds... 😉
You have a good week in this wonderful area especially one day, who give a change into the virus worry-go-round. Well done.

Happy MosaicMonday


I didn't realise there were so many subspecies of Canada geese! I'm pretty sure there's only one subspecies over here, they were introduced as ornamental fowl years ago and are now feral. Amazing to see a kingfisher in a prairie...


Sallie - hmmm, so many Canada geese? New to me as well. Our son has applied for a job in Corvallis - it looks like a beautiful area!!! I would have to go to that beer garden - it is one of our favorite things to do in the summer! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


beautiful place for nature and wildlife

Alan Bates

I love refuges, they are refuges for people as well. Thanks for sharing your visit.

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