July 19, 2020



Lovely post. Such a cute baby!


the flowers and fields are so very beautiful...and this cracked me up "The market isn't exactly on the way home from our daughter's but we pretend it is." i do the same thing, little detours, fun detours, making these trips even more awesome!!

but as beautiful as everything is, the little guy steals the show!! so nice that you had time with family!!

Linda Walcroft

Lovely pictures! What fun to see the baby!

Michelle Banks

We have been home for 5 months now and I miss the hugs of friends and family...it is so hard, but necessary....


...we see our family at a distance too!

David Gascoigne

Every visit has to be planned with such care these days. We can only hope that one day things will get back to normal. This afternoon we visited dear friends and we are all infused with a hugging and kissing gene - pretty redundant right now. We had a great visit though and sipped wine and chatted at a safe distance. It's the best we can do.

Peter B.

He's adorable! Big smile. So glad you were able to visit.


What a precious little guy! So glad you finally got to meet him.

riitta k

Oh how adorable the little boy is <3 It is a blessing to see family & grandchildren, that we once took for granted. Beautiful flowers and landscapes as well. Let's enjoy the rest of the summer to the fullest! Warm greetings, riitta

Su-sieee! Mac

Four generations! Very cool, Sallie. His booties are so cute, and his smile so darling, especially the one he gives his papa in the bottom right photo. Cheers, Sallie!

Suzan Batz

so glad you finally got to meet the precious little one, even if it was at 6 feet apart.
Beautiful photos of the glorious nature all around us.

Judy Biggerstaff

It's always rewarding to visit our families plus get to enjoy nature and take lots of beautiful pictures!

handmade by amalia

How wonderful that you get to spend time with your family, even at this crazy time. And especially amid so much beauty - great photos!


Hardly need an excuse for a ride that beautiful to also see family.


So glad you got to go visit and see your great-grandson. Family is so important. We finally made the decision to go home to the float cabin. It's looking like the border won't open without a quarantine requirement for a very long time. We were sure we were COVID-19 free after so many months of self isolation, but it's a legal requirement for Canadians in order to get permission to cross. We are through week one of our quarantine up the lake. I'm sure we will be able to resume a socially distanced life when it is all done. While there are no known cases in Powell River, you never know who might be coming through town with a potential case. - Margy

My Corner of the World

Whatever the 'reason' it's always great to see those you hold dear. Thanks for sharing the pics and the flowers, too!

It's great to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Beautiful flowers and lovely photos of your cute great-grandson! Glad you got to see him.

Iris Flavia

Sadly not the same here. Hubby had two weeks off. I have a watch that needs new batteries (special one) and broken glasses. ASked Bro if we can come over (He is watchmaker and optometrist (and goldsmith, I always have to take care with face jewlery, argh!).
He has "no time". It´s not even "Corinna... Haven´t seen the Nieces in ages!
Glad you are more lucky, and weee, such a cutie pie!!! Awww.

Little Wandering Wren

Hello Sallie, glad to see you are doing well. Four generations getting together is special at any time, this year it is unbelievably momentous! Thank goodness for a lovely summers day as you say. Beautiful photos of this unique summer!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Yeah it's hard on families right now. My daughters well 2 of them live close by and we see them often and Bob's family still visits but as you said it is easier to social distance when it is nice out. We sit in a circle and visit.

Tanza Erlambang

This sentences: "The market isn't exactly on the way home from our daughter's but we pretend it is." make me smile...hehehe....lol

Thank you for sharing photos of smart baby and other wonderful photos.


how wonderful that you was able to visit with your family and the new great grandson. I too have this kind of outdoor visits with parts of my family. It is wonderful even if you are not able to hug anyone.

Take care. You have a wonderful family.


The summer is passing us by in a completely different way to what we are used to. I haven't seen my brother since Christmas. I saw my son just before lockdown in March. I take comfort from the natural world and just hope we all survive this different world we inhabit.


Lovely to be able to meet family in these strange times

Hootin  Anni

Here in south Texas, I always look forward to Summer's end (as you know)

Meeting your newest family member is so special. And enjoyed all your photos today!

Enjoy the rest of your week & remain safe & healthy.

Having trouble getting my comment to publish. I apologize if repeats.

Lady Fi

Awww - lovely shots of family - and flowers!

Veronica Lee

Sounds like a wonderful visit, Sallie.

And such splendid photos! The flowers are so pretty!


Adorable flowers!

Amy Franks

So many colours and nice to see some bee friendly plants in there.


What a wonderful visit. The pandemic has many of us appreciating things we had previously taken for granted.

Alan Bates

I am never ready when summer starts or when it ends.
Nice to have an open air visit with lots of space where one can relax. Zoom just doesn't get it.

A ShutterBug Explores

Hi Sallie ~ Haven't 'seen you' in awhile ~ great photos of family ~ grands are so wonderful ~

Live each moment with love,
A ShutterBug Explores


Lovely photos. Happy Monday. I am at #11on the linky today


Linda P

How lovely to have a young baby in the family! Enjoy your times with your family. In the present situation we appreciate being able to see some of ours and hopefully in time those that live at a distance.


How great it was to see your family and meet your youngest great-grandson. Great photos of them and of those pretty flowers and scenery.

Lavender Dreams

Well, you know our favorite pics today will be this precious baby! Nothing compares...not even those colorful pretty flowers. I'm so glad you got to spend time with them! Enjoy your week!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

So glad you were able to have a visit. Babies, flowers and visits are always nice.


Hi Sallie, glad you got to see some family I've seen none of mine for months! It's a long story...
The flowers are gorgeous so bright and cheerful.
Have a great week..

Karen, Pixel Posts

Lovely photos. So nice that you could visit with your family! WE are overwhelmed with zucchini from the garde, and it's too hot to make zucchini bread. Have a good week.

Stevenson Que

Oh Sallie! Your great grandson looks so adorable! Thank you so much for sharing such happy photos to us, it really did make my heart happy :) Hoping your new week will be roses, so happy you get to see your grandchildren since this season! Sending you hugs!

bill burke

It's great that you got to spend some time with your great-grandson. He seems very happy with the smile on his face. Beautiful photos, Sallie. Have a wonderful new week and stay safe.

Bob Bushell

Beautiful stop over with your daughter and her son, lovely. And, the garden, pretty.

Penelope Notes

These are lovely shots and such sweet pictures of your great-grandson. I wonder what world he will find himself in when he grows older. Sometimes the minutes go slowly as the years go by quickly. Time carries with it a strange anomaly of perceptions.

Himawan Sant

I am happy to read your story about meeting my beloved family. May you always be happy and healthy.
Greetings from Indonesia.


I'm envious that you were able to see family - I won't see my family this summer up in Michigan - it's not safe to fly as far as I'm concerned. Love the idea of fresh veggies too. Lovely photos as always.

Maggie Bryant

Hi Salle, congratulations on your new great grandson, the photos of your visit are wonderful so glad you finally got to meet him. I bought courgettes/zucchini for the first time this week, the days of growing my own vegetables are now in the past!
Have a great week and Happy MM.


Hello Sallie,

It is great you had a chance to visit with your family and see your cute great-grandson. I love all the pretty flowers and views. It is a bonus taking home the fresh fruits and veggies.
Take care! Have a great new week!

// Heidrun

It seems a wonderful week ago... hope, Sallie, for more next time.

Being carefully taking distance is always the answer to the question Covid-19. Now and in future. It's a good solution being in garden with the family. I love the baby by the way. Hugs... What's her/ his name?

Stay healthy and well.

Happy MosaicMonday


Sallie - my favorite shot is the "black" petunias in the midst of the yellow ones - I had to look twice to figure out what I was seeing! So glad you had a family gathering - it is a special opportunity to be appreciated. And yes, just today we were talking to my brother and his wife who live in Utah, and we were commenting that the snow will be flying again before we know it! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

ellen b.

How wonderful that you could meet your great grandson. Very special! What a little cutie. Love all the photos you were able to take. Haha...your the second blogger who mentioned zucchini with tongue in cheek! Happy new week to you.

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