July 12, 2020


Himawan Sant

It's nice to see a series of beautiful photos in your environment.
I'm also amused to see it ...

Have a nice weekend.


Nature really helps so I am pleased that you can walk outside. Here in Nashville I stay indoors because many do not wear a mask and they come close. Both the Tennessee and Georgia governors refuse to mandate mask wearing so a lot of people don’t. Since both my daughter and son-in-law are physicians treating COVID patients I have not seen them in a long time, as well as the grand children, and it is hard. I was supposed to fly to France to visit my cousin, but that’s out too. Not a fun time right now.

Michelle Keltner

Beautiful photos! Nothing like flowers and sidewalk art to put a smile on your face. Thanks for linking up!

Michelle Banks

Nice to see some folks taking the virus seriously


So glad to see that you are okay and still are able to have nice walks for exercise. The walk looks lovely.Zoom is a boon when families are locked down like ours are in Melbourne where we had a spike in cases after being down to just a few.


Just found your blog and what lovely writing it is. I look forward to reading more. I am also a walker/hiker and absolutely love finding new blog friends in other part of the US very different than mine, but just as lovely!

Adam Jones

Those blueberries look goof enough to eat right now.


Hello Sallie,

You have a nice variety of photos. The beautiful flowers, cute ducks and the squirrel. The blueberries look tasty! Looks like a great walk and outing. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a great weekend.


Hello. Beautiful places and beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing.

Jutta Kupke

Ein schöner Spaziergang und die Katze ist toll gemalt !
Bleib gesund
Mein Himmel


A wonderful walk with the flowers in front of the courtyards
Sweet the street painting!
Great blueberries and everything else.
It is difficult in the Corona period but at least you can do it in nature. Nice that you could meet!
Take care and stay healthy
Have agood weekend, Elke


Your collages of the flowers and everything else. Real pretty Sallie. Cute cat on the sidewalk. We have been seeing a lot of sidewalk art lately. It is fun to see. I am also now hankering for blueberries :) Sounds like you had a wonderful zoom call. Thank goodness for technology. It has its faults I know but it keeps us in touch and that is magic! Stay safe and healthy, and keep walking, no loopy hahaha :)

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great sky.

riitta k

I did not know the expression 'loopy' before, but after having googled I now know :)) Gorgeous daylilies! They don't bloom yet in my garden. Thank you for sharing, have a nice weekend.


Thank you for this colourful und interesting walk,
greetings from Germany


Thanks for taking us on your loop walk. I like the chalk art!

Peter B.

I like the 'stay safe" chalk art. Hey, whatever works for keeping you from going loopy! Going for walks and hikes seems to work for me.


I love all those lilies in the collage! This looks like a wonderful path full of things to see and enjoy, Sallie.

Suzan Batz

I have to admit there are times that I am getting Loopy too.
What a lovely walk and I would love to pick some fresh blueberries with you.


I hope your family shared their blueberries with you. The birds got all of mine. I didn't put the protective netting up this year!

Amy Franks

You have lots of colours going on there, love the sidewalk art, gotta give the kids something to do.

My Corner of the World

It's so great that you have these colorful and artsy options.
My dreary winter day is brightened by your photos and hopes of fresh fruit!
Hopefully, the fear won't spread, as it's worse than any disease.

Your support for 'My Corner of the World' is much appreciated! Thanks for your link this week.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Fun to live on a good walking loop----just don't get loopy---LOL

Little Wandering Wren

Family zooms are one thing a lot of us never knew about in January! We're still doing our Lockdown walks around our apartment. We had a loop that went around 6 levels of car park and we called our park walk!!
Have fun and stay safe.
Wren x


Just the flowers are enough incentive to go for a walk.
Love the cat and the sun painted on the sidewalk, very cute.
How wonderful to have a zoom family get-together.

Iris Flavia

A wonderful.. oh, and beautiful.... clever collection.


I love your loop trail and wonder if you always walk it in the same direction. The flowers are exquisite and the sidewalk art fun. I understand about staying away from people, which I can't do while working and walking, but I always wear a mask and most of them do too. I'd walk several miles of loop for fresh berries. Social media keeps us together.

Su-sieee! Mac

"Here we go loop de loop/Here we go loop de lie" That's all I remember. I don't recall how I even know this. :-) I like your walks, Sallie. There's so much color and water. We have to drive into the next county to walk along waterways. The river that runs through our county is dry most of the year. Some people are hoping to make a parkway along it. Maybe I'll see it whenever I soar through in the future. lol


Sound and looks like an interesting loop. Take care and stay safe. Diane


...I love your flower garden!!!

Villroses hage

Nice walk in the neighbourhood! Yes, typical these days with short walks and no random contact. Worse in the cities.
Take care!

image-in-ing: weekly photo linkup

You have a great location for an amble! Please come share at our weekly linkup!

Lady Fi

I love the abundance of flowers - and blueberries! The berries are out here in force (quite early compared to usual) and it's hard to walk in the woods as all the dogs want to do is stop and eat the blueberries.


Good to see round your neighbourhood. I, too, miss chatting to people I meet when out walking.

Sandra Nachlinger

Beautiful photos, especially the blueberries! Mine are still green, here near Tacoma, WA.

Alan Bates

I love trail networks where you have a variety of ways to go rather than some out and back kind of thing. You have a really diverse universe of things to look at on your walks.


Nice mosiacs. Really luv the fun pavement art
Happy Monday, i am at #18 on the linky



It's great you have this trail so close by and you can enjoy it..sometimes I get chased at by loose dogs in my neighborhood since some people think it's okay to let their dogs outside without fencing..So a dog-less trail would be a welcome thing to me. Your photos are lovely as always.


So glad you aren't really "loopy"! You're lucky to have so much beauty within walking distance of your residence. I think Zoom has really become popular since this crisis began. Glad you could visit with family.

Cathy Keller

Such lovely floral collages! It would be a beautiful place to walk. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful week!

Penelope Notes

Nice chalk art along the way. Funny … we did some Skyping yesterday and it was wonderful to see the faces we care about and laugh together like old times. This is the good side of technology. But we haven’t tried Zoom yet. Skype was challenging enough at the beginning. :)

Tanza Erlambang

the place so wonderful....love to see side walk arts....
stay safe and virus free

Lavender Dreams

This is a fun post! I love seeing where you walk and also the blueberries at your daughter's. We were about to go loopy...so we hiked in the heat this morning! heehee! It was SO worth it too. We saw all kinds of neat things on the trail. Take care and stay well! Hugs! (don't come back yet...it's TOO HOT lol)

bill burke

Having these beautiful walks through the countryside are perfect for these times. Glad to hear that your zoom get together went well. Lovely photos and I really like the chalk art. Have a wonderful week, Sallie and stay safe.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Yes, times have changed! It's good that you can still get out for a walk in such a nice area. Lovely pics and neat sidewalk art.

Veronica Lee

Love the photos especially the sidewalk art.

Happy Monday, Sallie!

Linda P

I think all of us who can find quiet places to walk are grateful for them. Also a walk around a garden where there's promise of ripening fruit is a pleasure. Glad that you were able to talk to loved ones using a zoom connection.

Hootin Anni

Love the sidewalk art! What a wonderful & unique trail. All super including your photos & commentary.


Hello, Sallie

I agree the walks are necessary to keep us all from going loopy. The flowers are lovely. I like the sidewalk art. Cute drawings and messages. The blueberries look delicious, I am sure the birds and critters love to eat them too. I hope things go back to normal soon. Take care! Enjoy your day, have a great new week!

Stevenson Que

I feel so happy seeing what those young chalk artists made. They don;t just draw, they also care and that speaks a lot!

Bob Bushell

Lots of mosaics and pretty ones.


Sallie - I feel I was on your tour with you! I understand what you are saying about stopping in one spot for too long. I even feel that way a little bit when I am out near our road, working in my garden. Part of me hopes no one will drive by and want to stop and chat. It's just awkward. Those blueberries look amazing! Enjoy, and thanks for linking up!

// Heidrun

Love the blueberries... remember me on holidays in childhood. We was always in the mountains called FICHTELGEBIRGE where our grandparents living... unforgetten time.

Love your walk on the loop too. Around the river and back. I think, we must (!) do each day something during Covid-19, isn't!?

Stay healthy and well, dear Blogfriend.

Happy MosaicMonday

ellen b.

Hello Sallie,
Glad you could get out and enjoy being loopy. :)
Pretty things you saw along the way.
Woohoo on having a successful Zoom call with your whole family. So special.


wonderful mosaics of beautiful nature shots

Cathy Keller

Wonderful photos! Boy, do your bluberries look delicious!! Have a grand week!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Beautiful flowers, a lovely place to walk and yummy blueberries.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

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