July 05, 2020



Fantastic post. I love the sign as well as the mural and the interesting information. I am trying to find hope where I can and this post gave me a boost.

Amy Franks

It's good they still have that house there for people to learn from unfortunately it seem that some still have their heads in their butts to learn from past mistakes. Here in NZ we have the same, except those pointing the finger are the ones also making the same mistakes.

Lady Fi

Love and tolerance is what we need! Great post.

My Corner of the World

We all have good and bad history, as a country and as individuals It just makes us who we are.

It's great to see you at 'My Corner of the World this week! Thanks for linking up with us.


Excellent post, we need to learn from history and remember everyone who contributed, it's great that the Mims are remembered in that way. I agree, it's sad that we're still having to fight the same battles even now. It's the same (but also different) here in Scotland

Hootin Anni

For me, ALL lives matter. I hope, for the sake of a more peaceful union, we CAN move forward without any more deaths, dismemberment, and disfiguring of historical monuments, sites, lives!


These signs are so important aren’t they Sallie? I actually love the handprints leading from Black Lives Matter. It is showing solidarity for a very important cause. It is so important to learn of every aspect of our history, like that of Mr and Mrs Mims. The Peace Rose is beautiful! We need its symbol more than ever. “I remain hopeful that our country will someday soon learn to remember history and yet be willing to move forward”. I agree wholeheartedly. I will end my comment with one of my favorite quotes, “Living in hope!” and thank you for this very important post.


So glad the artists were able to rescue the sign with the hand prints, they actually look quite nice.
Thanks for sharing the history of your city.

Iris Flavia

It is very sad there are such disrespectful idiots - great way the artists saved the street mural! (but, really. You don´t have a helicopter?! ;-)...)
Greast first sign there, too, thank you for sharing it, I still hope people will live like this - everywhere.

Linda Walcroft

Interesting post. We are in a difficult time. I wonder if the earth isn't trying to shake us off!


...damn we have a long ways to go!!!

Su-sieee! Mac

Thanks for your post, Sallie. I love how the murals artists turned the hate to love. Helping hands can get us through almost all darkness.


I find it so sad that we are still having to protest about racial inequality in the 21st century.

bill burke

Beautiful photos, Sallie. Thanks for sharing the history with us.

Sandra Nachlinger

Beautiful photos. Thank you for the history of the Mims.

Alan Bates

Our country is going through some tough growing pains right now. I think it is healthy but many don't seem to be going along with it.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

When we do not learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it. We are currently living in a very stressful time with moral decay on the rise.
Stay safe and be careful what you believe.

Himawan Sant

Thank you for sharing history, Sallie. I like your review. Greetings from me in Indonesia.

Bob Bushell

Thank you very much Sallie, you have said in the most positive, I love you. It will be the best world when we get rid bad things.

Veronica Lee

I enjoyed the history, Sallie. And the beautiful photos too.

Happy Tuesday!


People of all colors have a place in history. A shame we need to label that. Yet in this day, I am glad to see recognition.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, Thanks for sharing this history. Have a great week and be well. Sylvia D.

Tanza Erlambang

hope, future will be better.
Thank you for sharing photos and story

Lavender Dreams

I love that big beautiful peace rose! And I pray for peace and healing for our nation...and the world. Enjoy your week my friend. It's HOT here...as you might know already but at least we're getting some pop up showers to help. Hugs!

Karen, Pixel Posts

The world is a mess. Let's hope for better days ahead.


It is sad that many parts of our country is still wallowing in discrimination, although I hope great progress has been made and will be continued to be made by those who realize these wrongs and try to improve them. I'm glad that Eugene has given the Mims recognition for all their anti-discrimination work.
The 4th was quiet here--we are in a stage one fire restriction in my area.


Hello Sallie

The sign is great advice for all. I agree, history is in the past, we need to focus on now and the future. The MIMS house is pretty, lovely landmark. Enjoy your day, have a great new week!!

Maggie Bryant

Sad times then and now, why hasn't mankind learned to be kinder to each other and embrace our differences? How sad that it took so many years for the town to recognise the massive contribution that the Mims made to Eugene. Hopefully by July 4th next year the world will be in better shape.


A great post. It is a shame what is happening to historical places that remind us of our history. History is history and we can't wipe it out but hopefully learn from it. Unfortunately some people are slow learners. Hope 4th July next year will be better for all of you.

// Heidrun

Indeed Sallie, I hope this too for America... but it's necessary for the whole World. We can discuss over hours.

Therefore a silent quiet concratulation afterwards for the 4th July. It's not the time for loud things during Corona, I believe.

Stay healthy and well.

Happy MosaicMonday


Sallie - we have come far, but not nearly far enough. Thanks for sharing how this history played out in Eugene. We also had a "quiet" Fourth; it was difficult to muster the normal patriotism under the current circumstances. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


I have the same Hope Sallie, I've never felt so hopeless about this country...Not only are we not making progress we have leaders who try to divide us even more so they can still have control of our Courts, and our Legislative, and Executive branch. The equal rights amendment sits unsigned and has been for a long time. THAT speaks volumes to me.

Penelope Notes

What a perfect July 4th post about what really matters. I love the “In Our America” signage. These things on the list are what most in Canada also value. I also like how quickly the marring of the road sign changed into something positive. Clever thinking!


It is a sad time but I always have hope for the futre

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