August 09, 2020



the oranges are so vibrant, reminding me of fall which cannot come soon enough. i am so over this extreme heat and humidity...my pool is not even refreshing!!

i hope the area remains undeveloped, i always feel there is not enough open space. as for the homeless camps, be had a huge one about 10 miles from our home. it was very organized and the people were well taken care of by others. the town and police were able to chase everyone away, i always wonder where they all went.

we suffered a fire in our business park, a huge loss for us and our tenants. i just wanted to let you know why i have been mia!!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Beautiful flowers and looks like a nice place to go exploring.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


Flowers pretty much make my day since it is so hot and humid here and not much pretty to see from my house. I hope you have a great weekend!

Michelle Keltner

Beautiful flower photos. I think this time has made many of us slow down and enjoy what is around us. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!


I love this walk you take, Sallie. So much diverse landscape and lots of blooming. Saving green space is so important. Without access to Nature, people's lives are not as rich.

Peter B.

Looks like you have some great hiking trails in your neighborhood. I kind of enjoy those trails that feel a little wild!

riitta k

Your orange collage is stunning and gives courage to us while the Covid-19 situation is so alarming worldwide. Thank you for linking, wishing a pleasant & safe weekend.

Suzan Batz

Your flowers brighten any day...so lovely.
I do hope the GreenBelts can be saved.
We need those splashes of calm and beauty to get through these days.

Michelle Banks

I am always cheered by flower photos....

Michele Morin

Thank you for do much orange and summer green!

lavender dreams

PS You would probably appreciate my post today. It might bring back some thoughts about living in FL! heehee! Hugs!


Thanks for brightening my day with the pretty orange flowers. My favorite color. I would have said yellow is my favorite but my hubby reminded me that yellow flowers look like dandelions.

I ran a marathon once on those beautiful trails in Eugene, OR! :)

David Gascoigne

It is still baffling to me, Sallie, that in a world where we have technical wizardry for just about everything, that we have still been unable to ensure that everyone has basic housing, while billionaires make more in annual interest and capital gains than most businesses that hire people for productive work. It is a disgrace that people are unable to secure food and shelter.


The flowers are lovely and the walkway rather nice. Except for the homeless camps is sad.


Hi Sallie, a lovely collection of flowers as we can all use some beauty now. I am a first-time visitor who saw your comment on Stevenson Q's blog and being a curious person decided to read yours. I have a cousin who is also a full0time RVer since moving from NJ and a former VA neighbor, now based in Jacksonville, FL due to the pandemic is the same. We are NJ natives, lived in VA, and now call NH home. We have good friends living in Springfield, OR, but they were former residents of Eugene on "J" St. And, we took a cross country drive 2+ years ago to visit. The OR coastline was vastly different then what we were used to here in the East, much rockier and colder!

Tanza Erlambang

views are terrific....great shots.

Have a wonderful day

Sylvia D.

Sallie, It's good to have a change of scenery! The red orange flower collection is terrific. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Sylvia D


So many beautiful flowers on your walk. But, homeless, not that fun I guess. The signs leave positive messages though.
We hope for a better world soon.

Take care.


...saving greenways is an issue here too! Too many natural resources are being sold to the highest bidder. Thanks Sallie for the reminder of this important issue.


Love your flower collages Sallie. And that last sign is quite pretty. I feel sad for the homeless people at this difficult time.

My Corner of the World

Whatever the reasons, I'm glad you took these photos! I can use a perk up with winter still looming here.

It's awesome to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for linking up.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Orange flowers---white flowers---Love it.
Save the Greenway---love that too

Su-sieee! Mac

I love your collection of orange flowers, Sallie. I think we need more orange around the house. I did flowers for my mosaic, too. It was either flowers or long beans. lol. When I look at your Willamette River in Eugene walks, I wonder if that's where I had walked once upon a time. Cheers, Sallie!

// Heidrun

This days are hot here... a walk alone a River like the shown, would be appreciated. If I could stroll. The orange coloured blooms are amazing. The quote is true!

Stay healthy and well.

Happy MosaicMonday.

bill burke

The flowers are so pretty and that last sign is awesome and so true.


I love your flower mosaics especially the orange ones. It looks so green with you whereas here everything is turning brown in this heatwave.


I especially love the orange display. I'm glad for the greening efforts.


An interesting mosaic. Glad you found something to do inside. Those walks look lovey.

Iris Flavia

Your last words :-)
Sad, true, yet made me grin... archives are fun, too, right?

Linda Walcroft

Interesting post. The flowers are gorgeous!


Happy to hear of your son's visit. Lovely mosaic. I am at #11 on the linky today



So loved reading this. Very, very sad about people who do not have homes. With all that is going on, they are probably the forgotten ones. Yet, so many people whining about can't do this or that, or are bored at home. How dare they, when life could be oh, so much harder and sadder and scarier if they did not have that home.

ellen b.

Such pretty mosaics of those flowers. It's nice to have those trails to walk on. How nice that your son rode his bike over for a visit. It's such a treat to live close to our kids. Hope your week is going well.

Amy Franks

That quote is so true, gardening and water just make people seem so much happier.

Alan Bates

Interesting trail you took. I am all about preserving green space, and views for everybody as opposed to a ritzy development with gated entrances, high walls, and security guards.

The homeless issue is very complex, they just keep getting shoved around here and there.


I love all the orange flowers you found to photograph, Sallie! The color orange always makes me happy! We could use some of your rain. It never rains enough in Colorado.

That greenway path looks interesting to explore but it's sad about the homeless--it is also a growing problem in Denver, as in many other cities. , It is an issue that needs to be addressed --not enough mental health care, rehab, and job training would be a good beginning as well as affordable housing.

Penelope Notes

I’ve taken fewer photos also during this time period but all those pent up scenes waiting to be captured are sure to overflow one day. I like the signage … who would not? Most countries have homeless folks it seems yet most countries have plenty of homes. I wonder if some of this is about negligent distribution of existing living spaces.


beautiful flowers. Hope the area can remain undeveloped or become a low cost housing area.


The flowers are gorgeous...I hope the greenway can be saved but housing is important too for the homeless I don't think we need anymore affluent neighborhoods, we have enough of those to sink a ship. We sure could use some affordable housing for the not so well off which is why we have homelessness...rents are TOO HIGH..

Linda P

The orange flowers are pretty. On this hot day I'm enjoying the white flower mosaic. Shady walks like the one you feature today are welcome when the sun shines. Here we're having a rare heatwave. When the rain comes we'll be thankful for it, the plants too. 'Save the Loxley Valley' is a campaign going on here. Actually the land is not suitable for housing of any kind as it's quite wet and swampy by the river. We need affordable homes, but not on land that's prone to flooding and would cause more problems than doing good.

Lavender Dreams

I love the bright oranges and they make a beautiful mosaic! And I hope they save the greenways everywhere in the nation. I would be sad without the trails and nature here in FL. Enjoy your week...hope you have sunshine! Hugs!

Jennifer A. Jilks

Beautiful season, summer!


Hello, Sallie

I hope the land is not developed, the green space is so important. It looks like a pretty spot for your walk. Beautiful flowers and photos. I am glad you were able to see your son. Take care and stay safe! Have a happy day and a great week!

Bob Bushell

A floral start to of your blog, beautiful. And I love the signs, great saying.

Maggie Bryant

Beautiful roses to start the day off well I thought that your walk looked quiet and peaceful until I came to the part about the homeless camps which are not something that I had associated with your region. So sad, I always learn something new from my MM blogging friends.
Thanks for the comment on the sunflowers, you can harvest as many as you like but at £1 apiece that could get quite pricey. The pick your own system has been part of the British way of life since the '70's, I remember picking strawberries in Hampshire before we left to live in Europe in the early '80's.
Happy MM.

Lady Fi

Love the orange flowers! For some reason, your photos are not showing up on your blog unless I click the link/names of each photo.


Sallie - that collection of orange flowers is good for any day! We could use some rain - can you send some our way? So sad to hear about the homeless camps ... here, people seem to have a vehicle to camp in, but you know they are homeless because they camp in unusual places. Thanks for linking up, and have a great week!


the first group of flowers are a beautiful color

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