August 02, 2020


Michelle Banks

Beautiful bits of Mother Nature...

Tanza Erlambang

aww....a lot of bees on the bowl.....beautiful flowers.

Have a wonderful day

Wally Jones

What an interesting post, Sallie! Great information about the Camas plants. Who knew the bees loved (and needed) the water so much? Observing the diligence of the Swallow must have been rewarding.

In case you're wondering, Florida is still hot and humid!

Take care up there.



It is interesting the bees drain the bird bath, is it plain water or sugar water? The swallow is so cute. I love the pink blooms, pretty flowers. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day and a happy weekend!

Linda Walcroft

Interesting about the edible bulbs! And the birdbath... I've seen wasps drinking from mine.

riitta k

I think I have never seen bees trinking water! So interesting. The first picture is wonderful, as well your flower mosaic. We have not had exess heat, but this weekend is promised 27 C and that is pretty hot for Finland. Thank you for linking, wishing a pleasant weekend Sallie!

Peter B.

Interesting about the camas lily. I've seen large numbers of bees clustered like that in the desert many times, when there is a water source.


Wildlife areas are wonderful, especially when they include signs like you showed, that explain the history of the area and the uses of native plants.

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


That's a really pretty view of the river. I'm in the Rogue Valley and we've had days too hot to do anything too. Today was nice and cool. My birdbath (I have yet to see a single bathing bird) is frequented by hornets for the most part.

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Michelle Keltner

Those sweet honeybees were thirsty! We have a natural spring mine have access to. Thanks for linking up today!

Suzan Batz

I love your Rosy memories a lot.
Fascinating about the Camas and the Native Americans.
Thanks for the info and your gorgeous photos.

Sandy Lee Carlson

Water! I hope the bees around here are imbibing what water the tufted titmice leave behind for him.

I am not bored of Covid life, either. There is always something to do. Always was!

betty - NZ

It's always fun to see a variety of different things that you want to show us. I have been reminded of forgotten photos many times, too!

How terrific it is to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for linking up with us.


Very interesting to see the bees in the birdbath! I never thought about them needing a water souce.
We've also kept pretty busy since the outbreak. I thought I would be bored, but I have pretty much always been a homebody so it is not much different.
Have a great evening!

Stevenson Que

Sallie that very first photo is like a beautiful painting! I very much love it! The bees one is also so beautiful but I am so scared of bees that's why staring at it gave me chills HAHA Stay safe and take care Sallie!


fascinating idea to roast the bulbs - as a child I often wondered how ancient people figured out what was safe to eat

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Beautiful photos! That's a lot of bees! You were brave to get up close for a photo.

Veronica Lee

I've never heard of or seen camas before! How interesting, Sallie!

Lovely photos as always.

Happy Wednesday!

Kay L. Davies

This was wonderful to read. When I was a young newspaper reporter many years ago, one of my early assignments was to visit a "bee ranch" (my name for it) and I found it fascinating, and only a little bit scary. I certainly enjoyed writing about it.

Su-sieee! Mac

It's fun to putter around the house. Do a little bit here, a little there....Now I want to put up a water dish for the bees, but it'll have to be up high in case the birds want a sip. Molly may not know that she can eat birds but her hunting instinct is definitely intact. ...The camas flower is so pretty. I like that shade of purple...Cheers, Sallie! :-)


...now I must say that Camas is a plant that I know nothing about. I such change that!

Alan Bates

That's pretty cool about the Camas bulbs and the Native Americans who lived there for a long time and learned how to harvest and roast them.
I guess that it makes sense that bees need water. I've read that snakes do as well. I guess everything needs water.


I'm so partial to purple and never thought about bees needing water. They recently pollinated my pumpkin plants. I don't think we have camas here in the east.


I am not bored with this self isolation life either. Playing on the computer occupies me as does reading (tablet/library app) cooking and planning some home renos which lead to other chores.

Himawan Sant

Hello, Sallie.
It was great to see the natural beauty of Willamette ..., the view was refreshing to the eye and many interesting things were found there.
Have a good day.



interesting, You have to rename the birdbath to bee-bath :)
Love the little swallow peeking out. :) And all those beautiful flowers.

Take care. :)


Lovely photos and interesting conversation
I am at #20 on ghe linky



Several years ago we brought our large two person sea kayak down from Canada and used it to paddle the Willamette from Corvallis to Albany. It was my kind of route with a good push and no rapids. Our three surviving baby Barn Swallows fledged this week and today I learned from friends that stayed at our cabin in early July that we had Tree Swallows in our float garden bird house. It's good to be home at the cabin even with the required two week monitored quarantine. - Margy

bill burke

The view of the Willamette is absolutely beautiful. Love seeing that litte bird head sticking out of his house. :) The flowers are very pretty. Great photos, Sallie. Have a wonderful new week and thanks for sharing.


"COVID Life" is certainly a new phenomenon, Sallie, and hopefully wan;t last too many years. I never thought of bees drinking water! For some reason, I thought that bees wouldn't have to drink, that nectar or so on would be enough for them. Live and learn! :)

Amy Franks

I've never heard of camas before so I googled it, now I know that they are a member of the Asparagus family, wonder what they taste like.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Interesting about the bees. Love the pink pink collage--restful.

Bob Bushell

Bring it on, beautiful lake and the Bees, getting a drink, fabulous Sallie.


It's amazing what we can find in our own backyard...all kinds of "stuff" we take for granted...but when seen with a camera it's an awesome view...thanks for sharing..have a great day!

Lavender Dreams

That last mosaic is so pretty and Spring like! You've really put together some neat collages this week! Love learning more about plants and the history and background. Learning new things keeps us young! Hugs!


Interesting, I was reading about the relics of roasting pits for the agave in the death valley area probably about that same time period ago...I think I need to find something to roast...the squirrels are in the middle of the pine nut harvest..I should take a clue from them. Love the bees!!Sondra

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Interesting information about the camas. And oh yes it is very important if you have bee hives to have a near by water source. We were studying bees and considering hives 7 years ago.

Maggie Bryant

Camas flowers are new to me, very pretty. I have a bird bath in the garden but haven't seen too much bee activity around it, although there are plenty of them on the two lavender bushes next to it. Maybe they just pop over for a quick sip then continue gathering nectar!
Happy MM.


Hello Sallie,

The Camas flower is pretty and it is an interesting plant, learning it's history. Beautiful mosaic and lovely flowers.
The swallows are adorable. It is good to see the honey bee happy. I am seem to be like you, finding plenty to do, way too many books to read. Take care and stay safe! Enjoy your day, have a happy new week!

Lady Fi

Fascinating to learn about the camas flowers. And what a sweet shot of the birdhouse with swallow!

Linda P

The camas lily has a beautiful blue flower. Our city council planted hundreds of them in the grass along the inner city highway. As we haven't driven through the city these last month's because of lockdown we didn't see them this year, but can imagine their beauty en masse. Very interesting to know how your bees and nesting swallows are getting on. Your floral collage is pretty.

// Heidrun

Good Morning, Sallie, another week... but the same sorrows belong to the virus. So we try to look forward put a little bit normality, such in a walk we can find. Wonderful captures along this path of the nature.

Stay healthy and well.

Happy MosaicMonday


Sallie - Montana has a camas plant as well (a couple of them) but they are called Death Camas because the roots are poisonous! We are fortunate that the critters around here have the lake for a water source, but I have seen squirrels on our deck drinking out of the plastic discs under our potted plants - yuck! We had a pair of swallows nesting at the very peak of our roof - one of our tables was covered in "healthy bodily functions"! Fortunately, they have fledged and moved on! Thanks for linking up, my friend!


Absolutely gorgeous photos today - thanks for sharing them

ellen b.

Wow...that's really something about those bees and the birdbath. Wasps enjoy ours. Lovely floral collage!

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