August 23, 2020



Looks like a delightful get away. I miss that coast and the lush green.


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Rambling woods

Love the sea lions

Linda W.

Such pretty gardens at the State Park! I've been wishing I had a camper van. I don't feel safe going to hotels or restaurants.

Lavender Dreams

That first photo is so dreamy...looks like something out of a movie or maybe a mystery novel! I'm glad you got to spend time out in nature. I am SO ready for a trip, even if it's close by. We'll have to wait for the weather to break here though. Still HOT and humid! Enjoy your weekend. I've enjoyed seeing what YOU see!


Wonderful photographs; but, for me, your fuchsia reflection in pond is perfection.


What a beautiful area! We were there once a long time ago, and I'll never forget it (at least I hope not). Seeing the ocean is such a marvelous opportunity.

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Hello Sallie,
I loved seeing the Sea Lions in Oregon, they do sounds like they are barking. Love the sweet sparrow and beautiful flowers. Lovely garden! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!


Wonderful places. Beautiful photos of flowers. Sea lions are awesome. Thank you for sharing.
Have a great weekend.


Sallie - so glad you had an outing, and that you shared the pictures with everyone at My Corner of the World! The flowers are amazing, and yes, I am still a bit stunned that it is almost the end of August! Enjoy the last days of summer!

riitta k

Those sea lions are an amazing sight, you were lucky. I loved also the cute sparrow and the sand dunes. Beautiful nature photos, thank you for linking. Have a lovely weekend!

MaryBeth Schwartz

I love the Oregon coast----almost well actually better than some of the Washington coast. All good though. The dune areas are really crazy though---they are movable ya know. LOL


...a gorgeoous part of the world!!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Peter B.

Looks like a beautiful place for a quick get-away. We've only been to the Oregon Coast one time, but I fell in love with it. Those coastal temps sound so good right now!!

Michele Morin

We were stunned by the rugged beauty of your coastline!

Wally Jones

Wow, Sallie! Beautiful scenery!

Coastline, forest, sea lions, white-crowned sparrow, gardens. You had it all!

Happy you were able to enjoy a camping trip!


Beautiful photos of the Oregon coast! we went to Coos Bay once and it was lovely. we usually go to Newport, because it's closer to Corvallis.

handmade by amalia

Terrific photos! I'm so glad to be travelling with you, I miss it.

Diane Bohlen

Oh it's so good to be able to go out on a little trip. The photos are lovely and the flowers beautiful.

betty - NZ

Nature is so amazing whether it's eye-stabbing colors or just shades of gray. I always enjoy your photos, Sallie, especially those stunning dahlias.

It's great to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for being here.

Beatrice P. Boyd

We have been very close to the areas you described in this post, Sallie. Our friends formerly lived in Eugene and now Springfield, OR. We visited them about 3 years ago on a cross country road coast and they took us to the Oregon coast. The Pacific Coast is very different then the Atlantic Coast we grew up with in NJ, much rockier and chilly water. The dahlias are beautiful and certainly look like autumn with the yellows and oranges, but those sea lions are what really captured my attention this post. Thanks for your recent comment and well wishes on our anniversary!

William Kendall

Those sea lions are quite a sight to see.

Sharon Wagner

I've never been to the west coast. Bucket list!


the white crowned sparrow found the perfect spot to pose for a picture, and it does look as though it is posing!!

i enjoyed all of your pictures today, the dahlias are gorgeous!! it blows my mind to think of how nature creates such perfection!! it's nice you were able to get away and feel safe!! we have missed all of our summer trios!!!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Those dahlias are gorgeous! And I love the ocean so any photo of water makes me happy.
Thanks for visiting this week on the blog.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Veronica Lee

Sounds like a perfect getaway!

Incredible photography as always, Sallie!


You are so fortunate to be so close to the ocean and able to take this little getaway, Sallie. It looked cool and peaceful. I loved seeing all the close-ups you took of the delicate flower petals, Nature's work of art!


that was a wonderful trip- So many different landscapes and gardens. All beautiful in their own rights. And the cliffs full of sea lions! Amazing!
I am happy you were able to make that trip.

Take care!


Looks like you are in a perfect location. Good to get away. I will be looking forward to ours hopefully in the not too distant future. Great photos, great post! Thank you Sallie :) Enjoy the rest of your week.

Bob Bushell

Fabulous pictures, love the first one.

bill burke

What a beautiful area, Sallie. When my daughter was young, we used to go camping and stayed at Sunset Beach State Park. We loved that area near Coos Bay. We also spent time in Charlestown and visited many lighthouses. That is one of my favorite areas in Oregon. Glad you enjoyed you trip.

Tanza Erlambang

the surround areas of coast seem so beautiful....
love the views and wildlife of the coast and nearby areas.

Have a wonderful day


Great mini holiday, beautiful pictures. I would have loved to see the sea lions :)
That dahlia is certainly perfect.

Iris Flavia

Awww, lovely, wild pictures! Thank you for sharing, Henry says also Hi to the fellow lions.


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Lady Fi

Great shots! What a wonderful getaway!

Alan Bates

Good for you that you had a little getaway to such a great place. I love the Oregon coast. So rugged and the sea that you get there is totally different from the Gulf Coast.

ellen b.

What a wonderful getaway. It sounds so good right now. Love seeing the ocean!

Lydia C. Lee

Wow! Would love to see sea lions like that!!

// Heidrun

A wonderful getaway, there is a lovely landscape nearby the ocean. Yes, now the Dahlias blooming. I enjoy the colours and the fantastic forms.

By the way... We take our first cat with us in holiday, we had a flat at the Chiemsee. It was a good time for each.

Happy MosaicMonday.
Stay healthy and well.


Glad you had a nice time Sally. Your photos are lovely

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Penelope Notes

Nice you were able to get away and have a brief reminder of pre-Covid times and the freedom that can be enjoyed. I traveled the coast of Oregon many years ago and it remains one of my fondest trips. I still have the butterfly and bird souvenirs bought in a gift shop there.


HI Sallie, it was a great get away I can see. I really enjoyed the time I spent on the Oregon coast. I really love Dahlia they don't seem to like the humidity here, I know when I was driving out of Mt Hood I passed huge flower markets full of Dahlia's breath taking!
Have a great week.


What a perfect getaway! I love seeing all the different contrast in the landscapes, the flowers in the park look pretty amazing too and of course who wouldn't love seeing all the sea lions! It's been about 30 years since I've been over on the west coast, it's just gorgeous. I hope you have a fantastic week :)


I've never been to Oregon but it's beautiful! The sea lions remind me of the California coast. Beautiful flowers too.



Beautiful photos from your getaway. The park and flowers are beautiful. The dahlias are one of my favorites. I love seeing the sea lions. Yachats was one of my favorite places to stay on the Oregon Coast, they had a nice trail along the ocean. Enjoy your day, wishing you a great week!

Amy Franks

oh I bet the sea lions were noisy, we try to stay away from them here as they can be quite vicious. Is that a hill of sand dunes I see in one of the photos? reminds me of here.

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