September 20, 2020



i did a rain dance, good that it worked!! hehehehe

oh those yellow flowers are gorgeous, they are the only thing better than purple!!!

Michelle Keltner

Glad you are having clear skies. Thank you for linking up and stay well.

Arun Goyal

Pretty Yellow blooms..Loved the daffodil.It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2020/09/garden-affair-flowering-aquatic-plants.html

Beatrice P. Boyd

The archive photos were lovely to see, Sallie, and the yellow flowers were so cheerful. Glad that the rains have brought relief to your area from the smoke. So sad about the burnt neighborhoods in both OR and CA. Our friends in Springfield, OR have also been able to get outdoors this week.

Stevenson Que

That Yellow Lily!!! Oh these blooms look so pretty dear Sallie!

riitta k

Your yellow flower collage is beautiful and cheered me up. We have pure air, no smoke, no pollution. Terrible with those fires. I am so glad that you got rain and the air quality is better. Beautiful is the summer sky <3 Thank you for linking Sallie, have a pleasant Sunday.

Himawan Sant

Oh, these are beautiful after rain photos of the scenery ..., you are lucky to be able to photograph the appearance of the rainbow. I haven't seen a rainbow in a long time.
Have a good day, Sallie.

Photo Cache

Your rain reached the northern parts of the state, did not reach us, but thankfully, our skies cleared, sun out, and we could breathe the air again.

Sharon Wagner

Cheery yellow flowers and sunshine are always appreciated.


Aww nice shots love the flowers...Fall has arrived and soon we will have pretty leaves then none...We will surely feel the loss of RGB for many years to come...she was a trooper for sure. I was happy the crowd Boo'd Donald when he came to "pay his respects" is that really what he was doing..See he rarely puts himself out in front of a REAL crowd of Americans he is normally in front of his FOX guided tour rally. Wished for a few ripe tomatoes he was hiding behind that column..coward! IF that had been Obama he would have done right up front and engaged the crowd!


So glad you've received rain and clear skies. Thanks for the brilliant yellows, made me smile.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good post.

Peter B.

Must have been lovely to get that rain. I dream of the day we get some down here in the south. We so need it. Nice capture of the abandoned outbuilding!

Karen, Pixel Posts

Great photos Sallie. Good to know that you can breathe fresh air again.


I was wondering how you were doing out there, and very glad to hear the air has been helped after the rain. It really can be a blessing, especially under these circumstances. A long road ahead, so much destruction. It’s mind boggling. Thank you for sharing these photos from your archives. And for the tribute left to RGB at the end. What an amazing legacy she left.


...what I would give for some rain and to be able to see a rainbow!!!

MaryBeth Schwartz

We have rain today---a real storm washed in and it is wet.
I do not wish to antagonize but why do you call these fires 'climate fires'? Never heard that term but it sound like something a politician would foist upon us.

iris Flavia

Hope you made a wish on that rainbow!
Oh, I am so glad we don´t have such scary fires here.
The bridge sure is art. On RBG I sadly only learned through the blogger-world, not at school.

Veronica Lee

Glad to hear that you've had some rain.

Love the rainbow!

Stay safe, my friend.

handmade by amalia

Beautiful photos.
I believe in rainbows.

Linda Walcroft

Lovely photos! I'm afraid nature has reached her breaking point.

Alan Bates

Yep, a dose of flowers and sunshine can do wonders to improve the mood.
Great archive shots.
All photos are archive shots is my motto.


Sallie - our smoke-free skies finally returned on Sunday, and how grateful we are. Our son, currently living us while finishing his job search post-college, looks out of the window often and marvels at the difference from one day to the next! I think you chose wisely to enjoy the fresh air and pull pictures from the archives. The orange is perfect for autumn! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and we are all praying that the fires are soon contained.


We cleared on Saturday as well. We had a wonderful afternoon reading in the sun before Sunday brought showers and clouds. At the rate they are drawing water down at the dam to generate electricity (most likely to sell to the States), we really need the rain to hold the lake level. They can lower the lever over 2" a day which is amazing based on the total surface area of a lake over 30 miles long and lots of long spreading arms. - Margy

Wally Jones

Thank goodness you've had some rain!
We hope the fires are soon contained.

Love those flowers!


I am happy your air is cleaner again. I hope it will stay that way without any more fires. It is good to have archives in times like this to remember the good things.


Your photos are a bit of lovely sunshine. Thanks for leaving me a comment. That brightened my day also :) Please take care.

bill burke

Glad to hear that you got some rain. Hopefully it will keep all the smoke down. Nice rainbow, it's a beauty.
Have a great week and stay safe.

Jennifer A. Jilks

I love the rainbow!


Interesting post and wonderful this flowers !
hope you are well. Stay safe!
Greetin Elke

Lady Fi

The devastation from the fires is just heart-breaking for all. Lovely shots and hope you keep on breathing some fresh air.


I am so happy to hear you have clear skies again, Sallie. Ours are still quite smokey and unhealthy. The Cameron Peak fire is still going strong and is the major cause of smoke in our area. We need rain desperately. The entire state is in drought and we broke the record for days over 90 in Colorado--74!! Poor RBG--this year has been a one for the books

Dina Johnston

Beautiful yellow flower shots! Perfect for cheering up.


I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to do her work to the best of her ability
--Ruth Bader Ginsburg
May she rest in peace

Happy Monday


Penelope Notes

That is a nice inclusion of RBG … she would look great on a stamp. In fact, I think she already is on one!? The rainbow is superb reminder that skies clear and even put on a beautiful show. My heart goes out to those who have been, and still are, effected deeply by the fires.


Happy, happy for your rain. And your cleaner air.
Still dry here and still fears of fire.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

I have friends in Portland and she talks about how awful the air quality has been. So scary. Thankful for the rain and clear skies.
Love the sunshine aka flowers.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


What a relief to be able to breathe fresh air. Yellow flowers always brighten my day.

Bob Bushell

I'll bet that rain was needed, nice fresh air. Beautiful pictures Sallie.


sometimes when rain comes after a drought or fire, we really appreciate it as a miracle from God - love your photos today and that your air is clear

Lavender Dreams

I have been praying for rain for your area. I'm glad you got some but hope the fires will be put out soon. It's been a terrible year for so many people. Love the spots of sunshine. Yellow flowers make such a pretty mosaic! Stay safe and enjoy your week.

// Heidrun

I agree... yes, it's better sometimes to breathe, to enjoy the air. But the captures are fantastisc too.

Have a good week.

Happy MosaicMonday

Julie Margaret Bryant

It must have felt good to be out in the fresh air, under blue skies. Your beautiful yellow flower mosaic has lifted my spirits enormously this morning, simply beautiful
Happy MM.


Hello Sallie,

Yay for the clear skies! Are the fires out now? It is sad to hear just how much damage was done from one fire. The yellow flowers are a cheery sight, so pretty. I am glad you and your family are safe. Take care, stay well. Enjoy your day, have a happy new week!

Amy Franks

After living through droughts over the years I"m grateful when we get rain too but once in a while it is good to get out in the fresh air.


Those flowers sure do brighten my evening. It is so sad to hear about the damage the fires are causing. It is scary to know it will be our turn again soon for summer fires.I'm glad you can breathe fresh air again. I hope the smoke stays away.

Michelle Banks

I am so glad for you and anyone that got some clean air...the things we like to take for granted, but can't now..hugs..Michelle


Gorgeous photos! I'm so glad you got some rain and that it cleared the air. The fires have been so horrible! Now the passing of RBG to top off everything else we've been through this year. So devastating! I hope you are well. Stay safe!

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