September 06, 2020


Michelle Banks

We have had many 90s that we don't usually have either..


Beautiful ...Loved the sparrows frolicking around the branches.It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2020/09/peacock-flower-beauty.html


Cute little birds though I'm no help at identifying them. Hope you get some much needed rain and cooler temps soon. Have a wonderful new week!

riitta k

You certainly saw fantastic landscapes Sallie! 90 Fahrenheit is hot. I have watched the Us open and the players had it very hot too. The little birds must find some insects from those 'dead' branches... I am sorry for commenting this late, but have been very exhausted due to my renovation project. Wishing a lovely new week.


Beautiful, Sallie, just beautiful! Stay safe & hope the fires are not affecting your life...thinking about you.
Thanks for linking in at IRBB this weekend.

Beatrice P. Boyd

Looks like several previous commenters may have an ID for you, Sallie, for this cute sequence of photos. Yes, it did seem somewhat like a fun counting game. I read with interest that you had very hot temps in your part of Oregon. We have friends who live in Springfield, OR and nearby fires have resulted in unsafe air conditions so they were advised to remain indoors. They sent some photos of the orange shies and the ask falling on their car and in the yard.


Hello Sallie,

I was trying to id you little birds, it is hard to tell their size, Have you considered the Bushtit or the Oak Titmouse? I googled Bushtit and some of their bushtit photos look like your birds. I am sad to hear about all the fires in Calif, Washington and Oregon. Now they are calling them Climate fires instead of wildfires. Take care and stay safe. Thank you for linking up your post. Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.


Hello. Beautiful views. Little birds are so cute.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Tanza Erlambang

it seems there are 5 cute birds...awesome.
Beautiful photos as always....

Have a beautiful Fall season


We had these temperatures too, and without air condition it was awful ! I saw on TV today that Oregon is on fire, and we saw terrible pictures of people trying to escape. I have no idea how big is Oregon I only hope that you live in a part where there is no fire ! I also saw that there was lot of smoke and people wearing masks but that could be the Corona thing took !

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.


Lovely sequence of bird shots. The rolling hills are relaxing to view. WE've seen the bad fires you are having. Hope they stay away from you and your family. Glad you are feeling good.

Amy Franks

I had to look up that temperature and convert it to celsius, what we use here, wow that's hot, think the hottest we get here is about one degree less and even then it's hard to deal with.

Peter B.

Very cute shots of the birds. They seem to be going after those branches at every conceivable angle! Hope you are safe from the wildfires. We've been having record setting highs. Cooler the last couple days, mostly attributed to the smokey skies blocking out the sun.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

How funny that one, then two and so on, little birds showing up on the branch. I'm not sure what they are. They look similar to ones we have here in GA but would be different.
Warbler, Junco or Viero ??

Michele Morin

You captured so much beauty!


this little road trip sounds delightful...and our hubbies sound like 2 peas in a pod!! sometimes mine sees something "good" and the car is spinning around before i even know what he saw!! i can't i.d. the birds for you, i hope someone was able to!!

how nice to have berries and eggs to bring home, awesome souvenirs!!

betty - NZ

Your Hubby sounds like mine! Sometimes, he will just turn around without saying a word and show me something on his side that he knew I'd like to shoot!
We also wander about on backroads--mostly, knowing where we are going :)
Awesome images, Sallie!

How great to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week!! Thanks for linking.


I love when you share these journeys and your acute eye for the big and small. At least I think it's you. ;) Hope you aren't breathing smoke.

Wally Jones

Just think of your temperatures as training for your return to the Sunshine State!

Gorgeous views of the mountains, trees and produce!

I agree with Sondra that you have a flock of Bushtits, likely grouping up in preparation for fall migration. Love the counting book reference!

Thank you, Sallie, for sharing your northwest beauty!


I love the layered hills!

I also love how all the birds are lining up, they look like juveniles, though no idea what species!

Veronica Lee

Love the cute birdies! Spectacular views, Sallie!


The hills must be so inviting in that heat. Good to catch up with the family though. That's a treat whatever the weather.

Alan Bates

I love all the birds you found. I wonder about whey they pick certain spots instead of others that I think are more inviting. I guess that I would not make a very good bird.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, There was something really appealing on that branch! Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Sylvia D

little wandering wren

Ha ha, Sallie, that is awesome! You know I always love to see the little birds - I'm the one just about hanging on upside down!
Happy days

Linda W,

What cute birds!

iris Flavia

A counting book, you sure made me smile big with this! Sweet birds, and oh, sorry, but: Lucky you with the weather - here we need to put on the heating, soon, I sleep with a warming bag already.

Lavender Dreams

I was reading the comments to see what others thought the birds were. It's hard to tell about young ones and they do look like juveniles, don't they? How cute they all are hanging out together. LOVE that view and your photos of the trees and water. Sure makes pretty mosaics. It's hot here but not too bad right now and we've had those little pop up showers that keep everything green. Hugs

Jennifer A. Jilks

I don't mind the heat. We are cooling off quickly up here in Canada. There was snow out west!!!


90 deg F equals approx 32deg C, We had that many days this summer, even as high as 38degC. So, we too spend a lot of days indoors. In front of a fan.
Love your mountains and fruit trees. And the cute little bunch of fledgelings :)

I hope your hot season did not cause any drought.
Take care.

bill burke

Hi Sallie, love your bird photos and the layers one too. Fire season is not pleasant for breathing. Hopefully you'll get the rain you need. We had plenty of rain last week and today too. Wish we could send some your way. Our daughter says it going to be in the high 90s. When we lived there, I always headed to the coast by Depoe Bay. On the way, the closer we got, you could actually feel the temps drop several degrees and it felt good. Have a wonderful week.

As for wearing masks, we have to when we use public transportation or enter a store/business.


Hey girl, Im going "out on a limb" and say you got some Bushtits there...https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Bushtit/media-browser/68041701

very active little birds...Hope the heat is gone, we are having a break and it's wonderful, hope the smoke has cleared for you as well..it has not been the best summer overall.


I hope you get your rain soon. Sounds like you had a nice ride out judging from your photos. I have never tried rose hips before. Cute birds!

Penelope Notes

I don’t recognize the little birds but wonder if they’ve escaped from areas on fire right now. There’s a sector of society that remains willfully blind to global warming and the seriousness of the pandemic. Fresh air doesn’t come without effort. Hopefully, the future won’t require the wearing of oxygen masks whenever we step outdoors.

Stevenson Que

Dearest Sallie I super enjoyed counting with you through these cute little birds! Sending you hugs on this labor day weekend!

Maggie Bryant

Your patience was rewarded with so many birds posing for your camera, I have been trying this morning to capture a blue tit eating peanuts on my feeder but the pesky thing flies away whenever I get too close!
Glad you got out into the countryside for a breath of fresh air, cherry toms and blackberries!
Happy MM.


Sorry you're hot but I'd be happy with your weather. Our heat index here in Florida has been in the 100's for a couple of months. I'm really sick of it and just stay inside. Loved your little birds today - great photos!


Hello Sallie,
I love those cute birds, five captured on the one little branch is adorable. Beautiful views. The berries, eggs and tomatoes sound wonderful. I hope you get some rain, I remember the Oregon wildfire a few years ago. They did so much damage. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

// Heidrun

Understand you very well... hot temperatures aren't bearable. In meantime we get autumn here, I welcome this season.

Lovely captures with the birds, wonderful scenes.

Happy MosaicMonday

Bob Bushell

Climate chaos, too hot. Beautiful nature all at you Sallie.

Linda P

I'm not surprised that you went up into the hills to find some cooler air. The views are spectacular. I can imagine what it must be like to have the hazy, smoky conditions from wildfires. They're devastating for the environment and the people involved. I remember them when in Italy and they're scary. Glad you got to visit friends and family and immersed yourself in a peaceful spot where you could watch the bird behaviour. Great pics of the acrobatic little creatures. Wishing you a good week.


Lovely series and the little bird photos are wonderful to see.
It was 45f, in Uk Midlands last night, and the temperature dropped suddenly from "heatwave" to late autumn temperatures! It is up and down just now.
I'm sorry to have few photos just now, but there are still restrictions as to what I can do and where I go.

Lady Fi

Gosh - that IS hot! Thanks for sharing your view of those lovely hills in layers. So pretty!


Sallie - I suspect that there are bugs on those branches. I have learned that some of the wasps that I see around here are actually specialized to eat aphids! Smoke is a funny thing. We had very clear skies Thursday and Friday. Saturday? Smoky and hazy. And now we might get snow tomorrow! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday!


I love all your photos, especially the little athletic birds. They are so cute. It's blazing hot here in Florida too, but of course it's typical weather for us at this time of year. Hope it cools down a bit there soon. Have a fantastic week :)

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