September 13, 2020



Good to see all the vibrant colors but then looking at all the devastation below them and reading your description regarding the homes, the towns, heartbreaking for the people who have lost so much. Firefighters, like many of our front line workers, we owe them our never ending gratitude. Stay safe and well Sallie!

Michelle Banks

I am glad you are safe...It is beyond words and the losses and smoke....awful....


Thanks for the update, Sallie, and for letting us know that you are not in immediate fire danger. We have friends living in Springfield, OR, who sent us similar photos and told us about having to remain indoors due to hazardous smoke. It is frightening and even more so when fellow bloggers and others post first-hand accounts. Watching the news stories of families who have lost everything is truly heartbreaking. This has been quite the year for so many things and most not-so-good.


oh sallie, i did not know and this brought me to tears...really!! last week i ordered something through the phone and had not realized the girl was in california. it was such a beautiful day here and i started to talk about that. she said "enjoy it for me, we are not able to go outside because of the fires and air quality"!! oh i just felt terrible!!

the images are so scary sallie, i will be praying for you and all those impacted!!


...the only positive thing coming out of these fire is the sunsets.


So glad you are safe Sallie, and your family also. The skies we’ve been seeing in photos are scary and surreal. Not only the pandemic to deal with but this also. All of you out there are very much in my thoughts.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

It's scary.


Each time I saw these terrible fires on TV I hoped that it was not in your area because it extended so quickly !It must be horrible to live in this smell and knowing that everything near you is being destroyed ! We are so helpless against fire or nature in general ! The only thing is to hope that it will cool down and it rains ! What a year !!

iris Flavia

Scary. You´re stil in our news on TV, but, please do not hate me.... It looks kinda "beautiful".
Hope you are OK!


Glad to know you are safe from flame yet sad to hear of all the smoke.

Peter B.

Well, first of all, so glad you and your family are safe. Such crazy and scary times. I'm afraid the climate change predictions have all come true, and sooner than predicted. We're safe where I live, but the air quality is so bad they recommend not going outside. I hate that. As bad as things are, I know I'm one of the lucky ones.

betty - NZ

I am happy to hear that you are not close to the fires. I always wonder why there aren't fire breaks in the hills since there are fires every year.
It's good to have memories because nothing ever stays the same, does it??!
Lovely photos of your bygone trips.

Your link at 'My Corner of the World' is greatly appreciated!! I'm glad to see you this week!

Amy Franks

The fires there have made the news here, I feel for the families who have lost everything.


There really aren't any words. I feel such sadness for all of you there. It is such a scary time. Even here it is dry, dry, dry with a potential for fire during the day, but easing tonight as humidity increases. What a strange time and world we are in. Thinking of you, dear one.

Alan Bates

Oh wow, I wondered how close you were to the fires. 15 miles is still too close.
Yes, these are climate change fires!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

What a sad post. With everything else that is going on, this too? Stay safe and well away from the fires.


The fires all the way along the coast are so terrible this year. In my recollection the worst ever. Last Sunday the thick smoke arrived in Powell River and hasn't left yet. Maybe not for days to come. We rushed home from our boat cruise and have stayed in the town condo to keep away from it. It has rained twice and it didn't help. Stay safe. - Margy

handmade by amalia

So very sad! Stay safe!!!

Veronica Lee

I saw the heartbreaking news on TV.

Praying hard for you and all my bloggy pallies in Oregon.

Stay safe, Sallie.


It is terrible to learn about fires so close to you. We hear on the news almost daily about fires on the pacific side of the US and Canada. I hope you have a plan if you, one day, need to evacuate. But hopefully if might not come to that.
Take care.

Villroses hage

This is so sad :(
Stay safe!

bill burke

It is so horrible to see this happening. Hopefully you'll get some rain to help stop it speading. Our daughter is safe from the fire but the smoke is everywhere. I saw a photo of the Steel Bridge is you can barely see it. It's unreal when you see the photos. Take care and stay safe!


Its so sad that the fires are burning up areas and causing distress. Stay safe.
Enjoyed your mosaics



Very devastating. Wishing you well. Stay safe.

Stevenson Que

please stay safe indoors dear Sallie. My brother in San Francisco also updated us how bad it was especially last Saturday. Sending you hugs and prayers dear Sallie, hope it clears up soon.

Freda Mans-Labianca

Scary stuff. Praying for all!!


I am shocked and dismayed by your state's peril. I'm glad you're safe and mourn the loss of natural beauty and lives. Stay safe.

Bob Bushell

Shocking fire, bad news for Oregon people. Brilliant photos all the same.

Linda P

Extreme weather caused by climate change is devastating. Here it's landslips and flooding caused by too much rain and in other parts of the world dry conditions and wildfires. The enormity of the task to save lives, homes and the environment is daunting. My thoughts and prayers are for you all in this terrifying situation.

Stewart M

Shocking images of the fire sky - so similar to what we had here last summer. Lets hope your autumn and our summer are kind to us.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Lady Fi

Such sad, scary news.

Jutta Kupke

It's so dramatic!
I Don't even want to imagine.

rupam { xhobdo }

Hope all well soon, Stay Safe.

Hildred Finch

I am so sorry you have this terrible fire to contend with, - we have a great deal of smoke drifting up over the border and into the valley - it is despairing, but not disastrous as the fires must be.

Lydia C. Lee

I really feel for you - we had six months of it here - it's a night mare. You will soon hate that sun. Stay safe.


The news reports have been shocking. I cannot imagine the horrors people have endured. Can this year get any worse? Keep safe

Jennifer A. Jilks

Isn't is just awful.
I have to admit my ignorance. I wasn't sure where Oregon is.
My son's family, in Vancouver, is having issues with the smoke from the south. It's so dry.
I am so sorry for all affected.


So glad to hear from you and know that you are safe, I hope it remains that way, but breathing in the air cannot be good for you.
Thinking of you and everyone else near the fires. Stay safe Diane xox

Lavender Dreams

That breaks my heart. I always think...we have so much to deal with now and then something like this happens. I'm keeping you all in my prayers. I hope and pray it rains and clears the air. Take care. Sweet hugs, Diane

Penelope Notes

Just when you think things cannot get worse, you realize they can. Smoke from the Oregon/Washington fires sit heavily over the southwest coast of B.C. Vancouver currently has one of the worst air qualities in the world due to the smoke, oddly enough at a time when air quality had improved dramatically because of less travel due to Covid. Climate change is as real as the folks who have now lost their homes and priceless personal possessions and in some cases even their lives. It's maddening and saddening.

// Heidrun

I agree with each comment before... it's sad. Praying for you and the people in Oregon. We heard about in the News. We was frightened. The nature there is lost for many, many years. Tears in my eyes.


Hello, Sallie

It is heartbreaking to hear about the damage done from these wildfires and the lives lost. I am sure breathing in smoke is not healthy for those living around these areas. I am glad and pray you and your family stay safe. The photos of the skies are amazing. The climate change deniers need to wake up and our current administration should be helping and not just ignoring it all. Take care, Stay safe! Enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!


I am so glad you posted; I’ve been so worried about you and several other Oregon friends. It is just heartbreaking to see the news photos from Oregon and California. Stay safe!!


I've been reading the Oregon news, but didn't know how near the fire was to you. I have been thinking of you both. Keep safe!
Here, another Lockdown is a worry-mostly because of young folk crowding together, regardless of advice.


We saw the fires on the TV and my thoughts were immediately with you and your family. I hope they'll be very soon controlled !
It takes a long time before the forest grow again. We see that in all south of France where fires burn every year.


Oh, Sallie, I was so worried about you! I'm glad to hear the fires are not close to you. I know the air quality is horrendous though. Stay indoors and run an air purifier if you have one. After this summer I am considering buying an air purifier for use in our home as we also had dangerous air quality from Colorado's four wildfires. Out recent cold spell and snow gave us some relief.


Sallie - heartbroken does not begin to describe how I feel for everyone affected in Oregon, California and other states. I am glad that you and your family are not in danger, but that is very close to home ... And to personally have experienced places that have since been destroyed. So sad to think of that. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and we hope the situation improves soon.

Cathy Keller

My heart breaks for you and all who all who are suffering this tragedy!! You are in my prayers!


It is all so horrible! Everyone affected has been in my prayers. Something has to be done and fast about climate change. Please stay safe, don't take any chances!


I hope my comment posted it disappeared when I hit post. If its a repeat please delete it...Horrid the fires, so glad you are safe and continue to be alert. This has been a really bad year all around

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Bless you and the communities, praying for the safety and for those who have lost everything.

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