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October 11, 2020


Michelle Keltner

You have some great fall colors in your photos. Our weather has been weird and the leaves on the tree in our front yard are already gone. *sigh* You just have to go with the flow. Thanks for linking up and stay well!


Hello Sallie

Love the bison photo and the GB Heron is beautiful. The falls colors are looking beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care and stay well. Have a great day happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.


Your photos look as if you have quite a lot of red leaves so far. Maybe more later in the season?

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Su-sieee! Mac

Hi Sallie! You got rain, I'm jealous. We only got teased that rain would appear. We're back to hot temperatures and staying indoors. I love seeing the Fall colors in your photos. Haven't found them around here, but then I hardly go out. :-)

Lili Sulastri Zainal Abidin

Beautiful scene and sights.

riitta k

Wow - what a stunning rainbow! You complain about less autumn colors - in my eyes your autumn looks gorgeous!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great Autumn colours.

Peter B.

That's a gorgeous rainbow, and I love the shot of the buffalo in front of the visitor center!


it is nice to reflect on past octobers, when things were a little bit better, a little brighter!! and wow, the proof really is in the tree you featured!! our autumn colors have not really arrived yet, maybe they have, i have not been out too much and my backyard is still green. the heron image is a favorite, it is a bird i really love!! such a pretty rainbow, they always make one feel so happy, don't they??

MaryBeth Schwartz

We have some color here and there. The Larches are so golden right now.

A ShutterBug Explores

what you have for fall colors is beautiful! Slow in coming to MA too ~ Gorgeous wildlife and cruise photos ~ Boothbay is one of my favorite cruising place ~ Xox

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Lavender Dreams

The rainbow is one of the most beautiful photos I've ever seen! And I like to look back and see what we've seen in past years too. We are just now starting to see a lot of different birds on our hikes and that is nice. Love the color you have. Every year is different, isn't it? And this year was one we won't forget! Enjoy your day! The weather here is perfect right now. But I don't look forward to the time changing! lol Hugs!

Amy Franks

Lovely colours on those leaves and love the rainbow.

Linda W.

Gorgeous rainbow! Thanks for commenting on my blog. An iron furnace was an industrial site where iron was separated from surrounding rock using very high heat. They were usually located along a creek and near a forest, where trees were harvested to make charcoal.

Himawan Sant

I was blown away by the look of the multicolored leaves which I almost rarely encounter in my country ..., their color is simply stunning.

betty - NZ

It sounds like a great time with your son, Sallie! I think women worry more about weather and such than men do--not sure if that's good or not :)
Your rainbow capture is just fabulous to see! The composition is just stunning, my friend!

Your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week is greatly appreciated!!


I know I did a post about fall colours already, but they are late here as well. Goes to show it isn't just a timing thing. The buffalo makes me think of my first date with Wayne. He flew me to Catalina Island for a buffalo burger and a hike. We didn't want to find any buffalo because they can be dangerous in the wild. We did hear, but not see, wild boar. They are dangerous as well. We survived the kike and the rest is history. - Margy


That's a beautiful beast in Custer State. Lovely rainbow.

Taken For Granted

Custer State Park is one of my favorite places. Those bison need to be avoided as they are quite unpredictable and can be dangerous. But they look great.


A gorgeous rainbow pic. And the lounging buffalo looks very impressive.
Lovely pics.
Enjoy the week...


...the closest that I get to see a buffalo is on a local farm where they are raised for meat. What a fabulous sight. Thanks Sallie for joining the party, stay safe.

bill burke

Hi Sallie, a nice glance back at your Octobers. I love the rainbow, it gorgeous. Booth Bay is a beautiful place, we spent a day there years ago when living in Maine. Thanks for sharing your photos, they are beautiful. Have a wonderful week and stay safe.

William Kendall

Pretty colours! I've seen bison in the west, but here on farms or in reserves.

Bob Bushell

The autumn is precious, the leaves on trees, change of colours, from green to deep red. And there was a rainbow, Sallie, pure genius.


Beautiful photos from this and other Octobers! I would love to take my husband to Custer State Park sometime. I visited a few years ago when I was on a girls' trip with some running friends. It's a wonderful place. I understand why it's one of your favorites.

Yvonne Means

Beautiful pictures, especially the rainbow.

Jennifer Jilks

The rainbow!!!!!

Penelope Notes

Spectacular to see a rainbow from beginning to end! I love the leaves littering the sidewalks, although it is a bit slippery for folks like me. :)

Veronica Lee

That rainbow shot is INCREDIBLE! WOW!

Wish we had fall here.

Happy Tuesday, Sallie!


hi Sally, If I came to visit you I would certainly feel like home. The same trees, the same colors. All across the world. Love it. What differs is the wildlife. So your wildlife should be exciting for me to see.
Take care and take a walk :)

Lady Fi

The autumn colours are coming along nicely! And that rainbow shot is WOW!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

If that is only half as much fall colour as normal, then you are doing okay! It looks wonderful. Nice to see a recap of some of the amazing places you have visited.

Fun 60

How interesting to look back over previous octobers. i feel the way you do about the blog becoming my memory. one photo jumped out at me and that was booth bay harbour. i was there late sept 2017. i had a wonderful time. our trees are now changing but we don't really have the deep reds that you have.


the fall colors are coming...ours are slow but it's happening, some winds make the leaves fall off also..I love the rainbow of your Fern Lake visit really a beauty. Have a wonderful week.


We got some snow when you got rain, Sallie, but we sure need more moisture. I love that rainbow pic!

Rain Frances

Hi Sallie :) Look at your fall colours, how beautiful! Love the photo of the buffalo! :)


Hi Sallie
Your trees will probably turn more this week--I love all the red in them as we don't see that much. We could use the rain in Colorado. In my area, we have not had any moisture since September's early snowfall! The autumn color is/was beautiful this year though, even after the early snow. The higher elevations are finished but the front range is all ablaze with color right now--I love it!
WE enjoyed Custer State park very much and the surrounding Black Hills SD area is gorgeous. We hope someday to drive up to ND to see Roosevelt National Park.
Have a wonderful week!


All such gorgeous photos, but that last one is literally magical!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Are you guys not returning to Florida this year? How different Oregon will be compared to Florida sunshine.
Our Fall color is very sparse.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


That are wonderful photos from Animals and landcape.
autumn with its colors looks wonderful like the fascinating rainbow!
Greetng Elke

Gillena Cox

Half as much colour is still pretty. Our trees are pretty and green and will remain so since we do no have an Autumn season.
Nearing Easter our Poui Trees will colour our environment in their pinks and yellows. Thats the way it is in Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹
Happy Monday



Hello Sallie,

The fall colors and trees look beautiful. Neat capture of the bison. I do not like driving in snow, so I hope we have a warm winter. Pretty view of the marina. Love the heron, great post and photo. Take care, enjoy your day. Have a great new week!

iris Flavia

Funny tree!
Now this is crazy... I dreamed of snow this night (I hate snow, so dangerous when driving).
Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing! Love the lake especially. And how the bison (?) is just resting there...

Little Wandering Wren

I'm almost with Eugene only having half the energy for some colour this year - did make me smile kinda sums up the year!!
Have a lovely week Sallie - may it be blooming good!
Wren x

handmade by amalia

Our leaves don't put as much work into their colors. They turn from green to brown and fall off. Quite lazy.


Sallie - since you are a boat person, I think you will appreciate the analogy that memories are often the anchors that keep us secure in the midst of the storm! Thanks for sharing current events AND some of your past treasures with everyone at Mosaic Monday!


lovely colors - but my favorite is the park shot with the bison

Beatrice P Boyd

Enjoyed seeing the colors in this post, Sallie, as so many people are looking back on good times past and sharing their memories online in their blog posts. It's a great way to travel these days when travel isn't easily done!.

ellen b.

Love the color and the photos from year's past. My oldest sister's family had the best experience in Eugene yesterday when their vehicle broke down on the way back to Southern California from Washington. The kind Michael Love from Love's Garage helped them out even though he was closed. They were able to get the car in good enough shape to make it home to Santa Clarita. That will be the last long distance trip the vehicle will make. If you ever need car help call Love's!

Michelle Banks

Sallie..You leave the nicest comments. I am struggling these days and nature does help...Thank you and fall color is always worth looking at..Michelle

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