October 25, 2020


Arun Goyal

Beautiful post ! Loved the hot lips plant,the blooms remind me of balsam plant blooms.It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening where you can share about plants and flowers here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2020/10/garden-affair-bleeding-heart-vine.html

Michelle Keltner

I will confess that Pinot Noir is a favorite of mine, so I would buy it :) Beautiful fall photos and I like the statue with the mask. We can't leave anyone out, right?! lol Thanks for linking up.

riitta k

A great selection of photos, the hundreds of pumpkins on the field look so joyful. Have a fine & healthy November.

Rambling woods

Made me smile...stay well

Yvonne Means

Lovely photos of your October.

Wally Jones

Thank you, Sallie, for sharing your smiles! It created some here as well!

So, that's what autumn colors look like!


Hello. Beautiful views and photos. Thank you for sharing.


Hello, Sallie

I love the cute new grandpuppy. The statues wearing the mask is funny. The pumpkins and fall colors are beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your day and weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

Karen, Pixel Posts

Your photos brought smiles to my face Sallie! Beautiful autumn views and lovely blue skies.


hi sallie, i stopped by Dina’s City Wildlife and saw the egret/heron hybrid, so amazing, i have never seen one before. i enjoyed her blog, she shares some really awesome pictures!! thanks for pointing me in her direction!!!

Cathy Keller

Just a beautiful post! I do enjoy visiting fall scenes that all have to share and yours are grand! Happy Halloween!


Lovely Blog and photos! Thank you. Here, in the UK Midlands, it’s almost back to a partial lockdown from tomorrow! It’s good that you can still enjoy some family life🌞


...the colors of fall bright a smile to my face, thanks!

William Kendall

The masked lion is quite timely!

A ShutterBug Explores

Wonderful series and variety of photos ~ sweet grandson ~ and a new puppie ~ Yea!

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBug Explores
aka (A Creative Harbor)

bill burke

Beautiful collages, Sallie. We had a statue here this summer that wore a mask. I guess someone took it off because it's not there anymore. Buying wine by the lb is strange, maybe a mistake. :) We are currently beginning our 2nd week of a 6 week lockdown but the numbers seem to be going down and that's good. Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay safe

Amy Franks

I don't know about the wine, I don't drink either but funny to see the lion statue with a mask on.

bill burke

What a cheerful post, Sallie. The sign for the wine is pretty funny. I assume it was a mistake but who knows. We are getting lots of rain lately and staying in. The infection numbers are beginning to drop but we have 5 weeks to go to the end of the lockdown. Have a wonderful rest of the week and stay safe!

Bob Bushell

Smile on baby. Beautiful images you made Sallie.

Lady Fi

Thank you for the smiles!


To smile is the best thing to do in the moment. And yours are beautiful. Your great-grand-son is so a big boy now !

David Gascoigne

Looks like fall did a great job in welcoming you, Sallie, with beauty all around. Now let's have the fall of Donald Trump and all will be perfect!

Veronica Lee

Delightful collages, Sallie!

The masked lion is my favourite!

My Corner of the World

A wonderful collection of smiles this week, Sallie! The autumn colors are fabulous to see. Let us know if you ever figure out how much a pound of wine is!

It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week !!


The fall colors are marvelous. The masked cat kind of funny. Wine by the pound? Maybe your thread is weak.


I simply love the colours in your first mosaic. We never get cold enough here to see much change so I loved seeing your photos. And appreciate the glimpses of your sense of humour!


I have never bought a pound of wine, but if it is from the Willamette Valley, it must be good! Beautiful fall photos.


Beautiful in your area, Sallie! A pound of wine?? Looks like the pup will be as big as a pony when grown. Stay well.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Great collages...but wine by the pound? lol I'm not a wine drinker so I have no idea.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


A very colourful start to your post. I've never come across a measure of wine using its weight.

Penelope Notes

Lovely scenes. Haha … the signage is perplexing, indeed. This post is a nice respite from all the noise, especially now. A few more days, fingers crossed, and a turn for the better. :)


it is so very nice to see all of the blue skies and sunshine!! i enjoyed the first collection of pictures, pumpkins and colorful leaves, 2 of my favorite parts about this season!! good stuff, i see everyone is wearing a mask and cracking jokes!!! be safe sallie!!!

Linda W

Nice collages! I love the masked lion!

iris Flavia

Beautiful collection! So color-and joyful.

ellen b.

Oh boy...that is a big puppy. Wine by the pound??? 2020 has afforded us many new masked adventures.


Sallie - you sure had me smiling with that first collage. Just look at the luxurious color of those leaves! Just this evening, #1 Son and I were discussing pumpkin patches ... it is very cold here right now and we just don't want to drive the long distance it would take to get to our two "local" patches. So, it'll have to be grocery store pumpkins ....

Could that 19.99/lb been the price for the pumpkin chocolate chip listed under the wine?

"Hanging by a thread" - you're not lion!!!!

Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


"Notes of thyme, lavender, rose petal, bing cherry, cranberry with some wet earth tones underneath' - ah, I would buy that wine for such description!


Beautiful pictures. I had no idea wine was sold by the pound! A pound of water is 15.35 fluid ounces, do you think wine would weight more, being basically grape juice?

Jennifer Jilks

That is a big puppy! What fun.
Yay, pumpkins!


fun and great mosaics. Even the lion needs a mask obviously. :)
You really got a LOT of pumpkins over there :)
We have them but not that much.

Take care.

Lavender Dreams

Hot lips? How funny is that! Reminds me of the plant, bleeding heart which sounds odd. Or lipstick bush that we have here. Love all of the Fall photos that bring a smile! A boy and a puppy...doesn't get any better than that! Enjoy your week sweet friend!

Gillena Cox

Happy Monday


Lisa | Handmade in Israel

I am enjoying seeing all the autumn/pumpkin shots. I miss it here where it's still warm. Hope the family are enjoying their new pup!


Hi Sallie
Those pumpkins being loaded into the truck were so large! I don't think as many pumpkins were sold this year as there are still so many at our grocery store and in Costco. I can't put one on my porch as the deer will come and eat it. I'm glad that statue is wearing its mask...lol...I can't believe the public is still fighting over that. Hoping we can all make it through the winter and stay healthy. That wine sign is confusing--it must be a typo. The description makes it sound like the grapes were grown in a flower garden!
I know your Colorado family was as happy as we were to see snow this weekend! The horrible wildfires have done so much damage to our beautiful state,


I love the autumn colours in the first photo mosaic! I don't know how much wine is in a pound, but that does sound like a delicious wine!


Hi there...well that's the perfect fall post...love the pumpkins, and the spirits by the lb never heard of it. The pup is a big one I know he brings lots of joy to the family gatherings! Have a great week.

Beatrice P. Boyd

You had some great photo puns in this post, Sallie. I enjoyed every one. I've been putting aside several of my own to do a similar future post, the masked lions was great! We have never bought wine by the pound, only bottles, but that pumpkin chocolate chip would be on out list! Agreed that is quite a large puppy and your great grandson must be happy with the new family pet.

Rain Frances

I have no idea what a pound of wine is Sallie, but I know that 16 ounces is a pound, so that would be 2 bottles? Not a bad price! That puppy is BIG! Very sweet. Happy Halloween! :)


Hello Sallie,

The pumpkin farm looks like a fun time. Cute photo of your grandson and the new puppy. I like the cute statue wearing the mask. The hot lips is a pretty plant. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

// Heidrun

Love this Post, Sallie... a smile is the shortest way between two people.
We should each day find a reason for smiling, isn't.

Have a wonderful week, stay healthy and well, dear Blogfriend


A wonderful fall collection of photos - I had to laugh at the statue with a mask!


What a great collection of photos! The fall photos are gorgeous, the pound of wine and hot lips cracked me up and I love the photo of your great grandson and the new pup! Have a fantastic week Sallie :)

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