October 04, 2020


Michelle Banks

Beautiful post and yes...the news is hard to take day after day


Hello. Beautiful photos. I love the Great Blue Heron.
Have a nice sunday. Take care!

Linda W.

Glad you have blue skies! Love the jay and your arrangement on the green background.

Tanza Erlambang

lovely nature shots....amazing photos.
hope, everything goes well with you and yours

It's All About Purple

2020 has taught us so many things. not taking blue skies for granted is one of them. even all the way on the east coast, in new jersey, our skies were impacted by the fires. crazy right, but our skies were "weird/foggy", they kept saying on the news it was from the fires. i would have never believed that!! that's a gorgeous capture of the jay, yours are so different than ours!! it's good you can still visit your daughters acreage, it's good for the soul and definitely makes us happy to see what is still growing, under the most difficult circumstances!!

your images are lovely...it's good to focus on the positive!!


Hello Sallie,

Great captures of the Stellar's Jay and the GB Heron is beautiful. The nature photos are pretty, love the berries and pine cones. I hope and pray our country can be united and at peace, this election is so important. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care and Enjoy your day! Happy weekend!

ellen b.

I'm so thankful for the blue skies again and glad you are getting relief from smoke, too. Lovely mosaics. Are there any RV Parks with pull throughs for a 5th wheel that you know of that you'd recommend. Maybe in Lincoln City or near Salem?

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! Wonderful nature photos on your daughter and son-in-laws property and the Blue Jay and Heron are awesome photos ~ Xox

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBut Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

riitta k

Yes, the world is odd all over, there and here! Our semi isolation continues too, the masks on when shopping,,, The spring green backgroundof your collage looks wonderful & the blue jay was quite a catch. Take care, stay calm!


Its great that you can get some pleasure in life at the moment. Nothing like a walk into nature under blue skies to make you feel good.


...but we still have nature to enjoy!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such lovely nature shots. The Stellar's Jay is new to me.

Little Wandering Wren

It feels like every week is what a week! I think you are entirely right to wrap yourself in nature!
Have a lovely weekend
Wren x

Peter B.

I've thought about stopping my newsfeeds and newspaper. It seems to be all bad and aggravating. Would probably be better off without them! Beautiful shot of the Stellar's Jay. I used to see these all the time when we had a cabin in the local mountains. I miss seeing them and their antics!

Alan Bates

We inhabit a gentle part of the internet. On the photoblogs there is very little politics and I'm okay with that. I need a refuge from all the craziness.
Great photos.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Very blue.

Rain Frances

Hi Sallie :) Just wanted to say that yes, perhaps the wine will induce me to drawing the Lion from Wizard of Oz!! :) He was my favourite too..."The Noive!" lol! :) Thanks for your sweet comment!


I'm so happy that the smoke has left your area and you can enjoy nature and breath. Beautiful photos as always. Take care


Love your photo of the heron. They are lovely birds but I've never had any luck getting good shots like you did.

William Kendall

Your shot of the heron is my favourite, but I'm quite partial to that species. Ours are gone south now.

bill burke

Hi Sallie, glad to hear the smoke has moved on and you have blue skies and some good fresh air. I enjoy your photos and love the collage. Enjoy your day and stay safe.

Bob Bushell

Hi Sallie, beautiful circular of photos, love 'em.


What a week indeed! I watch the news first thing in the morning, and then hubby and I have about a half hour conversation on what is going on after watching the evening news. Yes, what a week indeed! We probably have too much time for the news also, being in the same semi isolation that you are, but truly feel it is better to know what is going on here and in the world. That desert island sounds pretty good right now, or for me an isolated cabin up on the mountain top :) I’m glad your smoke has cleared out after all those terrible fires. My heart goes out to all those good folk affected. Thank you for these super photos. Your Stellar jay shot is gorgeous! Such a pretty bird! I saw one once traveling out that way a few years back. It was a joy to see it. Your daughter-and-son-in-law’s property sounds wonderful and it would be nice to be able to walk around and take in all these lovely sights. Thank you for sharing them Sallie and enjoy the rest of your week.

Himawan Sant

It is also true that if you choose to live on a remote island, later on you will not be able to display interesting birds from other regions ..., I think it is okay for us to travel in this semi-normal period of the pandemic, as long as we strictly implement health protocols.

Once again I was amazed by your camera shots.
Greetings of friendship.

Rain Frances

A deserted island with internet sounds lovely...oh and maybe some plumbing! :) Your photos are beautiful, nice shot of the heron!

My Corner of the World

I guess it doesn't matter where you walk and see nature--as long as you take photos (and, of course, share them with us!). It's a shame you can't come and spend time with me--my life has had minimal (not shopping for a few weeks) intrusion from covid and I certainly don't listen to the news (to be honest, there isn't real news here very often)!

Your photos are really great to see and I'm glad you have blue skies again.

I'm happy to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!!

Veronica Lee

Glad the smoke has cleared, Sallie!

Lovely captures of the season's changes.

Happy Wednesdsay!


Hi Sallie, it is very awkward to walk in nature without hearing of seeing birds. It is the same where I live. Sometimes it is soo quiet it seem to block my ears. :(

Nice shots of nature details today. :)

Lady Fi

Pretty shots! I love that heron - so majestic!


internet and blogging is fine, just less news nowadays :-). and more nature walks like this one. your daughter lives in a nice place.

Karen, Pixel Posts

I make it a habit NOT to keep up with the news!! Lovely shots, and how nice that your skies are once again a beautiful blue.


Glad the smoke has cleared. I get it about the news. Nice shots of the season's changes.

Penelope Notes

There are so many pretty sights where you walk. The song “you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone” by Joni Mitchell comes to mind. I would hate to see permanent smog so am extremely grateful for the return of blue skies. It’s been a strange year, indeed, and perhaps could get even stranger. Real life is definitely more unbelievable than fiction. :)


Beautiful nature contemplations


Alan Bates

Beautiful post!! Take care.

Fun 60

How wonderful to see the clear blue skies once again.


Good your skies are now cleared up and the smoke is history. It's always good to get a head clearing walk in for sure. I did that yesterday and it helped for sure...enjoyed seeing the stellar's jay.
Have a great week,

Amy Franks

Living alone in an island has it's perks but on the flip side I think I'd miss a little bit of people contact.

Lavender Dreams

Oh, how nice to see that blue sky and that gorgeous Jay! He is a brilliant shade of blue! Love all of your photos this week! The berries are very nice in the mosaic! Enjoy your week! It's cooled off here finally! lol Hugs!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

My goodness that Stellar Jay is a gorgeous bird.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Jennifer Jilks

It's been an interesting month. Such great fall colours!


Hello, Sallie,
A walk with nature is a great way to escape and relieve the stress. I have stopped watching the news, I get too upset.
It is great your skies have cleared, the natures scenes and photos are lovely. I like the jay and the heron! Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

Linda P

Glad to hear that blue skies have returned and walking is a pleasure once more. You see some beautiful wildlife such as the jay and the heron. Even if the leaves are not colouring up yet you share some seasonal changes in your collage of berries. Regards. Have a good week.

iris Flavia

Yes, it´s the little things now... in your case beautiful ones.


Well, Sallie, you and I are on the same page this week!!! I wasn't necessarily escaping the news on my nature hike, but it doesn't hurt to go somewhere with no cell service!!! Lovely photos, especially the jay. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and I hope the clear skies continue for you.

Beatrice P Boyd

Glad also to read that the skis have improved, Sallie. Very nice photos of the flowers and our friends in Springfield, OR, have said they do not have a lot of color as well, but in New England we are getting more each week and they should peak within the next week or so. The deserted island sounds like a good place to visit, but I am not certain I would want to live on one.


Yes, this year seems to be one week for the ford books after another. Sure hope things improve after November 3 . Any improvement will be an improvement. IMHO.
Lovely photos. So glad the smoke has cleared.
Although the temperature has moderated here, we’ve barely been able to set foot out of the house because of the mosquitoes. We really take them seriously ever since my SIL nearly died of West Nile Virus. We need a nice cold front to blow them away.
Hope you have a good next week.

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