November 01, 2020



beautiful autumn colours!

Arun Goyal

Beautiful shades of Autumn ! Loved the birds . It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to gardening where you can share about plants and flowers here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2020/11/bees-and-butterflies-on-flower.html

Linda P

Autumn colours are uplifting and when the weather is dry there's nothing better than a walk where you can appreciate such beauty. It's been quite a week for you and I'm happy that things are going in the right direction. May that continue in the coming weeks. Wishing you a peaceful week.

Wally Jones

Thank you, Sallie, for all the color! We vicariously enjoy your autumn since we mostly have green and brown seasons here.

You will know you are fully into that "second childhood" when you no longer if anyone is watching you kick your way through autumn leaves! I speak from experience. :)

No worries about not visiting the Sunshine State this winter. We shall keep watch over our natural world for you and it will all be here when you're ready.


Your Oregon fall colors are delightful. Seems skipping through the fallen leaves should be for us all, no age limit. I am surprised to hear you're staying for the winter and look forward to seeing it through your lens.


Hello. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I love that sentence:

"I have reached the age where there is a fine line between childlike and one's second childhood."

Take care.

Beatrice P Boyd

Walking through crunching leaves is a fun experience at any age, Sallie, and I did the same only recently. Your fall colors are beautiful and autumn is my favorite season as well, although recently it has seemed more like spring here with temperature spikes. While it’s unfortunate that you won’t able to travel to FL now, you have found beauty in OR as well.


Looks like a beautiful autumn!

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Hello Sallie,

Beautiful Autumn images, the colors are gorgeous. I always enjoy seeing the birds, like the Herons and Egrets, flock of Geese flying over. Lovely photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, stay safe! Enjoy your weekend!

riitta k

Fantastic fall coloring Sallie! In Finland almost all leaves have now dropped and my raking is done. Today we have a great sunny day and I shall take a long walk in the nature. Wishing you a great weekend.

Diane Bohlen

Beautiful leaves. WE never see that in Brisbane. That path looks very inviting for a walk. I hope you enjoy the new experience of winter. I think you have made a good decision.


...nature sure provides us with a lot of beauty.

Peter B.

Beautiful fall colors. We're headed for a cool-down and a chance of rain (finally!!!).


So vibrant! One of the many reasons I love Fall. I would enjoy that walk on the river, and even better with it being within walking distance. Sorry you won’t be heading to Florida but no doubt you will enjoy your shorter trips. We are looking forward to our own. Great photos!

Veronica Lee

WOW! Fall is BEAUTIFUL in your corner of the world, Sallie!

Love the pretty colors and foliage.

Happy Thursday!

Bob Bushell

Beautiful autumnal colours, well done Sallie.

Linda W

The first picture is a stunner! A lovely post!

My Corner of the World

Autumn truly is beautiful as are all your photos!
I don't get the chance to shuffle through fallen leaves, so shuffle a little for me, will ya?!!

It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


You live in a beautiful place. That autumn colour is breathtaking. I love your birds images, too.

Stevenson Que

Those colors Sallie! I will never stop wishing that someday I will experience fall right with my very eyes :)


Lovely of colors autumn.


lovely autumn colours.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Such beautiful leaves. Ours have not changed much at all but the storm last week blew over half away.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

David Gascoigne

I chuckled at the thought of you kicking up the leaves, Sallie. One of the great things about going out with grandchildren is that you can do lots of silly things under the guise of it just being for the kids! I milk that one as much as I can!

William Kendall

The heron particularly appeals to me.


Your walk to the river is really beautiful.


Autumn colors are gorgeous in Oregon this year! You get the same feeling kicking through the leaves as I do splashing through the puddles. Here's to feeling young! :)

Amy Franks

You definitely have some lovely colours happening there. We're getting ready for a rainy Spring week.


Whatever the weather your photos are a joy. I know you will make the most of your surroundings this winter.

Lady Fi

Wonderful colours! I love playing in leaves!

Alan Bates

Sorry you are not doing the migration this year. Given the circumstances I get it, but still.
I love your fall colors. We have a really long Fall season in Oklahoma and it is the best time for me. Warm days, cool night, sign me up.

Photo Cache

Hope all's well there. The colors are beautiful, I cannot wait for when they turn here.

Gillena Cox

Your autumn leaves and trees are so lovely
Happy Monday


NatureFootstep PhotoArt

beautiful! You seem to have had as orange as we. It has been so much orange the last month I almost got tired of it. I can´t remember we had this kind of autumn before. It usually are shorter and in sync. This autumn the trees had no idea of when to change colors. One tree stood green with all leaves, the next orange/red with all leaves and another almost bare without leaves. Strange! But it has been beautiful. Both sunny an rainy days.
Take care!

Michelle Banks

What a beautiful post which lifted my mood today..thank you..


I wondered since you had not officially said you were staying put under the circumstances I think you made the right choice. The fall colors you captured are excellent the color is fading here and we've had some winds to knock the leaves off and rain so I guess it will be a few things yet to color up. Keep kicking those leaves!

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful autumn photos and lovely display of them ~ MA had autumn, spring and winter weather all in one day recently ~

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Rain Frances

It's such a treat living close to a waterway...we have rivers close to us as well, and we see lots of wildlife! Beautiful fall photos, I love that heron! :)

// Heidrun

It makes me laughing, Sallie ... reading, "Kicking fallen leaves makes me feel like a child again" yes,  I love it too, to kick the leaves. And the colourful leaves are wonderful.

We have already cold temperatures here. And some rain and fog in the morning.

Stay healthy and well, dear blogfriend.

Happy MosaicMonday

Lavender Dreams

The color really is fantastic this year. Love the leaves to shuffle through too. I was wondering if you would travel back. I'll miss having you close by and seeing what you see. But you'll have some adventures there to share! Happy Fall!

Penelope Notes

A burst of leaves is always so pretty. Winters are surprising in the Pacific Northwest. One never knows if it will be a year when snowfall is in the cards or if it will stick for more than a few days on the road. Thankfully, it is not bitingly cold as what souls get living in the Northeast.


Lovely photos. I agree there is never enough time......
Have a good week and stay safe, Diane


lol we haven’t ‘done winter’ for years - this winter just gone (June July August) state borders were closed so we couldn’t make our way up to Queensland so had to winter at home down here in Victoria. Now I remember why we do the four day drive.....to keep warm.
What great coloured trees you have this season- yes I could be a kid again and shuffle through the dropped ones all the way down the street.
Take care and stay safe
Cathy #naturenotes



Lovely Autumn colors and scenes. The trees are looking beautiful. I love the Egret, Heron and the geese. I hope your winter in Oregon is not too bad..Great photos. Take care and stay safe! Enjoy your day! Have a great week!

iris Flavia

Being a child (again) ain´t that bad and who cares what people think :-)
Here, though, we choose not to walk through the leaves - you might step into dog-poo, sadly.

Linda P

It must be a pleasure to take walks in your area, go to the river and see heron and egrets. The changing colours of Autumn are gorgeous. I'm glad to hear you have mild weather during your Autumn days.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Looks like you are finally getting some pretty fall colors---same here. I do love being by a river too.


It looks like beautiful autumn there in Oregon! I love seeing herons and egrets. I haven't heard a seagull cry in a long time...sigh. I'm glad you are staying safe in Oregon for the winter. Enjoy the "hygge" of winter and stay safe.

Angie Winter

Sallie - OK, now I know things are bad ... if you are not going to Florida!!!! In all seriousness, I am sure that you will cope with the temperatures - just layer up. I think the toughest thing about our neck of the woods in the winter is the gray .... My husband is already saying that he is bored - this is what happens to him when fishing is over but skiing hasn't started!!! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday - love all the Autumn color!!!


Gorgeous photos Sallie. I'm so sorry you won't make it down to Florida this year. I do hope you will find joy in the beauty of winter there too :)


you really have had a glorious fall with vivid colors

ellen b.

Isn't that the difference rushing to shade and rushing to sunlight!?
:) How nice to have a nice walking trail close by. Happy November to you!


Autumn is my favorite season because of the cooler temperatures and the gorgeous colors. I had wondered if you would be going to Florida this year.

Cathy Keller

How very beautiful!!! Amazing color! I do love the Fall! Have a grand week!

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