November 15, 2020



That big tree is magnificent to see changing and loosing it's leaves. And such big piles could be raked and played in.

Arun Goyal

Wow ! Wonderful capture of leaves . It would be my pleasure if you share your post related to gardening here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2020/11/garden-affair-rose.html

Wally Jones

Beautiful autumn color to brighten our rainy Florida day!

Love the leaf collection. Nature's art is the best art.

Thank you for sharing some northwest beauty, Sallie!


Forgot to add that the post office would make a great tiny house!


Those were some lovely scenes, Sallie, both with and without leaves on the trees. Most of them are down here in Nashua, NH, although I have seen a few hanging on. The weather has been so variable, cold one week and then warming up the next, Today the temp is near 60 degrees!

Amy Franks

What a cute building, I'd buy it to live in, that colourful scenery would be nice to look out on.

riitta k

A huge tree like that makes a LOT of leaf rain! I have raked the leaves of my three big maples, I know :) But here it snowed a bit last night. It is starting to be real now - the winter! Stay well & safe!


That's the trouble with trees ! One of the reasons I didn't want a garden anymore ! I see here around an army of gardeners with their machines sucking up the leaves !!

colleen Looseleaf

Love the montage and the sky pics. The church I grew up going to was sold as a home and now people live there.

Rambling woods

Kids loves leaves...


Great to have some help in raking leaves:)I love your mushroom capture.
Hi Sallie, I lost track of you in my disjointed long drawn out move from North California to a suburb of Austin Tex! Here, the leaves just started turning. They told me though that it would get down to 30 deg.F Where are you at right now - in Oregon, or Florida? It's a miracle All Seasons survived it with all my escapades this year, so whenever you feel like it, welcome back:)Hope you stay healthy and safe. Jesh

Michelle Keltner

What a cute, little leaf helper :) My kids used to pile them up and play in them. Sweet memories.... Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

Peter B.

Oh my, that's a lot of leaves. Yes, thank goodness for the little helper! What a beautiful little A-frame post office. You live in a beautiful part of the country!


hehehehehe, yes, when we grow "up", people do not expect us to help with things like raking leaves, isn't that nice?!?! good to have the little ones to help out, what would we do without then?!?!

it is so cold here today, and it has been very windy!! our fall happened very quickly too!!


Hmmm...owning a post office in Oregon is pretty appealing...thanks for the tip! :) And your great-grandson is adorable. What a wonderful little helper!


wow. love that old post office. I would not mind having it :)

And yes, the leaves are gone now. It has been "raining leaves" outside my balcony too. :) And now the trees are bare.
Love your shots. :)


Lovely series of photos (though for some reason my computer isn't letting me see all of them). The rainbow photo is beautiful

Stevenson Que

Dear Sallie!!! That is probably one, if not, the most beautiful post office I have ever seen! It looks very iconic indeed and the surroundings made it even look more beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this and that cute little leaf raker!

Mae E Sander

How excellent that you are able to visit with the relatives. A great-grandson is a real joy!

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

A ShutterBug Explores

the little guy is so adorable and precious ~ Great post and photos ~ I too hope the rainbow is an omen for good things to come for all of us ~ Xox

Live each moment with love,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


I see that you put your great grandson to work raking all those leaves. :) I wonder if anyone will buy that post office. The A-frame building reminds me of a friend's house back in the 70s. We lived in Vermont at the time. I loved the loft that was upstairs in the house. Nice autumn photos and the colours are pretty. Have a wonderful day and stay safe!


Here too, leaves fell in a few days. I have not our little gardener to help us to rake but yours is so cute !


Beautiful photos, Sallie.
Your great grandson looks very pleased...what a cutie!
Enjoy the week...

Veronica Lee

Fabulous fall captures, Sallie! I especially love the sweet lad in the leaves!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Bob Bushell

Autumn, portraited so well. The leaves are falling, love them. I love the post office.

Lady Fi

Oh my - what a sweet boy in the leaves! And that tiny post office is adorable.

Linda Walcroft

Great post. I posted an even smaller post office today!

William Kendall

A neat looking structure.


...after our recent strong winds our leaves have left! I often wonder what the future holds for the post office, Trump has destroyed it completely yet.But he still has time. Thanks Sallie for coming to the party, take care.

Rain Frances

Hi Sallie :) Here's the link to that tutorial with the hole in the hand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5yO0VL_Wp8&ab_channel=JonHarris I thought it was from the same artist where I did the 3D letters tutorial, but it's a different one, his name is Jon Harris, and he does lots of 3D and trick art too! Let me know if you do the tutorial and if you post it! I love this kind of art!! :)

Sharon Wagner

I need to go to the postoffice. The big, boring kind. Happy fall!

// Heidrun

You gave me a smile... the little boy in the colored leaves is amazing. Wonderful captures of autumn and the nature is now especially help in this time. We must go for a walk, we have that all around before our doors.

Stay healthy and well, dear blogfriend.

Happy MosaicMonday

Stewart M

The Post Office is very tempting - all this COVID lockdown as made me think really hard about my job - and while I have come to no conclusions, I really dont want to spend too many more years in an office! I doubt I am alone in this!

Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne

rupam { xhobdo}

So beautiful photos

Alan Bates

I love this time of year. We had some high winds the other day so most of our leaves are on the ground. I haven't raked in years. I just keep mowing with the mulching mower.


p.s. forgot to type in my web site URL previously. Here it is :)


That would be a fun place to look around. It would be very interesting to see it turned into a home. I have seen old churches sold and turned into private residences. Most look really beautiful after renovations as they are usually old and many keep as many of the original fixtures and fittings as they can. From your photos it looks like you had a very nice drive. Cute photo of your g-grandson, he’s a darling and what a huge tree, it’s gorgeous but then of course there are the leaves to be taken care of. He is doing his part early :) All great photos and collages. They remind me yet again why I love this time of the year. A beautiful rainbow and a symbol of hope for 2021. Have a great week :)


The post office is an unusual building. Raking up the leaves is a never ending job at this time of the year. I would be grateful for any help.


You're still enjoying lots of autumn beauty and I'd love to own a post office. It's quite unusal.

Gillena Cox

Nostalgia, takes me back to when many of our small post offices here in T&T🇹🇹 were disappearing.
Now the technology, the online buying and a new system holds us connected
Happy Monday Sallie

Rain Frances

The nature mosaic is very pretty! It's been raining leaves here too, I can relate!! Oh and the post office is so cute looking!

Penelope Notes

The rainbow through the window and the drops are so wonderfully luminescent. I would love to have captured that magical moment. Well done, Sallie!


Yes, the leaves are falling. Our trees seem to all drop at different times so it keeps us busy raking up over several weeks! Hope all is well, Have a good week, Diane

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

I took a photo of our neighbors tree because it was so gorgeous, two days later it was bare. Amazing how fast these things happen.
Cute little leaf raker.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


Hello Sallie,
The Black Walnut tree is beautiful, love that first photo.
It is nice having a little helper to rake the leaves. Pretty capture of the rainbow. Our trees are bare now, the leaves have all fallen. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!


Enjoyed your snaps, but Cindi's photo of the little cutie may have stole the show.

Lorrie Orr

Beautiful photos, Sallie, of a beautiful part of the world. Are you staying on the west coast this winter? You must be enjoying being near to family during these days.


Hi Sallie
Your great-grandson is a cutie! We had 75 mph wind gusts the past few days in our part of Colorado so most of our tree leaves were blown away. I leave some leaves on my flower and shrub beds and on the side of my house as the deer enjoy eating them all winter, They will dig under the snow for them.


Fantastic photos as always Sallie! My favorite, of course, is your great grandson, so cute! I wouldn't mind living in that cute little post office :)

ellen b.

Love seeing that little great grand helping with the raking. So so cute!! I'm sure there are lots of leaves under the snow here. :)


Sallie - I adore the color of deciduous trees in the autumn, but I sure do not miss the raking. Yes, getting more "seasoned" has its benefits! I especially like your last collage - the variety of the leaves is stunning. Thanks for bringing this spectacle to everyone at Mosaic Monday!


OH Im first. So the leaves are coming off as nature intended...the cycle is about to be reborn. Don't you wish we could shed some leaves and grow new ones...Man that must be very cool to start each year with a new coat. The photos are really nice. Hope you have a good week.

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