November 22, 2020


Amy Franks

Fabulous photos Sallie! Funny to see your coastguard boat looks very similar to ours here.


I missed this post! I love lighthouses so I loved seeing the photo of the Gold Beach Lighthouse.

I could not believe you had a tiger in the house until I read it was a clever trick!

PS: Love the Mary Oliver quote!


So glad that you can find things to do so as not to get bored. We find staying home is okay but we are super happy now that we can go anywhere and to restaurants.


Lovely set of photos. You are certainly getting out more than we are. We have not been out other than my local walking (where I see nobody) or our fortnightly shopping. We seem to have spent the whole year in lockdown. Take care Diane

Beatrice P Boyd

I'm reading this pre-Thanksgiving post after the holiday, but I hope that you were able to do the getaway to the coast . Travel has become a thing of the past for us too, except for out in-state day trips, which we have enjoyed but now slowed down with the holiday season here.

Arun Goyal

Beautiful shots from nature.I agree that scarecrows are attractive .


You appear to be finding good things to do where you live and where you'll spend the winter. At least you can get to the sea from time to time.

be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Rain Frances

Hi Sallie :) Your tiger pet is great, I must learn to do that!!! A cozy fire sounds just about right. I hope you have a nice weekend trip!!


Hello Sallie

I love the Oregon coast, beautiful shot of the lighthouse and the sunset. Does Bill know about your new pet, lol. The dog is a cutie, reminds me of my old yellow lab Sunshine. Enjoy your getaway to the coast. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

Cathy Keller

Wow!!! A tiger...frightening yet well done! Have a grand weekend!

riitta k

I love your tiger pet! Yes, we all long for those happy & serene mornings when everything was ok in the world. Very elegant scarecrows indeed! Happy first Advent.

Linda Walcroft

Beautiful sunrise! I hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving.


We are hunkering back down. Oklahoma is not very good at this Covid thing so we are going back to March.
Your image with the tiger sure woke me up!!!
I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Amy Franks

I miss not having a fireplace, so much nicer to sit next to with a good book, most houses in NZ now have heatpumps.

Peter B.

I love your post title and your photos. What a great "pet"! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving, Sallie... I'm late with happy MosaicMonday but was busy in the last days.

Love the quote at beginning of your Post. It's true.
Have a good time. Stay healthy and well, dear blogfriend.

handmade by amalia

I love the John Ruskin quote, a much needed life lesson just now.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Dina Johnston

Great shots! I love that lighthouse. Stay warm up there.


Great photos and enjoyable quotes. Fun photo of the tiger. Enjoy your camping trip and what a great way to celebrate the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Lady Fi

Camping sounds great! Love the photoshopped tiger! Keep well.

Little Wandering Wren

Happy Camping!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Wren x

ellen b.

Great photos. That's some pet. :)
Have a nice getaway to the coast in your little trailer! Sounds real nice. I love the beach this time of year and in winter, too.

Jennifer Jilks

I hope you have a wonderful American Thanksgiving!
I love the tiger!

MaryBeth Schwartz

Oh wow! Camping on the coast---I wanna come along. What a great idea.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too

Fun 60

You seem to have the right balance in your life. Travelling to different places whilst keeping safe. Enjoy Thanksgiving.


Gorgeous photos! Stay safe and happy Thanksgiving Camping!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Your Covid country drives look pretty good! Glad you are managing okay. The tiger picture was a google app. I remember doing the same thing with a penguin but have also forgotten how!


Beautiful sunrise Sallie! The scarecrow ladies are cute, I think the guard dog would more than likely lick you than attack. I love lighthouses and the Thanksgiving camping sounds like my kind of fun! Safe travels, Happy Thanksgiving! Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

iris Flavia

Yes, sunny mornings will come again, wise words. Glad you still can go on trips!

Stewart M

A real fire in an RV - dont think I have seen that before. We stayed on a canal boat in Oxford a number of summers ago, and that had a little fire - although we did not need it as it was summer.

Hope all is well - Stewart M - Melbourne

Diane Bohlen

Isn't it a bit cold to be camping? However, you have a good trip and stay safe.


Sallie - it is a joy to get out, even for small excursions. We discovered a new place this week - a newly opened cidery. Our son loves cider, and since it also serves food, we thought we would give it a try. Turns out it is a large building and well-spaced!! And the food was very good. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful that you join Mosaic Monday so faithfully!


As always your photos are fantastic! I'm glad you are still able to get away even if it wasn't down here to Florida this year. Stay safe out there!


Thanksgiving camp out sounds wonderful..I like the scare ladies...very different. Hey I didn't know you had a tiger!!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

What a lovely place to camp. I hope you have dry weather and sunny days. I agree, scarecrow hardly seems appropriate. LOL
I still find I get bored some days. I have plenty to do, just some days, no get-up-and-go to do any of it.
Blessings this Thanksgiving week
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


Like your new "pet" and camping on the Oregon coast sounds wonderful. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.

Penelope Notes

Haha … that is one scary “pet”. There’s much to be thankful for and you and your husband are truly happy wanderers. I can’t think of a better more scenic place to camp then the Oregon south coast. Great memories. My husband and I had a first trip together there!

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