December 13, 2020



I'm used to slow weeks. Yours looks very nice by the photos you posted. Especially like the mushrooms, and your daughter's cat and dog. Take care and have a lovely holiday.

John's Island

Hi, Saw your link on Saturday's Critters. Nice blog. Interesting first photo ... the cloud formations are unusual and similar, in a way, to a photo in my post today. These must be due to some unusual wind patterns but I don't know for sure.


you have a beautiful surrounding with a fine selection of wildlife.
A bit of blue skies makes it even better.
It IS good to live in places like this when the world is in a bad place. It also makes it easier to stay away from certain C:s

Take care and U hope you will have a fine Christmas.

Michelle Banks

It is so odd to have quiet at home while the country is struggling with the virus..Oh why couldn't they just have worn masks and stayed home...it will be a long winter....stay well

Adam Jones

A lovely selection of pictures. The mushrooms photographed really well.


Hello Sallie,
I assume you are spending this winter in the colder climate, you will need the gloves, hats and a warm coat. Love the cute dog and kitty waiting to go inside. The birds, geese and ducks are great sightings. I love all things nature related, the trees and mushrooms and the river. Merry CHristmas to you and our family. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, stay safe! Have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

Iris Flavia

Slow is good and this series of pics gave me many a smile, tank you!

My Corner of the World

There's nothing wrong with a slow week now and again! I love those mushrooms--they are all so different but pretty! Who needs signs if you can't read!?! Lovely captures, Sallie.

I appreciate your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for joining us!

JM Illinois U.S.A.

Grateful for your post. Just lovely. Happy Holidays!


grateful for blue skies and nature as well ;-). your neighborhood walk destination looks inviting.

Lady Fi

What lovely blue skies! We haven't seen any here for what feels like a very long time.

Linda W

Lovely pictures! Stay warm.

Peter B.

Interesting collection of mushrooms, and a beautiful sky!


A fabulous nature post - beautiful Fall colors in Oregon, and lviley water birds. Not to forget these big mushrooms, Sallie! This is a late response to your early Christmas wish to me. Have a very merry Christmas, and a better New Year than last year:) Jesh

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good blue sky.

Beatrice P Boyd

Thanks for sharing your walk, Sallie, I enjoyed the river view as we see one every day since our mill apt faces the Nashua River. The foliage colors did look the right holiday colors and made s=for some lovely images.

Michelle Keltner

Quiet days here too. But, with gray skies, snow flurries, and cold! Blah! Thank you for sharing your beautiful scenes and for linking up. Stay well!

handmade by amalia

I'm with you - I've never appreciated quiet and nature and walks as much as I do now. Your photos are fantastic.

David Gascoigne

It seems to me, Sallie, that staying on the west coast for winter is not so bad at all. Stay safe. The vaccine is on its way (and Trump is on the way out) so the future looks a whole lot brighter than it did just a couple of weeks ago.

colleen Looseleaf

Ooh, that ripple just gives me a chill (in a good way). You have such wonderful places to walk.

Alan Bates

Love the skies, love the big tree filling the frame. You packed a lot of images in from a short distance.

Himawan Sant

Looking at your photos, I miss the sunny weather. In the city i live almost every day it is always cloudy with dark clouds accompanied by continuous rain.

Thank you for the beautiful photos.
Have a super week.

bill burke

What a nice walk, Sallie. I like that tree and all the birds down by the river. Our weather has been rainy with gloomy looking skies. We have been hanging out and spending time reading. I'm still amazed how fast the days fly by. Hope you are doing well and staying safe. Have a nice evening.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

That is a beautiful sky in the top photo and, yes, quiet weeks are good :)

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!


...you certainly live a beautiful part of the country. Take care and enjoy these days leading up to Christmas.

Veronica Lee

Lovely photos, Sallie! That tree is spectacular!

Amy Franks

I recognize one of the plants you have in your photos, the Nandina is one we have here too, it provides some nice colour in Winter.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Very peaceful looking. The kitty is too funny, they do what they want. At least mine do anyway.


Haha! Cats!!! They are so stubborn. The Willamette is always a good destination in my opinion. Loved seeing the flicker photo. Western flickers are one of my favorites. I am always caught off guard by the flash of red under the wings. I am used to seeing yellow there(Eastern Flickers).

Karen, Pixel Posts

Lovely photos Sallie. Your river destination is a beautiful spot. I too am having quiet days, but I don't mind.

little wandering wren

Ha ha Quiet and uneventful equals a marvellous week - oh you have to laugh don't you? I have enjoyed my wander with you today!
Happy Christmas
Wren x


A quiet week is good news these days. The size of the fungi is incredible. Great photos as usual.

ellen b.

Beautiful photos from your quiet week and your coast trip. We've been below freezing here for a good stretch now. Those gloves and hats will be a good purchase for sure.


I love your collages, Sallie--the pretty colored leaves and fungi and animals. Our landscape is basically covered with snow right now--although a bit less than usual for this time of year. Have a very Merry Christmas! I am taking a bit of a break until the new year.

Taken For Granted

Thank you for taking us along on your walk. Love seeing the birds, and those mushrooms are amazing.

Lavender Dreams

The river sure looks beautiful to walk next to! Love seeing the birds you see there and the sky! Enjoy your week. It's WARM here today but we are planing a hike for tomorrow! holiday hugs!

Rain Frances

That tree is spectacular! I love all of the critter photos too :) I've got my snowsuit on each morning lately...not because we have snow but because it's so dang cold!!

Linda P

It's lovely to see blue skies and even when it's very cold a walk is invigorating and interesting as there's always something to see whether it's wildlife or fungi.


Lovely scenes fro your walk. The trees and mushrooms are a wonderful sight. Pretty sky captures. Cute shots of the dog and kitty. The duck and geese found their happy spot. Great collection of photos and mosaic! Take care, have a great day and a happy week!

// Heidrun

Yes, we need no more stress... hope you find warm clothes for the head and the fingers! It's cold outside, and we have no fur like our cats 😅

Wish you a very good week.
Happy MosaicMonday


Sallie - you are blessed to have some blue skies. We have entered the Montana gray sky phase. Good thing we have our twinkly lights on the Christmas tree to brighten the day! Love the dog watching the cat looking outside picture! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!!!


Looks like we've been missing a bunch of rain. I guess that was the plan. Our RV made it through nine months and a hot summer in Tucson so we were able to get back on the road in November. We'll be heading back north for the holidays by airliner. Love the direct flight from Mesa to Bellingham. Makes it feel much safer than a transfer in Seattle and using the big Phoenix Skyharbor. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. We will spend ours in quarantine after returning to Washington State. - Margy


Great nature photos and cute one of the cat and dog waiting at the door. The river would be a great destination point. I love nothing more than looking over the water. We are having a foot of snow here this week on Wednesday so they say. Have a great week!


Winter has arrived here on the Texas Gulf Coast. We have gotten 2 inches of rain in the last 2 days and a cold front moved through this afternoon with very gusty winds and the temperature dropping to 39 tonight. Frankly, that’s as cold as I want to be. So the past couple of days have been spent with a quilt, cat, and book on my lap. Joe baked bread machine bread and together we made a pot of beef and barley soup. Winter weather cooking. Hope you and your family stay warm and well. Merry Christmas!!

Cathy Keller

Really lovely photos! I can almost feel the chill! Brrr! Have a grand week!


Beautiful photos Sallie, I especially like the mushrooms. I hope you have a lovely week :)

Diane Bohlen

You are lucky to have the river as a walk destination. You have found lots of interesting things in your isolation area. The mushrooms are huge.


Yes a slow week is good we need those stressless days to keep up going. The colors, pets, and birds all good stress free things. Hope your week is peaceful and you find those gloves.

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