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January 24, 2021



wasting a day on cooking and chores, what a waste of a day!! but, we all do it sometimes...right now there are far too many days for that!! you are so lucky to have gotten out, i enjoy my walks in the snow!! the waterfall from 2019 is gorgeous, it is so good and helpful to get outdoors and breathe in the fresh air!!!

Little Wandering Wren

The beauty of waterfalls is that they are always different no matter how often you visit!
Have a great week!
Wren xx

Amy Franks

It's good you have been able to still get outside in the fresh air and explore, loving the photos of what life is like there.


Alsea Falls are beautiful! The clear cutting is always sad to see

Michelle Banks

The clear cutting breaks my heart...Michelle


That was a wonderful trip Sallie and thank you for taking us along. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


While we would like to get out and walk around as we did a couple of weeks ago, now the winter weather has turned bitterly cold, so the only outside trips are in the car and lately only to the grocery store. TOo bad about that clearcut area and hopefully the sign does mean a future replanting will take place.

JM Illinois U.S.A.

Greetings and Salutations from Illinois! We have a cabin in Wisconsin. Logging goes on up there a lot; but trees are planted and in a few years it looks okay again. I am happy that you were able to get out and about. I did that today too. I went on errands and decided to drive to Lake Michigan and see if the lake had made mountains of snow. It had. Chicagoland is pretty flat but not in the winter time. LOL! When I learn to get photos out of Iphone into my new Windows Ten computer I'll show you what it looks like. Right now those photos are in my Iphone. I could do it when I had XP. I'm on a learning curve right now. Take care.


Always wonderful to be out and about in the sunshine. Gorgeous nature shots.

riitta k

Beautiful waterfalls! It is wonderful that the spring is approaching - the sun & blue skies give us hope. Warm greetings.

Amy Franks

alot of cutting down trees and logging gets done here too but to be honest I think that there should be regeneration and planting being done to replace what they take.

Linda Walcroft

Beautiful waterfalls! Stay safe.

colleen Looseleaf

Our winter day has snow with it. I really love the composition of first large shot of the waterfall. It feels so good to get out here too.

Jim, Sydney, Australia



I love them all, especially the last one.

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh what a delightful ride you had found that little fall ~ sweet photos too!

Moment by moment,

A ShutterBut Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Peter B.

You truly are fortunate to live in an area with such beauty. Love the waterfalls. Getting out on a blue-sky day is a great idea, and your photos are beautiful!

Suzan Batz

Beautiful photos. I love being able to get out and enjoy nature.

Sharon Wagner

Splendid waterfalls. We saw quite a few charming cascades in Costa Rica. The superman was a plastic toy we found on the beach by the way.

John's Island

Thank you for sharing your January day and visit into beautiful country. Great photos of Alsea Falls.

My Corner of the World

Such a lovely day out and great archived photos, too! The weather is always so unpredictable, even with 'expert' opinions!

It's so great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


Beautiful blue skies, green hills, and waterfalls. A wonderful drive and places to walk bd enjoy nature.

We had some snow yesterday but only a few inches--it has mostly melted already!

Jade @ Captured by Jade

Oh, its definitely important to enjoy glorious weather when it greets you. Waterfalls are a favourite thing of mine, and I love the photos you've shared of these.

Linda P

I found out that the plantations of forest on our steeply sloping hills overlooking the dales were deliberately planted to stop landslips during heavy rain, something I didn't realise. There's a campaign going on this year encouraging individuals to take part in a scheme to plant a tree. I'm glad you found an area with a waterfall that's less visited than other known beauty spots. It's good to get and and about when you can.

Nancy Chan

I like waterfalls. The day here is rainy and gray too. Nice and cool. Beautiful landscape.


Always great to get out to see the beautiful country side.
So nice that you had a break in the weather.
Enjoy the week.

Jeanne S

Nice photos!


Very nice waterfalls, hope that land recover the beating it took...It's amazing how fast mother nature can recover if she is given the chance. Have a great week.


Those skies look very inviting. With grey skies, rain and a cold breeze it's doesn't have the same call where I am.


I'm really hankering for a drive, Sallie, but we'll wait until spring when weather and tourists don't deter us so much. Glad you could enjoy some blue sky and moving water. All is under the deep freeze here.

Veronica Lee

The waterfalls are beautiful, Sallie!

How wonderful to be outdoors with Mother Nature!


I believe Pennsylvania is getting an Oregon winter this year. It's gray and chilly almost every day, but little snow. Hubby and I went for a run today and got caught in the rain! I appreciated your blue sky photos. Alsea Falls are beautiful! I can understand why it is a popular place. Not a fan of clearcutting either!


blue skies are not to be missed ;-). nice outing.

Lady Fi

Oh yes - we definitely have to make the most of blue skies! Lovely shots. I really like the falls.

Photo Cache

Time outdoors is precious given the situation. I try to make sure that we do a little outside once a week. Take care.

Alan Bates

There is nothing like getting out on a nice sunny day and seeing things. I do it myself here in town but stay away from businesses and people in general.

Clear cutting is really ugly. My Dad was a forest ranger and he would talk about the older days when logging was considered more of a thinning of a healthy forest thing rather than just a version of farming. They gave the foresters seven marbles, 6 white and 1 black and they would go from tree to tree and and pull a marble out of the pocket and the ones that pulled black got tagged for cutting.

William Kendall

The waterfalls are lovely.

Su-sieee! Mac

I'm imagining the sound of the waterfall, Sallie. It's been a couple of years since I've seen one. Maybe three. Anyway I certainly like imagining I'm at Alsea Falls. Cheers!

ellen b.

Yippee for sunshine and being able to get out and enjoy it. Those falls are so pretty! Happy last week of January to you.

Amy Franks

We kind of have an obsession with waterfalls, always taking a photo when we find one but I would swap scenery with you in a second.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

LOL I think the sign was to spur them into action maybe.

Sylvia D.

Sallie, It is good to get into nature. Love the waterfall!
Have a good week. Sylvia D.


I like this waterfall. And it's an amzing serie of pictures


Absolutely have to take in a sunny day during OR winter. All lovely except the clear-cut.

Gillena Cox

Nice rhat you are enjoying your outdoors.
Happt Monday
I am at #14 on the linky today



Yes, we can be very glad being alive, have such nature to walk.

Thank you for sharing this part of your nature around. It's really a treasure.

Happy MosaicMonday


my only travels have been to 2 stores - love the waterfall and the bare logged area is sad. Hope they do re-plant.

Cathy Keller

Oh how very beautiful your photos are. I especially like the waterfalls!! Have a grand week!!!


Hello Sallie

It is good to get outdoor while the weather is nice. The waterfalls is beautiful. Hubby and I try to avoid the crowds but the weather does not always cooperate. I am not a fan of clear cutting, it looks awful. Take care, enjoy your day and happy new week ahead!


Sallie - yes, a pretty day should never be wasted. I agree with you about clear-cutting ... logging is quite common around here, but the logging companies are very careful to leave enough pines/other plants to re-generate and to keep the ground from landslides ... Thanks for sharing your outing with Mosaic Monday!


I am so glad you were able to get out and about on a nice day yesterday! Being here in Florida my whole life, I have no clue about clear-cutting, but from the looks of it I'm sure I wouldn't be a fan either. Great photos! I hope you have a nice week ahead Sallie :)

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