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January 03, 2021


Michelle Banks

There is a feeling of awe when I see one of these hawks...Michelle


Wonderful photos of all the different birds. You reminded me of one of the nice things about winter (and being a summer person, I have to search for them), it is easier to spot the birds in the bare trees. Hope you have a wonderful new week!


very nice pics love the bushtit (never seen one) hope you have a great week

Lavender Dreams

I've never seen a bushtit but it's neat to see your photos! Love seeing them all! We're having a colder than usual winter but it sure has made for some nice hiking weather. Happy weekend!


Hi Sallie, always happy you share your photos from your outings. We haven’t been anywhere for a while so I am virtual armchair traveling. Really appreciate these. I am always grateful to blogging friends for an ID, always a fun learning experience to get that extra help. Great photos!


Your bird photos are really a pleasure to see. January is really not a good time to find birds here in Michigan, though occasionally a few of them do turn up at our feeder.

be well and safe in the New Year... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

handmade by amalia

I love birdwatching as well, though I'm not at all good at naming them. They are out in great numbers just now, enjoying the sunshine while we are in lockdown.


Hello Sallie

Birdwatching is fun for me, peaceful and relaxing. I love the sounds of hearing a big flock of geese in flight. Your bird photos are wonderful, great capture of the Hawk. I hope your winter season there is great, you will be closer to your family. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

John R

Hi Sallie, I enjoyed all your photos. Especially love that picture with all the Canadian Geese! Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by John's Island and leaving me a kind comment. John

riitta k

You spotted a handsome hawk and so many Canadian geese! I can identify only the most common birds, yet it is interesting to see them. We have snow and frost, a real winter. Warm greetings over to you Sallie.

Amy Franks

I like learning about the environmental differences between us and you, how are you doing there? stay safe.

Peter B.

Beautiful photo of the hawk and lovely skies!

Sandy Lee Carlson

I enjoyed this post. We have tufted titmice flying around here in Connecticut,so I am wondering if they are related to the bushtit.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy New Year!


I love these photos!


Great images, Sallie. Nature sure is beautiful.
Have a Happy and Healthy 2021.

Wally Jones

Thank you for sharing your autumn beauty, Sallie! As you know, we don't get much "color" during our Florida fall season.

That's a wonderful series of photographs and you must really enjoy those walks.

Your raptor is, as Eileen noted, a gorgeous Red-tailed Hawk. The tail color is often not visible when they are perched. A Cooper's Hawk is smaller and trimmer looking, the adults are blue-gray above and the youngsters have lots of brown streaks underneath. Wonderful photograph!

Hope your New Year is off to a great start!

Arun Goyal

Beautiful pics ..loved the birds and specially the new growth of leaves captured at the end of post looks amazing.. It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening where you can share any information pertaining to nature, plant and animals here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2021/01/garden-affair-winter-annuals-for.html

betty - NZ

Isn't it great having so much knowledge at your blog!!
Your sky full of birds is awesome, as well as the individual critters. Great photos, Sallie!

I'm glad you are a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

William Kendall

Beautiful shots.

A ShutterBug Explores

Sallie ~ beautiful nature shots ~ especially like our feathered friends ~ Hope you are safe, cozy and warm ^_^

Moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Linda P

I imagine with your love of nature there are some interesting differences where you are compared with Florida especially among the bird population. I'm learning a lot from your blog, whichever place you're in.

Veronica Lee

Fabulous captures, Sallie!

I,too,have never even heard of a bushtit. How cute!

Happy 2021!


Where there are little birds, there are big birds. I'm in awe of your ability to get such great photos of birds. Hang in there, winter isn't forever, even in Oregon.


I am always fascinated by the birds I see on other blogs. Usually i have never heard of them and would remain ignorant but for other's blogs.

Sharon Wagner

I've been seeing lots of hawks here in Costa Rica! Plus, many, many more birds. But I haven't seen a sky as full as your shot yet.


Hmmm...that hawk IS puzzling. The white "bib" is not typical of a Cooper's Hawk, but I don't know what else it could be. Thanks for making me think this morning! Also...bushtits are not common here in the East. I have never seen them.

Iris Flavia

Didn´t know about the yellow eyes. Yes, we learn so much here, and in a fun way, too! Thank you and Happy New Year!

Lady Fi

Great shots. Love that raptor!

Linda Walcroft

Thanks for sharing your fine pictures. Happy New Year!

Alan Bates

I've never heard of a bushtit before so I learned something.

I see lots of small birds this winter when I go walking in the woods.

Su-sieee! Mac

Happy New Year, Sallie! I can hear the Canadian geese in the sky, wow. A flock of Canadian geese have been hanging around our area this season. Once I was in the backyard and they flew right over me. Honk, honk. So beautiful. Gosh, I wished I had the camera.

Photo Cache

You know what, the weather has been crazy. It's the middle and late December and my roses were still blooming. My husband said it's because of the unseasonably warm weather.

Happy New Year. More power to you this year and hope you get what your heart desires.

Worth a Thousand Words

Gillena Cox

Happy New Year Sallie
Thanks for dropping by my blog today



hi, your Cooper's Hawk fits perfectly in the colors of the fields on the image above. :) It would be hard spotting it in those trees.
Happy New Year!


Lovely captures, dear Sallie. I enjoyed reading. Watching the birds is always a pleasure.

Wish you and your family a good and healthy, happy NEW YEAR.
Cheers, Heidrun

Rain Frances

Hi Sallie :) Those geese in the sky are incredible! I love how you presented the photos of the hawk with the geese in the background, very artistic!! :) I've never seen a bushtit...I'm learning a lot about birds from our bird-loving friends online too, it's a lot of fun! :)


Gorgeous captures Sallie! I love the adorable little Bushtits. By the way, the 30 day challenges are something I'm doing for this year. You can click the link on my page to read the first few posts about it. Hope you'll join in the fun! Here's to a safe, happy, and healthy New Year - Cheers! :)

Lavender Dreams

I have a terrible time with bird ids...especially hawks! But you've seen some neat birds and I love the winter colors. With the hard freeze we have more brown and golden grasses here this winter. Happy New year!

Beatricd P Boyd

Those little birds sure do put on a good show and I too had never seen or heard if a bushtit, but nice to have had help in the ID. That hawk looks like it was scouting for a meal and we usually see the red tailed ones doing the same here. Best wishes to you, Sallie, for a better and happier new year.


Hello Sallie,
You have lovely views whether they are from a ride in the country or your neighborhood. I love the cute Bushtits, the first scene with the geese is lovely. I would have guessed wrong with your raptor and said it was a Red-tailed Hawk. I have been wrong many times with my id's. The Mallards look cute sitting on the log. I also appreciate help from other bloggers and birders. I wish you and your family all the best in 2021, a very happy and healthy New Year! Take care, stay safe! Have a happy new week!


Sallie - that is an amazing photo with all those geese! Glad you are seeing lots of feathered friends on your outings. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and Happy New Year to you!


Happy and Healthy New Year, Sallie!
You are fortunate to see so many different birds. I mainly see magpies foraging in the morning for food and sometimes chickadees and blue jays. That raptor does look like a Cooper's Hawk, but I'm not an expert. We don't have a bird feeder out to attract birds--the squirrels would empty it in no time if I did hang one.

ellen b.

I'm hoping for several close to us adventures in this new year. That Raptor is amazing! Glad you could capture these images. I've always counted on bloggers to help me out on identifying birds and flowers and plants. Love the blogging community. Happy New Year!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Relocating from the South East to the MidWest I'm sure I'll see new and exciting birds. I love that our blogging community is so helpful and friendly.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


The little bushtits are just adorable. You know, watching birds and butterflies has helped to keep me from depression this past year. It is hard to be down when watching these beautiful creatures.
I hope you have have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


I've never even heard of a bushtit but they're cute. Wishing you a wonderful 2021 - maybe next winter you'll come back to Florida. Fingers crossed.

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