February 21, 2021


Michelle Banks

Lovely photos Sallie...


Besides the unusual warm weather up to 20° which had never happened in Belgium only the weeds come out slowly !No flowers yet it is too early ! I enjoy our sunshine flooded apartment and am happy to have moved before this all happened !


Love how you framed the Jay in your collage! And the sapsucker is beautiful!!!
Thanks for choosing to share this post with us birders!

Shiju Sugunan

Lovely pictures!


Your photos are very pretty, especially the sapsucker pics.

be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Alan Bates

I love your blue skies with white "wash" treatment. I can't wait for the daffodils, they should be up here any time.


Gorgeous blue skies. I get the sapsucker at my feeders occasionally.


Hello Sallie, it's been a long time since I visited, but so glad I managed to insert my URL, with success this time. Love your blue skies, pretty flowers, and woodpecker images, and thanks for the info about them. Have a lovely day, and stay safe.

A ShutterBug Explores

Gorgeous blue sky photos ~ love our feathered friends and the pussy willows too ~ looking like Spring ^_^

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Living on the East Coast, I'm a beginning birder (thanks to the pandemic) and enjoyed seeing your pictures. Blue skies are always welcome, especially in the winter. Enjoyable post!


Hello Sallie,

I love your birds, great sightings of the Scrub Jay and the pretty Sapsucker. The flowers are a beautiful sight too. Beautiful views of the sky! I am looking forward to the spring blooms. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care and stay safe. Enjoy your day, happy weekend! PS, I appreciate your visit and comment on my blog..


Thank you, Sallie 🤗
for your lovely comment.

Best wishes from Augsburg,

John's Island

Hi Sallie, I sure enjoyed your blue sky photos. We share a love of skies, birds, and plants. Your photos are excellent! Great shots of the red-bellied sapsucker. I admire your location in Oregon. Thank you for sharing your blog and for your kind comments on mine. Have a great weekend and stay safe. John


hi sallie - to answer the question you left on my blog, we are 10 minutes from the beach!!


Good to hear from you. We are doing fine. We just got back to Bellingham this week after six weeks in southern Arizona in our RV. I haven't been blogging about out trip, we decided it was best with some of the negative feelings about travel at this time. We have one more leg to our trip in April and hopefully can get home to Canada in May. While I'm here I'll get caught up on your posts. Hope you are doing well in Oregon. - Margy

Michelle Keltner

Love seeing the flowers and your blue skies. I am so ready for spring. It will be a while before any flowers bloom here, but we did finally get a good amount of sun this week, thank goodness. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend!

Denise A Gullickson

Perfect blue skies Sallie! I loved all the spring flowers and the birds. Looking forward to the spring :) Have a great weekend!


This week, we have seen several blue sky days here in Nashua, NH, Sallie and thankfully no severe weather but rain is forecast for most of the weekend. It will surely wash away what little remaining snow is on the ground. Pussy willows are such a fun bloom to see and it has been years since I have seen any as well, so good for you in spotting them. As for daffodils, it will be quite some time before they are in bloom here.

Bob Bushell

Brilliant Sallie, the wisp clouds and a Red-bellied Sapsucker, always photogenic.


...thank for the preview of what our spring will look lie.

riitta k

Blue skies always delight me, but I am a bit like you: photograph but am not satisfied with the result :) Yours look fabulous today! A seldom bird visitor you have, we have only common tits and blackbirds. Great that we are soon in March, every week the spring (and the sun) are closer!

Lady Fi

Gorgeous! Or should I say: blue-tiful!

Linda Walcroft

We have yellow bellied sapsuckers. They look similar but don't have much red.

My Corner of the World

It's exciting to see some beauty in the sky and some awesome signs of spring! Gorgeous birds, too, Sallie :)

Your link is a great addition to 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Peter B.

Lovely shot of the sapsucker. It sounds like soooooo long ago to talk about "the turn of the century"! I'll have to remember to use the phrase.


i don't see red-bellied sapsuckers here, it is a cute little bird that i am sure stands out in the landscape!! those blue skies would take my breath away they are so pretty. and spring flowers already?? how can that be?? i have not seen pussy willows in years either, this year i am going to look for them!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great sky.

Diane Bohlen

Very interesting blue skies. Looks like Spring is not far away. So you have survived a winter back home. Must be nice to be close to family.


I can't believe you're seeing harbingers of spring already! I love pussy willow. I have some daffs planted but they won't bloom until late June when the snow is finally melted and days stay above freezing. Are you missing FL?


love all your photos, but especially the red-bellied sapsucker. I don't remember ever seeing one before.


The Spring flowers are always a treat.

Villroses hage

The sky blue color is so beautiful! Here, it's rather foggy these days. Nice bird.

Suzy Godfrey

I think it's looking like Spring in your neck of the woods!...love the photos.


Lovely photographs

All the best Jan

ellen b.

Hurray for the pussy willows that you have been able to enjoy! Since the turn of the century! That is a fun phrase to throw around. That bird looks like it has had it's fair share of sap. :) So chubby.
Hope the end of February remains kind with fair weather and blue skies thrown in.

Photo Cache

Today, Feb 23, is a glorious blue sky 75F day in my neck of NorCal. Hope you are having a fabulous day too.

Worth a Thousand Words

Su-sieee! Mac

I'd be taking dozens of photos, too, Sallie, if I saw that sky. I like the way you describe it: "On this day though these clouds just scudded across the sky painting pretty patterns as they traveled." So magical.

I wish some of your rain would make it down our way.


I love the way you describe the motion of the clouds as "scudding". They are beautiful. Great photo of the sapsucker. We just get yellow-bellied ones here in the East. I need to be on the lookout for a red-bellied sapsucker the next time I come out to Oregon (I hope this summer).


Those blue skies are always uplifting aren’t they? Great photos! I did not realize all the benefits the red-bellied sapsucker gave us, and probably a lot of those birds too. Guess there’s a connection with all things. Thanks Sallie, enjoy your week.

Linda P

It must be pleasing to see the Spring flowers that are appearing in Oregon in contrast to the tropical types you find in Florida. Blue skies are always uplifting and even when it's cold it's healthier. On such days it's good to wrap up warmly and go for a walk. The sapsucker not only looks attractive it's good to know it feeds on the insects that can damage the trees. Interesting.

Nancy Chan

Beautiful blue sky. Many houses used to place pussy willows in vases during the Lunar New Year.

William Kendall

The sapsucker is a pretty bird.


Lovely skies and flower, love the sapsucker...I know you meant to say red breasted....I get confused too, red headed, red bellied, red breasted, red cockaded...SO many REDS out there. I Love blue sky because it means the SuN is out there shining. Hope you have a gorgeous week.


I love this post. Love the blue skies with wisps of clouds. And I haven't seen pussywillows since the last century. (That was fun.) Plus I grew up with daffodils. Glad it's been a rather mild winter for you, and us, to enjoy Oregon.

Diane Stuckey

A lovely set of photos. I would be delighted to see blue skies. Although it is warming up here the skies remain grey at present!
Hope all is well, Diane


Beautiful sky and flowers and sapsucker. The weather this winter has been very unusual but it looks like spring has already arrived where you are, Sallie. Colorado kind of skips spring and goes from winter to summer. We still need more snow but thankfully snowpack is getting towards normal in the mountains. I was happy to see sub-zero temps go away.

Jeanne S

The blue of the sky is amazing. Your spring is way ahead of here in the midwest of USA. Have a great week!

Lavender Dreams

That woodpecker looks very fat and happy! Love the blue skies, I'm always looking up! It's beautiful here this week but we already have pollen! lol Always something...even when it's perfect! Enjoy your week!


beautiful photos! The sapsucker is a lovely bird!

Rain Frances

Very neat photo of the sapsucker!! I love your sky shots. A blue sky feels peaceful to me. That first photo is amazing with those clouds!!


Indeed, springtime is more than intriguing, especially in this hard times. I enjoyed reading, Sallie.
We need the fresh nature, the blooms and of course the green gras. The awaking nature is a gift.

Happy MosaicMonday


Fantastic photos Sallie! Those sky shots really are beautiful. I love all the pretty flowers and little birds too. Of course it's the same red-bellied sapsucker you see. He has adopted you :)

Gillena Cox

Luv your blue skies and other photos. Happy Monday

much love...


Hello Sallie,

Love the pretty blue skies, the Red-bellied Sapsucker and the Scrub Jay. The Spring flowers are a beautiful sight. We have snow everywhere here, hoping for a big melt down. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy new week!

Iris Flavia

This reminds me of a The Simpsons-episode where Lisa stands in church and yells a phrase and adds, "I always wanted to yell this in church".
Beautiful pics, sky and flowers... and that cute bird, too.


Sallie - clouds make the sky, I think. You aptly demonstrated this with your whimsical photos! And congrats on the pussy willows -- so exciting. We are weeks and weeks from any kind of flowering here, so it is nice to see what's happening in other climes. And have you ever wondered why the red-bellied sapsucker has that name? Is there any red on its belly? Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, my friend!


so much beauty in that backyard - love the yellow daffodils and of course the birds

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