February 14, 2021



The river looks pretty full. I wonder if my daffodils in the floating garden are blooming yet. By the time I get home they will be all done. - Margy


such a pretty representation of february....and green grass, such a lovely sight to see!!

i think we had the snowiest february in history but it has warmed up no and i am so excited about that!!

Arun Goyal

Beautiful spring blooms, especially loved the daffodils and Roses,
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Alan Bates

I am glad to see all your spring flowers. it's just ice and snow here for now but the daffodils will be up before too long.


The 2020 roses are beautiful and so are your spring flowers (all we have here in New York State is snow.) You are so right that it is all what you are used to - when I used to visit Florida in January, people were wearing winter coats in weather that I found suitable for a light jacket. But I melt in summer heat!


Gran variedad de flores adornan el jardín. Me encanta sus bellos colores y esas bellas flores.

Feliz fin de semana.

riitta k

Wonderful February mix. Stunning roses in your collage!

Michelle Keltner

So nice to see the flowers and with our weather this past week, I need those photos! lol Thanks for linking up.


Belated Valentine's Day wishes to you both, Sallie, and a to-go breakfast that was enjoyed outdoors sounded like a great treat! The blooms were a lovely sight as there's no hope of any here in NH under the snow now. But thankfully we are not having power or water losses as so many folks in other states. So a day of snow showers today is OK with me. Parker did a good pose.

Linda Walcroft

A lovely post. I can hardly wait for spring!

Peter B.

Gorgeous rose blooms. It does look like you have a mix of winter vs. early spring in your neck of the woods!

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! Gorgeous spring time photos ~ Love Parker the sweet doggie ~ so handsome ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Diane Bohlen

It sure does look like spring is coming soon. However, we have seen pics on TV of the freezing weather in the northern hemisphere.

My Corner of the World

Even though the weather is crazy, at least you have pretty colors to look at when you are out :)

It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


My, so lovely to see the spring flowers.
Ours are still been insulated under a heavy blanket of snow.
Enjoy the week


Lovely Spring photos! Our snow has just melted

Michelle Banks

Oh wow.....how lovely...I miss flowers and green so much..

Penelope Notes

Flowers that don't get picked live longer in their fields and gardens. What a sweet way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your love of many years!

Teresa Edgerton-Scott

Thanks for the spring pictures. Here in Louisiana we have 5" of snow on the ground, it was 5 degrees this morning, we have frozen pipes that won't thaw until Saturday. There is a prediction of an ice storm moving through tomorrow to add injury to insult and rolling blackouts are threatened by overtaxed electric utilities. I may need to look at your flower photos again!


Sallie, I must admit to being just a tiny bit jealous of the spring flowers in Oregon. Our ground is snow-covered here in PA. We often can expect to see daffodils by early or mid-March. This year, I think they will be later. Thanks for sharing those splashes of color!

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Such beautiful flowers. Did the snow miss you? My friend in Portland is snowed in, because they aren't used to the snow.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Sharon Wagner

I'm missing flowers and birds, so enjoying your color and blooms today. I also loved your funny comment this week. Ha!


Thank you for sharing this lovely Post, Sallie. There are colourful flowers, especially the roses for Valentine. I enjoyed reading. And thank you too for stopping by at my Blog.

Have a good week. Happy Valentine 🧡🧡🧡
...ans of course Happy MosaicMonday

Lady Fi

It really does look like spring where you are! Still below freezing here with lots of lovely snow.

Gorgeous shots!


Your flowers are a little bit ahead of mine but the snowstorm we had last week has damaged a few so I'll have to wait and see what survives. Spring always brings hope and we are desperately in need of that here. Take care.

handmade by amalia

Such pretty flowers! Spring is very welcome.

Amy Franks

Daffodils have got to be my favourite flower but those roses are lovely, mine are still blooming.


...I like your February, it looks nothing like ours!

Gillena Cox

Happy Ox year 2021
Lovely mosaics
Happy you dropped by my blog today


Photo Cache

Same is true here, daffodils are in bloom, so do fruit trees and magnolias.

Su-sieee! Mac

I can't decide whether those oxen are real or not. lol They're amazing statues if that's what they are. Happy Lunar New Year, Sallie!


I really love daffodils so your February flowers warm the heart.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such gorgeous photos in the rose garden. Lovely to see a bit of colour, even though I enjoy seeing all the snow pics too.

John R

Hi Sallie, Sure enjoyed your flower photos. Your daffodils are ahead of ours here in Seattle. We usually start seeing the blooms in late February. Love those flowers ... they are so pretty. We are just now recovering from a big snow in Seattle. My most recent post has some pictures of my hummingbirds near the snow. :-) Thanks for sharing your blog and your kind comments on mine. Wishing you a fine week ahead. John


Your spring is 6 inches ahead of us! My daffs are up about that that of the ones you posted...and my peach tree is about to bloom...Im so thrilled, I love all the photos but the poor Oxen what a horrible contraption they are tied to...Maybe they are retired now...
Have a wonderful week. COLD here.

Cathy Keller

The photos of the roses are just exquisite! I think that their color has lifted my spirits with all the snow that's falling here! Thank you!

ellen b.

Parker is quite handsome and such a striking pose! Glad you had a nice Valentine's day breakfast in your car with a view! Happy President's day to you!


I hope you had a very Happy Valentine's Day! Glad you were able to visit with your grandson. The springtime flowers are a surprise! We won't see blooms until at least late May. We are on the edge of the polar vortex and it was minus 2 degrees this weekend--brrr. We stayed in....as we have. I finally had the first dose of the vaccine! What a relief. My husband had the second dose and felt fine afterward.

Rain Frances

Such pretty flowers Sallie! I am LONGING for spring!!! Parker is adorable, I love that walnut tree. I haven't seen such a magnificent tree in a long time!! :)


Such gorgeous photos Sallie! Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day. Happy Lunar New Year :)

Linda P

The Summer 2020 roses are beautiful! They're a reminder that the cycle of life in nature continues and even if it's hidden for now the sap will rise and we shall enjoy seasonal flowers once more. Wishing you well, Linda.

Nancy Chan

Happy Valentine's Day to you. Beautiful flowers especially the roses. Lovely early spring photos. Over here, we are still under lockdown but now we are allowed to dine-in with only 2 people at a table. Going out also 2 to a car from the same family. Enjoy your new week.

Little Wandering Wren

Great minds think alike with the year of the Ox post, Sallie! Wishing you all the calmness and stability that is supposed to happen this year Thank you for the wonderful roses and happy Spring too!
Wren x


Sallie - what an imaginative way to give all of us roses for Valentine's Day! I am hoping the rest of your day was as bright and cheerful. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, my friend!


Love to see the spring flowers.

William Kendall

Parker is a cutie.

Here we're in for another snowstorm.

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