March 07, 2021


Arun Goyal

Daffodils are one of my favorite spring flowers, Adorable lamb . It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to gardening, nature and birds here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2021/03/garden-affair-spring-flower-snapdragon.html

Jennifer Jilks



The daffodils are a lively occurrence in cooler weathers. Your photos of them are gorgeous. Our March is usually always a lamb, which is fine with me. It seems to be getting milder and milder as each year passes. Happy spring to you.


Están preciosos los jacintos y con un esplendoroso color.

Aquí en Andalucía tenemos temperaturas primaverales.


Hello Sallie,
Your spring blooms are so pretty, what a cheerful sight. Beautiful variety of birds, the Flicker is one of my favorites. Our weather is all over the place from the 30's to the 70's, but spring is near. The birds are calling for their mates.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for the comment on my post.

riitta k

I'm happy that you enjoy your daffodil country this year! Thank you for the explanation of the lamb-lion proverb. It was totally new to me. Enjoy the weekend Sallie.

Linda W.

We've been in lamb weather this week, but I expect to see the lion again.

My Corner of the World

Spring is always a glorious occasion wherever you are! I so enjoy your photos.

Your link is a welcome addition to My Corner of the World' this week!

Michelle Keltner

Love those Daff! We got the Lion last week, in a big way. Hoping the rest of March will go by smoothly. No Daffs here yet, but not too far away.

Michelle Banks

Oh spring flowers...I can't wait to see them here...


The weather explanation is very interesting. I've always thought those old sayings were a description of English weather, just like many nursery rhymes and tales that we inherited.

be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Peter B.

Daffodils are my wife's favorite flowers (so by extension, mine!). We have a few come up in the garden every year. Beautiful photos!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful blooms.

Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Love the flowers and can't wait for things here to start blooming.
Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

Colleen Looseleaf

I'm always amazed at how it's new every year, like the first time to see them. The robins are busy here. Only the green shoots are up.


Lovely photos! Your daffodils are well in advance of ours!

Iris Flavia

Oh, I´m so with you, I love daffodils! And thank you for the saying, I´ll keep that in mind! From the city of Henry the Lion: To March!

Nancy Chan

Love, love, love your beautiful daffodils and cute lamb. Love the ducks and birds too. Have a great day.


I am a daffodil lover. Always have been since I used to give Mum her bouquet of daffodils for Mother's Day (different date in the UK) when I was a child. Lovely to see all your spring photos of flowers, birds and animals. A cute one you picked of the lamb too. Enjoy the rest of your week Sallie :)

Villroses hage

Oh, Daffodils are a spring favorite! So lovely! We just have to go through a heavy snow storm the next 24 h before the spring gradually can start.

David Gascoigne

It is amazing that there are so many "wild" daffodils here, wonderfully bright and attractive, but I am puzzled how they all got there. I can only assume that squirrels transport the bulbs. Whatever the reason they are a welcome burst of colour in spring. Is there a reason why I am no longer able to enter my information and have your blog remember it, rather than having to enter it every time I comment?

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

It's impossible to OD on daffodils! Such lovely photos of such gorgeous flowers. Our season of the narcissus has finished here already but I loved photographing them too.


Love the flowers- and I am seeing plenty of them in the fields. They always make me think of spring, and I do wish they would flower for just a bit longer than they do. Have a lovely week!


How I loved this post. Your area must be more like England, do you think? The daffodils are so amazing. And they seem to be everywhere! Very interesting about the weather.
It is wonderful how you can appreciate whatever situation you are in. It is a gift, Sallie.

Su-sieee! Mac

Sallie, thanks for sharing your photos of daffodils. I don't see them much anymore. Maybe it's the climate. Or, maybe people don't have the time to grow them. I have no excuse. Maybe I'll remember to plant daffodils for next season, but where or where. I wonder if there's a code about not having a driveway. Wandering minds must go find out. Cheers, Sallie!


I could never OD on daffodils. They are my favorite flower. The daffodils are still about 3 weeks away here. We are just getting into crocus season. Beautiful photo of the rock covered in mosses and ferns. So typical of the Pacific NW.


I agree with you about the daffodils, they are such joyful flowers.

A ShutterBug Explores

Sally ~ such beautiful photography in your area ~ Spring, yes!
Love the daffodils especially ~

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Susie of Arabia

My faves have always been daffodils and irises - I think because their blooming time is so short, being able to see them is always special

Linda P

Beautiful photos of daffodils. I can understand your happiness at seeing them. We're still waiting for ours to open their tight buds since it has been cloudy and cold here. However we wake up to bird song as more and more activity in nature happens on the threshold of Springtime. Your bird pictures are always interesting.

Photo Cache

Don't blame you on your daffodil obsession, they are beautiful and joyful.

William Kendall

Beautiful flowers!

Alan Bates

I've always heard the reverse here in Oklahoma. In like a lion and out like a lamb.
This year we got the lamb with some mild weather. The danger now is a red flag alert, warm southerly winds that can dry things out and spread fires.
We don't quite have daffodils yet. People go crazy over them.

Dina Johnston

I feel the same way about daffodils. Miss seeing them in Alabama and Atlanta. When I go back to visit I tons of pictures of them. Didn't get to see them last spring or this spring. Beautiful shots!


I always enjoy seeing daffodils :)

All the best Jan

Gillena Cox

Your dafs and lamb are lovely
I anm st #17 on the linky today
Happy Monday



Never too many daffodils. I miss them and hope you will share more. Desert temps are like the lamb but the wind like a lion. Love that shot of the lamb among the daffodils.

ellen b.

What fun to see all these pretty daffodils. I'm of the mind that you can't see too many. It's always fun to spot them along the way or see fields of them. Such a happy flower. Hope you have a good week.

Carol B

The prediction is that we will have the lamb this week in NYC and I'm so grateful. Daffodils are a great habit and one I never grow tired of. Hoping I can start to indulge soon.


I think we have the same addictions...Flower Heads...lol
Well Spring is so wonderful, when things go normal again, make your trip after the spring flowering has happened? The best of both worlds. It's cold here but the sun is out so no complaints...love all your photo!! Have a stellar week.

Cathy Keller

I lovel daffodils, too, and yours are just gorgeous!! Happy Soon-to-be Spring!1

Lavender Dreams

I always think of the yellow Spring flowers as part of my youth growing up in Arkansas. We don't have those here but we have the Spring flowers along the hwys right now...you know the ones I mean! Enjoy your week! Thanks for the beautiful flowers this morning!


...the morning of the 1st came in as a lamb for us, but by evening we had high winds and snow.


The lamb is welcome... but I don't need a lion. It's enough we had each day, I believe - you know what I mean

Your daffodil captures are wonderful. I love the yellow... it brings the hope of springtime.

In the last days it was very cold here, so we had to wait for the daffodils in the garden.

Have a wonderful week. Stay healthy and well, dear Blogfriend.

Happy MosaicMonday

Amy Franks

Daffodil is my favourite flower, a true sign that Spring is here.


Sallie - most of our ground is still covered with snow, so I relished your daffodil pictures - no such thing as too many! Our March came in like a lamb, and I suspect we have a lion around the corner! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday! (and be careful making those sudden stops!)


Hi Sallie
Springtime flowers are still a few months away from Colorado although we have had some days of springtime weather. March is our snowiest month so we hopefully will get more snow to help with the summer drought. I love daffodils and I would be taking photos of them, too, if I saw them. Have a wonderful week!


The daffodils are amazing, I would be totally obsessed with them too! With all the sacrifices over the past year it's nice to hear there were some blessings for you too. Gorgeous photos as always!


I adore daffodils and your photos of them - heavenly!

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