March 28, 2021


Rajani singh

Mind blowing post

Michelle Banks

So much hope with spring and the vaccines...

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Our daffodils are long finished. Glad you are still enjoying them. Lovely photos!


Beautiful season, and wonderful birds & blooms!
As always, thanks for taking time to share your birds with us!!

riitta k

Oh, delightful spring views - all this is still waiting for me. Lovely bird photos as well. Wishing Happy Easter Sallie.


...and a Happy spring to you!

Rain Frances

Hi Sallie! :) Beautiful photos! Spring has sprung here, but it's still really chilly out. No flowers blooming yet! I also love winding country roads! :)


Hello Sallie,:= ) Lovely Spring images of the flowers, and water fowl.Your mini road trips on those winding roads, look like fun, and adventures, cos you never know what you might see around the next corner. Happy Easter Sallie.:=)


Hello Sallie,

Beautiful Spring photos, the flowers are lovely. I enjoyed seeing all the ducks and the pretty Robin. It does feel good to be outside, enjoying nice weather and nature all around us. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

Shiju Sugunan

Adorable captures of spring colors!

Peter B.

I love your spring colors! We didn't get much rain this year, so a very muted wildflower season.

Alan Bates

Be nice to have some windy roads. We have a few in Oklahoma but so many of them go straight off to the horizon.

I think it may be Missouri but on the interstates they have a mileage marker up ever tenth of a mile. That gets kind of old.

Bob Bushell

Beautiful images Sallie, specially Lesser Scaup, Common Merganser and the Gadwall.


Your spring blooms are way ahead of us here in Nashua, NH, because the only early blooms seen have been crocus. Getaways are fun anytime and especially on back roads.


I like what you said about robins. SO many people really don’t know that they hang around all winter, but just behave differently!

be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Michelle Keltner

Nothing like a drive on an old country road, or at least I think so. I like seeing your signs of spring. We are having a hard freeze each night here. I am ready for warmth all the time. Thanks for linking up.


I would say your first day of Spring looked absolutely beautiful! I haven’t seen any robins around here for a while. They seem to be late this year. Lovely photos of all the water birds too. Looks like you had another lovely road trip. Glad you got to see your daffodils. I love it when they arrive. Enjoy the rest of your day Sallie and thanks for the virtual trip :)

Michele Morin

I uncovered some bright green with my rake yesterday! Daffodils are doing their best to welcome spring.

Lady Fi

Lovely shots of the colourful spring flowers. We woke up to minus temps today, so our poor flowers are shivering.

My Corner of the World

You certainly have a lot of spring colors already!

We like the narrow, winding roads, too, but usually only get one warning!!

Thank you for being a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Nancy Chan

Beautiful spring shots of flowers and ducks. Have a wonderful day.


Sallie - our spring is a bit behind you, but there is no doubt it is on its way. Today I saw the first chipmunk, recently emerged from hibernation! Some of my plants have started poking tentative shoots through last year's detritus. I spent a couple hours in the garden today, just picking up sticks and generally tidying things. What a joy! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Colleen Looseleaf

Daffodils rule! One day last week I saw about 30 robins in my yard!

bill burke

Beautiful captures of spring. Flowers are pretty and the birds sound great singing their songs. Enjoy your day.

Veronica Lee

It's a lovely time of the year where you live, Sallie!

Fabulous photos as always!


Adoro el patito y las flores son muy lindas. Te mando un beso

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!


So many lovely flowers in the collage at the top of the post! Lovely too to see so many types of ducks getting on well together!


We are several weeks behind you, but spring is finally starting to show up in PA too. My hubby and I took a walk by a stream yesterday and startled 3 pairs of wood ducks. Beuatiful!


Colores preciosos de la Naturaleza, que ahora con la primavera se potencian más.

Preciosas fotos

Penelope Notes

Even the earliest of rhododendrons are not flowering yet in my neck of the woods. Nice to see them blooming in Oregon. We are lucky when every corner and winding path is seen anew.

Diane Bohlen

Its a beautiful time of the year especially where you are.


Lovely photos! The pollen has been thick here. I feel like I have sand in my eyes.


Like the flowers aren't awesome enough I love the variety of ducks. My favorite roads are curvy. I'm kind of jealous about all that color.

ellen b.

Glad you could have a fun road trip on that narrow winding road. Love the blooming trees. You are ahead of us with Spring blooms. Yippee for Spring! Nice photos.


All the spring flowers bring much welcome colour to a dull winter world. The Common Merganser beak is just amazing. We saw some yesterday, in the pouring rain. No pollen here yet.

Photo Cache

All the yellow flowers are what I wait spring for every year. Hope by summer we will all be back to the normal way of doing things.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow ~ Sally ~ it sure looks like Spring there ~ Awesome photograph ~ Xo

Living moment to moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Lavender Dreams

I've heard from a couple of people that say the masks help with pollen! Love your pretty Spring flowers. Our roses are blooming like crazy now! Enjoy your week! No winding roads here! heehee! Hugs!


So many beautiful signs of spring! It's all so pretty. Your mini road trip on the narrow winding road must have been fun, I would enjoy that too. Happy spring! :)


A lovely Post about this wonderful time of the year. Yes, we need the warm temperatures, the blooms to walk outside.

Happy MosaicMonday... wish you a very good week.


Lovely photos and mosaic. Happy Monday. I am at #9 on thelinky today

much love...


I love all the spring blossoms and flowers. Beautiful mosaics! Great sighting and captures of the ducks. The mini-road trip looks fun, I enjoy any road trip. Take care, have a great day!

Linda P

It's a thrill to see the Springtime flowers popping up everywhere after the duller Winter days. Thankfully they last because they flower in stages. We should see rhododendrons and tulips soon. We're now allowed to go further afield from today so long as we stay at a distance from others, stay outside in the fresh air and return home the same day. I'm looking forward to a drive out. A bonus is we're expecting warmer weather this week. :)


A beautiful spring post...Awesome shot of the Merganser...and the Pollen wow we have it thicker than ever...it's all over everything even the dogs had to be wiped down...
I had to laugh for the driver reminders..LoL...that is me, I am always on pins if Im not the one driving.
Happy Spring

Jennifer A. Jilks

Isn't that lovely! We are still easing into spring temperatures. I shall look forward to such colour!


I love spring - forsythis, tulips, iris, lilacs, so many lovelies. Your photos today beautiful capture the season.

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