March 21, 2021


Arun Goyal

Lovely blossoms, Beautiful daffodils . It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening, Nature an Birds here at http://jaipurgardening.blogspot.com/2021/03/growing-inverted-tomato-plant-in-bottle.html

Loyal Pat

Ale pieknie tu u Ciebie .Pozdrawiam:)


Hello Sallie':=) I so enjoyed your comment about the bunnies that I came to tell you, What fun, and a moment to remember for sure.:=)

I enjoyed seeing your lovely garden and the hanging lanterns on the tree, and the little fountain or bird bath. The flowers are beautiful too. Like everyone I'm not enjoying the restrictions imposed on us, but at least we can enjoy our gardens.

Iris Flavia

One time I want to see your country.
We went on so many road trips (Australia) - sooo good to see your pics!

Michelle Banks

I am afraid that there are going to be a lot of vaccine refusers which will cause problems...

Bob Bushell

Beautiful images Sallie, spring is here.


Hi I am rainfield.
Just drop by to say hello, stay safe.
Still busy in working and running.
Hope that I can write again in the near future should I decide to retire.


Spring is welcome wherever we are! So interesting that you have simultaneous impressions of Oregon and Florida springs, both unfamiliar to me as I’m a midwesterner!

be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

riitta k

Everybody is tired about this pandemic, it changed the world brutally. The main thing that you are well and safe. Thank you for these wonderful spring bloomers.

My Corner of the World

It's good to see that you still have spring beauty around you.

What a great thing it would be to return to the 'normal' we had BC (before Covid). Let's hope it's soon!

I'm happy to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.

Nancy Chan

Love your Spring flowers. Glad you made it home safely. Hopefully we can see the end of the pandemic soon.

Alan Bates

I'm commenting again I know.
I was looking at past years in my diary it was a little bit more than a year ago that my employer sent everybody home. Literally on a "drop what you are doing and leave now basis." We all expected to be back in April when everybody said the cases would be dropping. Boy somebody was doing some major dope smoking on that forecast!!

Michelle Keltner

It has been a strange year. Tiresome is the perfect word for the whole situation. My county seems to be doing better, but I kind of feel like Covid has run its course as it has infected so many people here. We shall see what happens after spring break! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

Peter B.

Your post made me think back to how different things were a little over a year ago, and what a crazy & scary year it's been. Things definitely seem to be improving (finally!) in my neck of the woods. Beautiful photos!


I hope this summer is a "normal" one too! Hubby and I get our first vaccine on Saturday. One step toward normal. Thank you for sharing the beautiful bouquet of spring flowers. Love those daffodils.


I know you must miss spending time in Florida but am also glad you were at peace with your decision not to travel during this time. Your photos give me warmth and keep me going even when I am only traveling from my arch chair :) Thank you Sallie, and enjoy the rest of your week.


Oh, Sallie, I am so glad you left Florida. One of the worst states in terms of cases, and now the spring break stuff. I am happy you are safe, and in such a lovely place. I think I'd stay in Oregon all year. Is that where all your family is?

Lady Fi

Lovely shots!

Veronica Lee

Stay safe, Sallie!

I enjoyed today’s gorgeous flowers!

Amy Franks

Is it ever getting tiresome, agree with you there, I'm over it. Good to hear you were able to get back home.

ellen b.

I hope that life can return to a less fearful state and people will feel free to travel around and support their local businesses. Glad you feel good about your decisions and had a place to go to and feel safe.

William Kendall

The pandemic is exhausting. I've had as much of this as I can take.


A good decision to return to Oregon when you did. Enjoy the springtime.


Hey Sallie, the way things are going in FL, you are much better off where you are now.. you didn't miss anything in FL this past winter for sure.
Stay strong it will end. Lovely photos.

bill burke

Hi Sallie, glad you decided to return to Oregon. Reading about Florida's response to the pandemic sounded like a nightmare. Hopefully things will begin to improve and we all can trave again. We are still in our 3rd lockdown which begin just after the holidays. Can't go more than 5km (3 miles) from our house. Luckiy we have trails and the sea close by. The nearest town, Burtonport, is 10km away and we cant' even go there. It's a about a 10 minute bus ride away and if you break the restricition of 5km, you will be fined. I can't wait to have some freedom. Enjoy your Oregon spring, take care and be safe.

A ShutterBug Explores

Sallie ~ gorgeous Spring photos ~ also wishing for some return to 'normal' soon ~ Xo ~ Be safe, be well.

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Linda W

I'm glad you did a retrospective post. I should think about doing one.

Gillena Cox

Stay Safe. Thanks for today’s beautiful flowers.



I also hope the pandemic will be "canceled" very soon! I know you made a good decision to travel to Oregon last year and to stay there now, especially with all the spring breakers crowding the beaches right now. I wish we had a camper to use for travel--another wise decision you made years ago!
We had more snow last night--a true springtime in the Rockies!

Alan Bates

We've all learned so much the past year. I am looking forward to the day when I can just be with random people again. It may be a while and it is amazing what I took for granted before.

Lavender Dreams

It's been a long year in so many ways! But being older...it still flew by! We've been happy to stay here in Florida through it all but we've stayed close to home and away from people. And yes...it's getting old! But hopefully things will improve as this year goes by. Love your photos and fun to see your camper. Sweet hugs!

Penelope Notes

I think you made the right choice, indeed, when seeing the spring break crowds in Florida. Who ever thought “normal” was actually quite spectacular! Like you am hoping for life to seem a little less on edge and/or isolating. Hopefully, the vaccines will go a long way in resolving this.

Linda P

I admire the travelling you did to get to Oregon. Your mosaic of the variety of flowers you can see there and in Florida are equally lovely. Every year during Springtime I marvel at the flowers. The sun is shining and the narcissi are now in full bloom. In your Oregon haven enjoy the Springtime.


Hello, Sallie

This pandemic time has been tiresome, we all need it over now.
I hope once more people are vaccinated, it will be safer to return to our normal activities. Your flowers are beautiful. I am sure Oregon is beautiful in Spring. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!


Sallie - I hear you. A year is a long time for anything to go on, and when it brings such isolation for so many, it is hard to bear. In our house, we keep reminding ourselves that this is not the time to relax; we have made it this far without getting sick, we need to be patient a little longer to make it over the finish line! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday - I enjoyed your spring bouquet very much!


...the pandemic may be getting tiring, but I'm prepared to stay put until things finally get safe. Whenever that happens!


Spring, a special and wonderful time in the Year. Each Year!

Happy MosaicMonday


I think you made the right choice last year. Super sweet to watch Spring into Summer.


Beautiful photos Sallie. I'm so glad you had a safe way to travel back last year, it would have been scary with other options. Enjoy spring in Oregon!


So glad that you were able to make the cross-country trip back to your home, Sallie. It looks like you had great and safe travels.


Enjoy your Oregon spring with all the flowers. Maybe next year or the next, you'll have a semi-tropical spring.

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