April 11, 2021



Hi Sallie - It's been a while since I've been by your blog to visit. Wayne and I decided we would still do our Arizona Snowbird RV trip this winter. We left our Powell Lake cabin in October and headed to Tucson in mid-November. We decided it would be just as safe for us down there. As you know, RV life can be done in a safe distanced manner. We came to Bellingham for Christmas and then went south again mid-January. During our March break we were eligible for both COVID shots before our April and final trip to Tucson. If we had stayed in BC we would have been waiting until now for our first dose and maybe a four month wait for shot number two. We hope to head back north in June after the next border regulations announcement. Now that we have the RV bug, it's harder to stay in once place for us too. - Margy


a lovely collection of seasons. i must say late november was my favorite!!

Diane Bohlen

So glad that you have had a good time in Oregon for a whole year and you enjoyed the seasons again. Nice to be near family too.


you are lucky to have the best of two worlds. And, yes, I think spring is lovely in Oregon :)


Tienes un hermoso jardín, el paso del tiempo en las distintas estaciones , hacen cambios prodigiosos en él.


I followed the provided link to read about your RV life, which sounded wonderful in that you were able to see SO much of the USA. We are glad we were able to see many states on our own cross-country trip a few years ago, hopefully we can do that again in the near future. This week mask wearing restrictions were lifted by the NH governor; however, businesses and private enterprises can still set their own restrictions, so it may be quite a long time until life returns to nearly normal. Still, it is nice to look back at the good times and to share the present good ones as well.

Cathy Keller

What marvelous photos! They are just breathtaking! Thank you! Have a wonderful weekend!

Michelle Keltner

It has been a fast/slow year since Covid began. I don't even know how else to describe it. Sweet photo of you GGS and I love seeing all the nature in your area. Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.

Iris Flavia

Yes, can you believe it´s been over a year already with darn "Corinna"?! Sadly Hubby is chronically ill, so our travel-times might be over for good....

Love your saying "It is not so much the destination as the voyage itself that matters."

I so enjoyed the endless roads we traveled.

Himawan Sant

What a lovely spring atmosphere you put, Sallie. The photos are impressive. The photo of your great-grandson among the dry leaves is adorable.

Peter B.

I love the shot of your GGS. It's been such a crazy, unpredictable year. I certainly don't want to jump the gun, but things are feeling a little more "normal" and I'm venturing out a little more. Fingers crossed!

Amy Franks

I can't believe it all started that long ago, it doesn't seem that far away, we were in lockdown this time last year.


What a beautiful silver lining that you got to see the seasons change last year for the first time in a while. Great photo of the little helper raking leaves!


I think you made the right decision and it is lovely to see the progress of the seasons. Lovely photos here.


You made the right decision Sallie. And you saw the silver lining of that decision with a lot of great memories. I for one have enjoyed seeing a lot of those memories through your photos. It has been one of my silver linings visiting you. Thank you my friend :)


...home is where your heart is!

Linda W

A lovely post. Who knew it would last so long?

My Corner of the World

That's quite a change for you, but you did well :) It's good to reminisce now and again to see how things are so different.

Thanks for joining us at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Villroses hage

What a beautiful tulip garden!

Bob Bushell

Beautiful series of the trees, it happens every each years.

ellen b.

Love that photo of your great grandson. Too cute! Happy Anniversary to you. Glad you are enjoying this blip in your usual dual citizenship between Florida and Oregon. Spring in Oregon is beautiful!


I agree, Sallie, treasure every day. Your Oregon spring is very lovely! I'll sure miss the CA beach during the month of May, but hopefully, we'll stay well enough to travel there at some point in the future.

Colleen Looseleaf

I love red and purple flowers together. I could never be away from home for half the year because I'm afraid of missing something. Spring is the best!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

What an anniversary to celebrate but glad you have found beauty in your surroundings. I think many of us have been surprised to find what we have on our doorsteps. Enjoy the spring flowers!

William Kendall

Beautiful shots!


You sound very positive about the year. For me it has been a real struggle but walking and nature have got me through so far. Love your post.

bill burke

Starting tomorrow we can go beyond our 5km limit. We've been restricted to that since Christmas. Our first stop will be Burtonport which is 7km away. We are excited to be able to travel within our county. We still haven't been vaccinated yet but probably next month. Have a wonderful week.

Rain Frances

Sallie that was such a nice post to read. I never thought about how the pandemic has affected me since I moved here in May. I live so far away from society that it hasn't really changed my life. I know how it changed so many lives with other people though. I'm so glad you found the positive in such a negative and scary situation. I can only imagine how lovely Oregon is from your photos! xx


Hi Sallie, excellent! Your spring rewind a great idea. You should be glad you're not in FL the "million no mask march" it's insane, the politics there have gone WAY south...it's such a shame.
I hope but have no evidence to support that the virus will go away it may never...I dont even want to gather with the masses anymore now that I see how a certain portion of them really feel.
We just have to start a new lifestyle, and let the pieces fall I guess. Just stay in nature and she will not disappoint you.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! Great photos of your 'year in one place' ~ love your great grandson's photo ~ so cute and industrious ~ Xo

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor

Lavender Dreams

I think we have all been happy to be where we felt the best to wait this thing out. And I know you are like me...you've made the best of it! Love seeing and hearing about the changes in the seasons. We missed going to the mts of NC this past year but we'll see what the next few months hold for us. Take care and enjoy the beautiful Spring there! Hugs!

Penelope Notes

I looked back at some of your history. How adventurous to have visited so much of the US pre covid after which some were lucky to be stuck in rather nice places. The seasonal changes are exactly what I love about the West Coast and the “temperate” climate overall.

Gillena Cox

Happy mosaic Monday. Good that you can look back on this anniversary date without regret

I am at #12 on the linky today



I think you made the right move, going back to Oregon for this past Covid year. It is nice to be closer to your family, you can enjoy the seasons and still take some road trips. Love the flowers and beautiful trees. Take care, have a happy day and a great new week!

Little Wandering Wren

I have loved reading this Sallie, as I can relate on so many levels. Except we don't really get the seasons passing as obviously as you describe in Oregon and of course, we've seen no family at all in the past 14 months. But like you we continue to remain grateful for all we do have.
Here's to save travel for all!


Sallie - while everyone is sad about the year of COVID, we can all point to silver linings and blessings. Your post captures those sentiments well. Following the walnut tree through its seasons is a special opportunity! (And I laughed at your comment about how young you might be looking in that "old" photo!!!) Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, my friend!


Me encanto el árbol y las imagenes. Te mando un beso

Alan Bates

Congratulations on your year back. I was always amazed by your cross country migration to and from Oregon and Florida. You strike me as people who can roll with the flow and adapt to whatever the need is and I think you have done that.


Wow Sallie, 24 years without being in one place for a full year, impressive! I'm so glad this covid year was a good weather one in Oregon. I'm sure you remembering the times in early years were probably correct. You got a huge bonus this year with more mild weather than usual and I am so glad you have enjoyed it.

The seasons have been very mild and so different here this year too. It makes me wonder if we might get lucky and have a mild summer or if we are going to have get hit with one even hotter than usual.

I wish you blogged more often. I always look forward to your photos and adventures!


How lovely to pay special attention to one tree throughout the year. I love the change of seasons. So glad you found delight in that even though it's been a difficult year.

Lydia C. Lee

Asn't this just been going on forever?? In Australia it looks like another year before the borders open, other than our travel bubble to NZ. #NaturesNotes

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