April 04, 2021


handmade by amalia

A gorgeous hike! I'm glad you took us along.


Lucky you to have such scenic walking paths close to home. I love all those turtles. I wonder why so many? Could it be turtle mating season? Don't they know to social distance?

David M. Gascoigne

Surely it must be an unexpected bonus of the pandemic that you have been able to discover the joy of a spring on the west coast - quite different from Florida as you point out - but at least you don't have to listen to that rightwing demagogue DeSantis on the news every night!


Hello Sallie,
It is nice be enjoying a walk and seeing all things nature. I love the Herons, Ducks and the turtles all lined up on the log. The tulips magnolias are lovely blooms. Beautiful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

Margaret Adamson

Lovely shots of al the critters and I love the Magnolia blooms. Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.


I am looking forward to going on some longer outdoor walks, but for now have been content with city walks. This is called mud season here in New England and some of the forested paths are still a bit muddy. You definitely have more blooms than around this area, Sallie.

Sharon Wagner

I've been seeing turtles all lined up here too. So cute. One turtle here even climbed high up on a branch. There's always one that isn't like the others. Thanks for pointing out my extra "m" (:

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.

riitta k

Stunning magnolias and the many turtles on the log look amazing! This spring I hate the Finnish weather - it is so cold. Nothing else to do than wait. Have a niceweekend Sallie.

Himawan Sant

Very beautiful, you capture the moment dozens of turtles sunbathing on the wood .. ,, for me the moment is extraordinary because I have never seen a turtle in the wild.

Have a super week!

Peter B.

Ah, the road less traveled. Good for you! A beautiful walk and I enjoyed your photos. So many turtles!

Michelle Banks

I am seeing bees out here and there isn't anything much in the way of flowers yet....love all the nature photos....

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Good shots.

Amy Franks

I'm loving how the gravel pits have been turned into wetland areas for wildlife, we need more of those in our world.

colleen Looseleaf

A bale of turtles, they say! This is forsythia season here. Hello Yello!


Lovely signs of Spring. Love all those turtles on the log, so cute.


That's a lovely selection of birds!


...I love the turtles. There's spot where I use to see them sunny themselves on a log, but they seem to have found a new spot.


What a fun trip out. You saw some great sights and I am always grateful you share them with us. Thank you Sallie :)


You are making the most of experiencing Spring this year. Maybe next time you go on that walk you will see lots of ducklings. The magnolia is a real scene stealer.

Iris Flavia

Ohhh, the blooming trees steal the show!
We still have snow.
So... good to see yours, enjoy!

Veronica Lee

A perfect spot for a walk to see the ducks and turtles and drink in the scenery!

Happy Wednesday, Sallie!


So lovely to go for a walk and see so many signs of spring. Turtles on a log are a great sight that always makes me smile. Love the tulip magnolia!


Great Walk and Spring in every shot, It got hot here today so I predict a short spring right into the inferno, enjoy it while you got it...Happy week.


Your daughter's magnolia is beautiful! I went searching for turtles today too. Found a bunch of them perched on a log in a pond. Red-eared sliders.


Buenos habitantes hay en esas aguas.

Las fotos son una preciosidad.


Wow turtles! I ones saw seaturtels in Greek in the ocean. Amazing animals.

Little Wandering Wren

Hello Sallie
Thank you for taking me on a wander with you, loved all those turtles sunbathing on the log. It reminded me of the turtle nest we found at our beach recently.
Have a lovely week

Bob Bushell

It's spring again, phew, I love the spring. The sweet flowers, the lambs, the flapping of wings butterflies and the birds makes their nests.

Nancy Chan

What a wonderful place to hike to enjoy the ducks and surrounding nature. Beautiful Tulip Magnolia. Have a great day!

Heidrun Stallwanger

Hope you have had a good eastertime. Now we look forward, what comes next.

Happy MosaicMonday

Shiju Sugunan

Nice place to hike. The blooms are gorgeous!

Linda W

How lovely are trees in bloom! I love that heron too.

ellen b.

I enjoy paths like these. Fun to see the Great Blue Heron. That tulip magnolia is so pretty. Have a great week!


Hernoso lugar adore los patitos y las magnolias tulipan. Te mando un beso y te deseo una buena semana

Photo Cache

I have seen coot only once in Eastern California and I don't know what they were at first. So many beautiful birds out there.

Happy Spring!


Sure looks like a delightful Spring.

bill burke

Great variety of photos, Sallie. Love seeing all those turtles hanging out on the log. :) Have a wonderful week.

Penelope Notes

Ooooo ... I would love to see those turtles in person. Haha ... funny thing about Eugene vs Florida as we can't appreciate spring if we haven't first experienced winter.

Lavender Dreams

You have such beauty there in the Spring. We drive to some trailheads that are close by but you're right...if we walked there we would be to tired to walk the trail! lol Enjoy your week and the lovely weather!


What a beautiful Magnolia! I love them very much!

Rain Frances

What a beautiful walk Sallie! I love seeing those turtles, it's so rare for me to see them here. The heron shot is wonderful! :)

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh what a lovely place to walk and fantastic nature photos ~ so well done ~ Xo

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Gillena Cox

Happy Easter. Luv your pond turtle pics best today

much love...


Hello Sallie,
I enjoyed this walk, the Magnolia blooms are lovely. Great shots of the Heron and all the ducks. The line up of turtles is a cute sight! The pond is a great habitat for the wildlife. Take care, have a great day and a happy new week!


Even if a pond is man-made, nature comes to enjoy it. Lovely photos today.


Sallie - I am always fascinated by turtles on logs. I imaging them saying "You first. No, after you. How kind, thank you!" I know you would probably prefer to be in Florida by now, but it seems you are making the most of your TRUE spring! I am blessed to have you share your stories with Mosaic Monday - thank you!

Alan Bates

Very nice having a variety of "wild" and "tame" interconnected routes. I'm intrigued by your trail system. People really need a place to get out and see things and get away from traffic.


Isn't it funny how a walk on the wild side has changed as we've aged lol. Beautiful photos and I love that gorgeous Tulip Magnolia. I'm so glad you are enjoying a real spring again. Most definitely much different here in Florida. Have a fantastic week Sallie!

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