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May 16, 2021


Rajani singh

Please read my post

Rajani singh

Beautiful blog

Michelle Keltner

Glad that life is getting back to normal. It is here, too, although slow going. Thank you for linking up.


Bellas imágenes de una Naturaleza, que debemos cuidar.

Que tengas una buena semana

Lady Fi

Lovely shots! Glad to hear life is getting back more to normal...

riitta k

The last photo is stunning - beautiful birds & flowers!

Michelle Banks

I will take your good week and be happy for you my sweet friend...Michelle

Lavender Dreams

I've always been intrigued with the Puffin! I would love to see one...or several! And that's such a great way to see a lot in a beautiful part of the world...spend time there. I am SO wishing we could take a trip but we'll wait awhile longer! Thanks for sharing these pics!

John's Island

Hello Sallie, I enjoyed all the photos … new and old. Really appreciate the ability to click on a photo and get such a nice large view. Compliments on the way you share the beauty of nature and thank you for all those websites with sharing opportunities. Lastly, the sun halo is so neat! Best regards to you from Seattle and have a happy weekend. John


Lovely serie of photos. The photo of sun halo is awesome.
Take care.


Hello Sallie,
I would love to see the Puffin, they are so darn cute. The Moose and baby, otters and Eagles are all great sightings. Alaska is a great place to visit. The sun halo is a beautiful sight, lovely capture.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

My Corner of the World

Oh, Sallie, your sun halo is superb! And your archives are full of lots of lovely things :) The broom is a farmer's nightmare here in NZ, too. So hard to get rid of, especially on the hillsides.

I appreciate your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


Archive photos are great when we haven’t been out to take new photos. Your yellow flowers are very pretty, the animals and birds in your collage are fun to see. Alaska is an amazing state to visit. I hope I get back there one day. Your halo around the sun is a fascinating phenomenon. I’ve never seen anything like that though have heard of them. Have a great weekend Sallie :)


What an animal world


Love all the yellow plants...yellow is such a beautiful color! Adorable calf with the Moose, I have been redoing all My old blog posts that Flickr ruined for me, so I too am always going to the achieves to find my old photos...Some are gone forever...because my back up drive died!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Very beautiful blooms.

Peter B.

I love the photo of mama moose and baby. I hear they can be quite territorial and that you have to be careful around them. That's really a beautiful sun halo. I see them only rarely.


Some nice photos and something I must look out for is a sun halo


I love the Monet quote. I am going to practice forgetting the names of things I see.

Yellow flowers are my favorite too. My husband doesn't like them, though, so I don't get too many. He says they look like dandelions!

Linda P

We learn so much about the natural world from our visits to other blog friends and travel to places we can never go to through blogging. Thank you for sharing from your archive of photos. What a wonderful trip you must have had seeing the sights and wildlife in Alaska. Regarding seasonal flowers in our neighbourhood the colour shades seem to be pinks and mauves from the blossom soon to be over because of the wind and rain. With the rain we get the greening up of the trees and grass. :)


Sallie, I enjoyed the lovely blooms and look back photos of your time in Alaska. We have lived in New England for 6 years and haven't seen a single moose!

Thanks too for your comment on my recent post about love locks and our 1st date anniversary. It was so handy to tie these in together. Like yourself, we don't want to escape our love so those love locks are not for us at all. We really like those Boyds bears and especially the writing on them. I don't believe I'v e even posted about our "back-story" but should do that one day, later rather then sooner at this point. as for the pseudonyms of Beatrice and Grenville, they are the names of the bears. When we started the blog, we decided to use an alias as we thought it would be fun. To this day, there are many bloggers who comment and adress us by those names, we are actually Dorothy & Patrick.

ellen b.

I so enjoy learning from other bloggers and count on it for naming unknown plants, etc., to me. That's amazing to be able to spend all that time in Alaska. You really had time to take so much in...
Happy new day to you!

Veronica Lee

I enjoyed your lovely series of photos, Sallie.

Happy Wednesday!


Me encanto la ultima fotografía te mando un beso


beautiful images today Sallie - don't care where u found them

Wiiliam Kendall

A beautiful mix of shots.

Bob Bushell

Beautiful images Sallie, I hope you are having a nice week.

A ShutterBug Explores

Fantastic nature photos ~ love the halo around the sun ~ Xo

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Jennifer Jilks

Thank YOU for sharing your photos. I love the yellows.

Linda Walcroft

Great shot of the sun halo! Have a good week.


I always associate yellow with spring with the daffodils and then the forsythia. Laburnum is another beauty but I was always told by my mother never to touch the seeds as they are poisonous. Love your photos of Alaska. A place I would love to visit.


I remember seeing a lot of Scotch Bloom along the coast of Northern Ireland on a few trips I made there. I thought it was pretty as I never saw it before on the east coast of the US. Now I know it is an allergy plant,

Love your Alaska photos! We so enjoyed out visit to that state and would love to return one day

Life Images by Jill

I love yellow flowers too. Such a happy colour. Particularly the Australian wattle, which some species are just starting to flower around here. I did a 365 day project last year, which helped me keep my camera out to photograph something at least! Enjoy scrolling through your archives and stay well.

colleen Looseleaf

Paul Gauguin said "I shut my eyes in order to see" and Confucius said “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” And someone else said "Seeing is believing but feeling is the truth!" Love that circle rainbow!

bill burke

I don't know names of a lot of things I take photos of. :) I love the ring around the sun, never seen one before. Thanks for sharing these gems, I enjoyed seeing them. I like yellow too, it a bright and cheerful colour.

MaryBeth Schwartz

I like yellow flowers also, which is why I like forsythia an early Spring bloomer. I will pass on the Scotch broom. Love your collage---animals are the best--LOL
Thanks for the mention about the Sun halo.


Hey bloggers need their archives!! Especially archives as good as yours.
I wondered why I sneezed when I loaded your post, it was that Scotch Broom spewing pollen from my screen.


Beautiful series of photos!
Love your archive-mining!

Penelope Notes

The sun halo is magical, Sallie! Thankfully, not knowing the names of things doesn’t stop us from enjoying them. :)


Hello, Sallie

The yellow color is so cheery, beautiful spring blooms. I love your Alaska mosaic, seeing a Puffin would make my day. The sun halo is a cool capture. Beautiful post. Take care, have a happy new week!

Amy Franks

Yellow is such a cheerful Summer colour, matches the sun. The scotch broom kind of reminds me of our invasive gorse, it's the bane of every farmer's existence.


Sallie - oh my goodness - those Alaska critter photos! Otters are so adorable, and of course you know I am infatuated with moose. So the pic of the mama and baby had my heart in my mouth! Thanks for sharing your precious archives with everyone at Mosaic Monday!


Your world was beautiful back then just as it is now. It's fun to look back on photos, and reminisce about travels and experiences. One day we will look on this time and share memories of the pandemic. I can hardly wait until it is a memory.
Scotch Broom is invasive here, too, crowding out native plants with its noxiousness.


Archives or not they are all beautiful Sallie. I really like the sun halo. I've seen it before but don't think I've ever taken a photo. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. Have a wonderful week! :)

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