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May 30, 2021


handmade by amalia

Such fantastic greenery.

Rajani singh

Beautiful post

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Wonderful tree pics and nice to see the turkey (giving you the cold shoulder :) Happy Trails!


lol. I know what you are saying. Been there. Love your planned-overs mosics. Lovely and interesting.
The Smoke Tree is gorgeous :)

So glad to see you are able to start travelling a bit again.
Take care, still!

My Corner of the World

Sometimes, planned-overs are better the second time around :)

Your kaleidoscope is awesome!

Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


So many large and lovely trees. Nice to get away but easy to get out of packing practice. Have fun.

Michelle Keltner

Glad that you are going to get away. We all need those moments! Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend.


We all need getaways, Sallie, and glad you will be able to go on one shortly. Enjoy and safe travels to you both. We like travel, but its hotel stays for us.


Espero que disfrutes de tu salida, yo hace tiempo que no salgo de mi ciudad. Tan sólo he hecho una salida a Sevilla y he regresado de ahí en pocos días.

Me gustan las tomas que has hecho en los invernaderos.


I love planned overs!!
I love your pics of the garden center. It still amazes me that photos are free there. I've got a bunch over the years.

I love the photos the trees. I don't really want to own property but I enjoy walking around others when I get a chance.

Having a small trailer would sure make life easier traveling. We are probably not going to do that though. We had a trailer when I was a kid and yes, my father spent a ton of time improving and fixing it up.


...you should know that turkeys don't like to have their pictures taken!


planned overs - omg, i love that!! these pictures are awesome, sooooooo pretty!!

camping, i love vacations that have bathrooms, white sheets and room service!! hehehehe

i can't believe you remember "things i'm crushing on"!! it's been a while, you have a great memory!!

Bob Bushell

The flowers bring to in bright, thanks Sallie.


Lovely selection of photos, the wild turkey certainly looks happy in her field

Iris Flavia

Cool idea to call it planned-overs, may I copy you?
It´s like they say in Australia for "used" - "pre-loved".

Yupp, my brain, too... you make it look beautiful, though!

Have fun on your trip!!! Ohhh, lucky you! Please come back with pics and happy stories :-)

Amy Franks

Wild Turkeys are just about everywhere, they roam around farms here.

Veronica Lee

I am so excited and happy for you, Sallie!

Enjoy your camping getaway!

Love the wild turkey photos BTW.

Linda W

Your mosaics and special effects are great!


Love the wild turkey photo.
Have a lovely trip!

Teresa Edgerton Scott

I hope you have a grand camping trip. Love the photos, whenever they were taken. We haven't ventured very far since we've received our vaccines except for my trips to Virginia. For my trips to Virginia, I just pack everything I own, but in a small camper, that really wouldn't work.

ellen b

Yippee! Enjoy your camping getaway! Happy for you.

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful 'planned over' photos ~ love the turkey ~ Xo

Living moment by moment,

A Shutterbug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Have a wonderful camping trip, Sallie! I hope you take lots of good pictures to share with us.

Who wouldn't want to play in that field of buttercups? I can't blame the turkey. I would want to linger there myself.


That's a groovy mosaic! The top one.

Lavender Dreams

A camping trip sounds wonderful right now. I am SO ready to get away and see something new...maybe the ocean! Love your mosaics. Enjoy your week sweet friend!

bill burke

The wild turkey is very shy. Your trip to eastern oregon should be lots of fun. I remember going out there and taking lots of photos of the ranchers and their horses and cattle. I even saw a roundu of the cattle, it was amazing to see. Have fun camping, Sallie.

colleen Looseleaf

Love the kaleidoscope shot! I admire your adventurous spirit and your photographers eye!

Little Wandering Wren

I have never heard of planned-overs but love it, personally, I try and make every meal do at least two in some way! Great to hear you will be out and about - happy camping!


“Planned-overs” is a fun term that gave me a smile. Thanks Sallie! Your camping trip sounds really nice, and I’m glad the getting ready part was easy. I am ready to go somewhere but not quite there yet. I enjoyed your ‘planned overs’ for blogland. Splendid photos, all of them. Bill sounds very clever redesigning your travel trailer. I am looking forward to your photos from the latest trip and will wish you happy travels :)


I've not heard of planned overs before but I like the phrase. The trees are all beautiful. Enjoy your travels.


Happy Monday Sallie. I have a lot of that kind of meals

I live alone and cook alot☺


Jennifer Jilks

I like that. Planned overs!
My son plans meals for two weeks at a time, including planned overs. He does all the cooking and groceries for his family of four.
Great post!



The turkeys are shy birds, I have seen them running away.
Your family has a nice place there, I love all the trees.
I wish you safe and a fun time on your RV trip. Take care, have a happy day and a great new week!


Visiting a greenhouse is a wonderful idea.

Happy MosaicMonday


Sallie - that first mosaic is so special - a kaleidoscope of brilliant proportions and colors! That country property looks like heaven on earth - thanks for sharing more of their trees today! Enjoy your upcoming trip!!! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


lindas imagenes me gusto el pavo. Te mando un beso


How exciting to be getting ready for a trip...I keep asking myself why Im not doing the same..2 reasons my 13 yr old dogs is the main reason, winter travel would have been much easier but the past 2 winters have been dillies, so no go there. I have no clue how many trees I have either, none are ornamentals except a couple in the yard, but there's pine, various oaks, popular, maple, cedar, holly, persimmon, Magnolia, dogwood, just to name a few. One of my dogwood is currently dying and several pines have wood borer. Im not happy with that. Can't wait to get your trip report. TC

David Gascoigne

I like that. Planned over. That describes exactly what we do all the time. We often plan a meal that we know will be good for two nights. Sometimes, frequently in fact, we'll have something else the next night and return to the "planned meal" the following night. Works for us every time!


the wild turkey is pretty even with her back turned


Gorgeous photos Sallie! I'm glad to hear you are getting ready for a nice adventure. Did you blog when you lived in the RV full time? It would be fun and interesting to learn what full time RV living was like on a day to day basis. Enjoy the rest of Memorial Day weekend and have a great trip!

Wiiliam Kendall

The wild turkey is beautiful.


Wow! That greenhouse photo is gorgeous!

LOL: planned-overs!

Have a nice camping trip!

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