May 02, 2021



Bellas fotografías, Te mando un beso

Michelle Keltner

Computers are a pain! It is always something with them. The Martins are beautiful. I have thought about putting up some Martin houses, but never did so! Thanks for linking up.

David Gascoigne

Good morning Sallie: I hope that you will be able to quickly resolve your computer issues. Thanks for these great images of Purple Martins. This is a species that has not done well in recent years so any sign of breeding success is welcome news. I am sure that you have missed your annual winter sojourn in Florida, but it seems to me that you have had a fine time on the west coast too. COVID has brought changes to our lives and perhaps it has not all been bad. Take good care. David


Martins are lovely birds.


The martins are such cooperative photo subjects, posing right on their front stoop in all their glorious iridescent colors!

They don’t seem to have included the eponymous Florence, Italy, for which all these towns may be named.



Hello, Sallie

I would love to have a Martin house, they look so pretty. Their colors shine in the sun. The Purple Martin have a great home there, the multi level looks like condo. Beautiful blooms and spring blossoms. Lovely photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

Adam Jones

Sounds like a nice day out and the Purple Martins are real beauties.

Peter B.

Very sorry to hear about your computer problems. They can be so aggravating. Beautiful photos of the Martin couple!

handmade by amalia

What a nice day out, I enjoyed the photos.

riitta k

I love your bird photos and hope that your computer problems are solved! They are so irritating.



Jim, Sydney, Australia

I love these types of sign posts.


That's a fun sign with all the "Florence" towns. I hope your computer issues are soon resolved - they can be a pain!


Updates can be a boon or a headache and hope yours will be worked out soon enough, Sallie. Both my husband and myself have iMac PCs and it used to be that updates were not as frequent as Windows updates, but lately that has changed and not for the better. We scarcely completed an update last week, when several days later there was another and my husband figures the second was to fix a screw-up in the first update. Glad you were out and about and had a visit with the Martins.

Suzan Batz

Beautiful shots of Oregon.
Family used to ride the dune buggies in Florence..so much fun and great memories.

wak lat

nice beautiful blue birds., ;p


the Purple Martins are a beautiful couple. Interesting to see the color difference between them.
I have not seen any yet where I live. If they come I hope they stay.
There are not much insects around :(

Iris Flavia

Eek, I hate these unasked updates! Did you get your bookmarks back? Do you use firefox? I suddenly had lost my links, too, but somehow have two versions of FF and one still has it all...
Fun signpost. Aha, that´s why The Simpsons live in Springfield! Nice visit to #5.
Beautiful blooms. Wish this would last much longer...

My Corner of the World

What an awesome place to visit, Sallie! Love your photos. I do hope you get your computer problems sorted. It can be quite frustrating.
Personally, I don't trust any of 'them' (those in charge of things I use), and I have lists of things like bookmarks and such in several places-just in case :)

It's great to see your post at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


Glad you could share this adventure. Damn updates.


That looked like a real nice trip out with lovely photos. Sorry to hear about your computer issues. It's a real pain when things go awry because of changes made.

Veronica Lee

Those Martins are just so lovely. How cool that they stayed still for you!

Happy Weds, Sallie!


So sorry to read about your computer issues. They are frustrating, I know! Love those purple martins. The farmers around here all build purple martin houses. The martins become their own natural pesticide to keep the bug population down.

Lavender Dreams

I love the signs that say how far it is to other parts of the country! And the birds are neat to see at the houses. Hope we can all survive the updates and constant changes! GGGgrrrrr!


I think many of us have a love/hate relationships with our computers. I could watch the birds for hours. Maybe your purple martins are related to our house martins. Like you I can't get enough of the colours that spring brings to our gardens.

Linda W

Great pictures. I have problems with Photoshop's automatic updates. The program has swelled in size to the point where I don't have space for "swap" files so it won't do much.


I love the "Florence" sign. Creative and hilarious idea.
I also love the art deco bridge and the whole idea of a road trip.

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh I love the bird 'apartments' ~ what a wonderful idea and great photos ~ and gorgeous floral shots ~ Glad you got out for a ride and got wonderful photos ~ Thank you ~ Xo

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

MaryBeth Schwartz

Love the flowers. All my favorites. always---LOL

ellen b.

I like saying Siuslaw Bay out loud. :)
Those Martins are so pretty. Glad they sat still for you.
Beautiful spring mosaic. Happy May to you!

Linda P

Taking a break from computer issues by going out for a while was a good idea. The bridge over the river is beautiful. What pretty birds. They look right at home thanks to the people who made their nesting boxes. Spring blossom shown in the mosaic looks pretty. Happy May to you and yours.

Jennifer Jilks

I love them! We don't have any on our property.

Joe Todd

Hi Sallie Computers can be such a pain at times. Love all your photos. Love those spur of the moment trips. I'm sure you keep all your photos backed up. I would hate to loose photos a computer can be replaced. Have a great day...


Hello Sallie

Love the bridge and the Florence signs. I love watching the Purple Martins, I have seen some of their apartment complexes. Beautiful blossoms, the spring trees have been gorgeous. Lovely post. Take care, have a great new week!


Sallie - oh my goodness, I HATE it when things get changed, just when I seem to get comfortable!!! Yes, sometimes the best response is just to walk away from the computer for a while!

My Dad had a martin house for many years. He had martins, but it also seemed he was fighting starlings most of the time!

Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, despite your computer problems!

Amy Franks

When your computer did the updates, when you went to log in again did you by any chance log in with your correct email address and password? I know that when that happens here if I login with my gmail details in google chrome it keeps all my bookmarks etc. I do'nt know if you've done this but maybe log out then login again after restarting your computer.


Hi Sallie, love the Martins..,such striking birds...Sorry bout your computer troubles, I agree, Microsoft has been a bully...and I think all bullies need to be taught a lesson....I wonder if Mac treats its costumers this way?


So sorry about the computer issues, things like that are always such a pain. Great photos today Sallie. That sign is fun, I've always wondered why so many places share the same names. Those purple martins are gorgeous little birds. I don't think I've ever seen them before, and of course all the flowers are just amazing! Have a relaxing Sunday evening. :)

William Kendall

Beautiful shots.

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