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May 09, 2021


Michelle Keltner

What a perfect road trip. I am terrible at photographing birds. I have kind of given up! Beautiful photos and I think road trips are perfect during this time of Covid. Thanks for linking up.

A ShutterBug Explores

Sallie ~ don't have your email but wanted to let you know I did receive a comment from you yesterday (Friday) and it posted on my blog ~ Strange things have been happening on blog land here too ~ but wanted you to know I did get a comment from you yesterday ~ Happy Weekend to you ~ Xo

Carol and Angel


What a pretty day trip - spring was in the air. I'm really looking forward to wildflower season. If I don't know the name of a flower, I take a photo and look it up in one of my many books when I get home. I had an app which I didn't like - took too much time to find a flower and often didn't have it listed after I wasted minutes looking. I'd rather keep hiking and look it up later. Of course, if I hike with friends, we pool our knowledge and can often come up with an identification.

Linda W

Thanks for sharing this beautiful place. A secret to photographing birds is to bribe them. Put out feeders in your yard.


Your photos were great with gorgeous scenery and I always love the wildflowers. Looks like a very enjoyable trip. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

riitta k

Oh wow, your excursion in these fabulous sceneries was a treat! Such beautiful flowers, I love Wisteria but it is really too delicate forFinland. I photograph wild flowers and garden flowers and know by name a lot. But every country has its own specific flora, so can’t gues. The white-yellow flower reminds me of iris and the pink tree / shrub has flowers like Magnolia. The lower panel does not show well, but might it be Heuchera?

Joe Todd

Waterfalls and flowers don't need much more.

My Corner of the World

Your flowers are always so great to see as I recognize some but am intrigued by the rest :) I don't use a plant app as I have groups that can ID things, but just try one of the many out there. You're bound to find one you like!

Thanks for being part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Veronica Lee

Waterfalls seen off the beaten track are such a treat!

Beautiful photos as always, Sallie.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Eugene is a wonderful area. As you say---we live where we can go to the mountains, ocean or rivers and lakes and be home for dinner---perfect


Beautiful spring flowers. Looks like the perfect place for a camping getaway. I hope you get to visit for a longer time later in the season.

bill burke

You have lots of choices to go and enjoy nature. Beautiful photos and thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

Peter B.

What a beautiful little creek, and I love the hidden waterfalls. The blooming flowers are icing on the cake!

Sharon Wagner

Your post is abloom. So pretty. I've been out taking floral shots too. How can I resist? Yes, thanks for letting me know you spied my homemade quote. Ha!


Hi Sallie
I love wildflowers and bought a few identifying books for Colorado wildflowers, and I have a couple of free apps on my phone that are helpful I'm sure if you search you can find some free phone apps for Oregon wildflowers. The first wildflower you showed above might be the Sand or Star lily--leucocrinum montanum. It is the first wildflower that we see blooming in the foothills here. They are very tiny!

A ShutterBug Explores

Gorgeous falls and floral shot ~ what a great road trip ~ Xo

Living moment by moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Buenas muestras, de la belleza de la Naturaleza.


Sallie, That is wonderful to have access to all those nature options. Love seeing the wisteria! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.

Bob Bushell

A collection of everything that is nature, very pretty.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such gorgeous flowers and a delightful little waterfall. Glad you enjoyed your mini roadtrip.

Linda P

You live in a beautiful region. How blessed you are to be able to choose to go to these 'hidden gem' places or to the coast. I can recognise many of our British wild flowers, but an ID app sounds like a good idea. It's interesting to see the many varieties of wild flowers and birds that you see on your road trips. Your garden flowers are beautiful too. I love wisteria and irises. Ours in the north of England are not in flower yet.


Me gusto el arroyo y las flores son muy lindas inspiran . Hermosa entrada


Another lovely walk. Some of your wild flowers look similar to what we have here and then there are the ones I have never seen before.


I agree with your comment, Sallie, that flowers are much easier to photograph than birds, especially since I no longer have any camera with zoom lenses. Also, the flowers are more likely to not move, except on a windy day! Here in New England, we can also go from mountains to water in a short time and all in a day trip. We visited OR briefly a few years ago and one day may return as friends live in Springfield.

ellen b.

your favorite wildflower that you saw and posted above is so interesting and beautiful. I do love Dogwood. That mystery tree has blooms so similar to wisteria...

Wiiliam Kendall

Very pretty waterfalls.

Penelope Notes

Waterfalls are magical and so is the Northwest with many natural wonders nearby. Haha … a flower will definitely sit still longer than a bird for photographs. And imagine owning an acreage nowadays ... seems your daughter made a smart move long ago!


I terrible with names of birds and flowers but of course I love both. Your photos are all gorgeous Sallie. I hope one of those longer trips will be your return to Florida for the winter! :)


Your family has a green thumb...awesome flowers, and the waterfall is great moving water is the medicine needed sometimes. This time of year I get frustrated with trying to photo birds, they tend to hide out more in spring breeding months...Soon as they are feeding chicks they will be out in the open again...I get Warbler Neck!!


I love the road trips. We are looking forward to a longer road trip.
The wildflowers and waterfall are so pretty. I love the wild dogwoods and the magnolia blooms. The wisteria is gorgeous. Lovely post and photos. Have a great day and a happy new week!

Amy Franks

Waterfalls seen off the beaten track always brighten my day as for birds they are always quicker than me.


Sallie - I want to be a birder, but they can be hard to spot! Wildflowers are much more cooperative! I have an app on my phone for this region, and it allows you to search by characteristics such as plant type, petal color, flower shape and so on. But I also have a book that has been indispensable. Thanks for sharing all of this spring beauty with all of us at Mosaic Monday!


I'm slowly learning birds, and more plant life, too. Some people are so knowledgeable, and always willing to help identify things. The pink flowers on the tree are magnolias, I believe. Beautiful sights from your corner.


I'm terrible with birds. They are so hard to photograph. Wildflowers on the other hand stand still all day long.
I use inaturalist on my iphone for birds, plants, trees, snakes, bugs and it seems like it does a good job.
I took a photo of your photo and it said it wasn't sure but it might be a saucer magnolia tree.

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