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July 25, 2021


Jennifer Jilks

These are just amazing. You've had so many travels!


All these years I thought Tahoe was the deepest! Makes sense a crater would be. I live in what is billed, or they bill themselves as, The Gateway to Crater Lake. Nice to see it on a clear day, my visits have been foggy! It's pretty, but to be honest, a bit boring since there are no beaches! It's kind of creepy scary to me.

Shiju Sugunan

Excellent captures of the lake. What a wonderful place. Loved seeing the Clark's Nutcracker.



Hello Sallie,
Lovely images from your trip! The views are just fabulous. I would love to visit Crater Lake. The lake water looks so pretty. Cool sighting and photo of the Clark's Nutcracker. Something needs to be done about the climate crisis now! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for the comment on my blog.

My Corner of the World

Such an interesting place! I love the phantom ship a lot. Something good came from a something bad there, so there's hope that it will happen in the rest of the world, too :)

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! Impressive snow shots ~ love the little bird ~ and what an awesome Phantom Ship ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative harbor


I love Crater Lake and no surprise to see snow in June. I once visited during smoky haze. Thank you for actually reading the NPS guides to our national parks. Sure wish more people would.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Beautiful shot. I love that area of Oregon----well I love Oregon and Washington for the same reasons----Beauty

JM Illinois U.S.A.

Greetings and Salutations! Agreed. Crater Lake area is on my "bucket list." Beautiful place. Nice job on the photographs. Thanks for all the background information.

Iris Flavia

Wish we would get some real heat. Way too cold for the season.


Majestic looks

Einari Sinappi

Whutta wonderful place. Thank You very much for sharing!!

Peter B.

Thank you for the cool and cooling photos! I was fortunate to be able to visit Crater Lake one year on vacation. It's a trip I will never forget!


Crater Lake is definitely on my bucket list. It just looks so beautiful and pristine.

Lavender Dreams

Your photos are spectacular and it's nice to have the extra info about this amazing place! We are having a little rain shower this afternoon and that has cooled things off a bit. I would love to travel to Crater Lake again. It's been a long time for me! Hugs!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful scenes.

Suzan Batz

Crater Lake is a favorite of ours too.
Beautiful photos.
The fires are so scary and devastating..stay safe.

Michele Morin

I had NO idea Crater Lake would have snow in June!

riitta k

Wonderful photos of Crater Lake & Wizard Island. The information was interesting too. Try to survive the upcoming heat.


The lake is a fabulous colour and it's interesting why. Its great that you can get out to visit NP's again.


...I never made it to Crater Lake, thank for taking me along.


such a gorgeous place, the crater lake. Loved to see some snow in your first photo. It did cool off a bit. Is that island really that tall. Brings some perspective, doesn´t it? Amazing!

handmade by amalia

Beautiful. Looks like the perfect place for a hot summer's day.


I'm sorry. We had no electricity and therefore now my late comment here...

...there are lovely captures, thank you for sharing. Indeed, Sallie, the weather is totally out of normality.

Happy MosaicMonday

Amy Franks

I think I'd rather be a Crater Lake than dealing with fires, we've been watching coverage of the ones happening in California.

Villroses hage

It is so tragic, what is going on in Oregon and California just now. Really hope for this bad climate development to stop!

What a beautiful lake!


You prompted me to look up Crater Lake, and it is impressive that it was formed by a volcanic eruption many times greater than the latest Mt. St. Helens. The resulting lake is so pretty, by the looks of your photos. What a wonderful trip you had.


Oh I am so envious of your scenic trips. This is too gorgeous for words.

Tamar A Strauss-Benjamin

I was there a few years ago, just wow - amazing. I wish more people would believe in the climate change issues we are facing.

Penelope Notes

This heat wave is tough but waking up more people to climate change. I remember Gore was totally aware of it. I sometimes wonder where we’d be with carbon emissions had he been elected all those years ago. What a brilliant name, Wizard Island, and how incredibly lovely is the lake. These jewels formed by nature over very long periods are more wondrous than any great work of art!

Linda W

Beautiful scenes! I've never been there.

Rain Frances

Good to see some happy photos Sallie, Crater Lake is just stunning! Though I never look forward to winter, I could jump into the snow right now! :)

ellen b.

Speaking of long ago, the only time I've been to Crater lake was in the 50's with my family in a station wagon. It would be good to go again. Beautiful photos!


Crater Lake is a beautiful area - love all your photos

Linda P

You have many natural wonders in your part of the world. It's heartbreaking to hear of the wild fires and the threat of further destruction due to climate change. Your photos of Crater Lake are beautiful. Such craters filled with water are amazing.


I would love to visit Crater Lake National Park someday, Sallie. It looks beautiful! Can you imagine the explosion that caused that caldera? I guess the earth has survived many disasters and hopefully will survive the climate change disaster happening now. I'm not sure if humans will survive--hope we can all figure out a way to save ourselves by better use of our resources.


Sallie, I did enjoy this post on Crater Lake because it was a destination on our cross-country drive to Oregon a few years ago. I do not recall seeing the remains of any snow in the area. It was a cloudy day when we visited, but still the blue beauty of the lake was amazing and we were so glad to have made the drive to see it. It's indeed a national treasure and hopefully, one day, we will re-visit.


Hi Sallie, the lake looks great I've seen it only once but it is forever etched in my memory. You got the Clark's Nutcracker in y9our photo, a very gregarious bird One of then tried to get Casey's snack when we visited.
The season is very short there by Oct they are closing down...the fires are a huge threat to life in the west, Soon Insurance companies will pull out of the area and policies against fire, mudslides, will not be offered that happened here in SC only they just pulled out of the state altogether, cancelled our insurance and high tailed it after Hugo destroyed so many homes.
Stay safe and have a great week.


What a beautiful lake! And the grey jay is such a handsome bird, I've never even heard of grey jays!

We're having extremely hot summer weather too, sorry about your wildfires. As you say, increasingly extreme weather is sadly the future we face.

Veronica Lee

I'd love to visit Crater Lake - the views are spectacular!

Beautiful photos, Sally.


Hello Sallie,
Crater Lake is beautiful, gorgeous views. The lake water is such a lovely color. Our national parks are treasures. I have been hearing about the wildfires and the heat wave, the damage is down right scary. I hope you and your family stay safe from the fires. Take care, have a great new week!


Gorgeous pictures So much snow in June? I guess you have summer. maybe because the snow is in higher areas. Yes I am worried too. Fires and flooding a on the increase at an alarming rate. Huge changes have to happen to counteract this.
Love the photos of the lake and what a work of wonder that phantom ship


Sallie - amen to your comments about disasters - everywhere, and with no end in sight. So, yes we need plenty of distraction! We have a few fires in Montana, and one of them near Glacier may mean we have to cancel one of our backcountry camping trips in three weeks. Sigh. But at least we are not at risk of losing our house! Love your photos of Crater Lake, especially Phantom Ship Island. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

bill burke

Crater Lake is one of Oregon's treasures, it's absolutely beautiful. Great photos, Sallie. Have a wonderful week.

soma @ InkTorrents.com

I have yet to visit Crater Lake. Really enjoyed your photos, specially the cool snowy ones. Thank you for the cool thoughts.



I'm with you Sallie, I think the catastrophic weather events are here to stay. We've waited too long to just be starting to think about changing things. Global warming is here, not something coming years from now. It's really frightening.

Crater Lake sure is amazing, such a beautiful place, and you got some fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. Have a great week. :)

William Kendall

Gorgeous shots. I'd love to see the lake for myself someday.

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