July 16, 2021


Michelle Banks

Ironically too wet here in western NY....Thank goodness for protected areas....Michelle

Michelle Keltner

Hot and dry here too! I like your bird photos. That is something I need more practice with! Thanks for linking up and stay well.


That's a very long time I haven't heard from you or you from me, meanwhile my life has completely changed and it's only now that the worst is over. After we had moved Riccardo as Ric became more and more strange, he was finally diagnosed with Parkinson. Unfortunately the kind which touchdes the brain. He spent 1 month in a hospital, couldn't speak anymore and then 3 months in a rehabilitation clinic. Last week he was ready leave there, but I had to find a retirement home for him. It was an awful time. Now I have found a very nice one he he seems to be happy. He has his voice back and also talks nearly normally again. Now it's me on my knees, all the stress of the last months is coming out.

My Corner of the World

It's good to know you are safe from the fires. The whole world's weather has gone nuts, I think, but it's still fun to get out and explore.

Thanks for your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


Sallie I am happy to hear that the wildfires are not in your area. We have had lots of smoke in our atmosphere from OR, CA and other areas. I am thankful that we bought a HEPA air purifier to help keep our indoor air quality good. I learned that lesson when I could not find one in stock last year. Your travels around eastern OR sound interesting especially Dertick's Cave

MaryBeth Schwartz

Wow interesting post. I have been to some places in Eastern Oregon but not many. I like the eastern side as much as the coast side---just like Washington.
I like the Avocets with their upturned bills

Peter B.

That must be a HUGE cave! It sounds like you had quite an adventure. Bad roads always make me feel a little nervous when traveling with just one car in the middle on nowhere. This looks like it was worth the effort for sure!


A great road trip. I hope fires avoid it all.

Candace Uhlmeyer

I'm glad you were able to get to Summer Lake to take these great photos. We'll be visiting Oregon in late September, but since we're headed for the Seattle area, our visit will be confined to the far north, and then we'll make for the coast and my old stomping grounds around Coos Bay. I love the desert, though, and got rather a lot of vicarious enjoyment out of your photographs. Thanks!

riitta k

Beautiful views Sallie. On the news they said the other day that there were 80 forest fires going on in the US. No fires in Finland, but way too dry. My garden looks pretty bad allthough I have watered almost daily. Well, more rain next summer, I hope.

David Gascoigne

These fires are a concern for everyone, Sallie. It seems that half the continent is burning. And every credible scientific data that I have looked at indicate that these conditions are going to become annual events. It is quite terrifying really.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful sky.

Suzan Batz

Yes, the fires are devastating , fortunately they are not close to us but I feel for all those in harms way.
Great photos.


Awfull about the fires. I love the cave It was really worthwhile the drive. I love it when you come to remote places without meeting a soul

Linda W

Interesting history of the cave. Those fires... so awful!


That's quite a trek getting to the cave. I wonder how they planned to get so many people there. The cave looks like snake city to me.

Where my mother grew up in Dubois, Idaho I read that there are similar volcanic tubes there that were planned as civil defense shelters that have since been deactivated.

colleen Looseleaf

Fascinating about that cave! So sorry about your weather. What a world!

Veronica Lee

What a lovely place to explore!

I hope the fires are extinguished soon!

Loving your stunning photos as always, Sallie.


I agree, we don´t need public hunting areas. We need safe places for birds and other wildlife. Love the american Avocet and the stilts. Your Avocet is soo beautiful. :)

Interesting with the old lavatunnel. Still open after such a long time.


It looks like a beautiful area to explore, the caves are fascinating. The American avocet is a beautiful bird! Hope you stay safe from those fires. Here our weather is hot but we've had enough rain over the last few months that fires seem unlikely (though you never know)


...I wonder if this fore season with be the wakeup call for the Republicans? Stay safe and cool.

Beatrice P. Boyd

Summer Lake looks like a great destination and the shorebirds reminded me of the ones we used to see at Chincoteague Wildlife Refuge when we lived in VA. I enjoyed reading about the tubular cave and the history of Derrick Cave was really interesting. There was certainly a lot of provisions stored inside to provide for so many people.

bill burke

I spent some time camping in Eastern Oregon. The landscape is so different from any other part of Oregon. Spent some time photographing ranchers and ranches. Interesting lifestyle but had lots of fun. Your photos are beautiful. I love the reflections of the Avocets and the Black-necked Stilt. Hope the fire does not come to your area. We get reports from my daughter in Portland which seems safe right now. Thanks for sharing these images from your trip, I'm enjoying them. Take care and have a great week.

A ShutterBug Explores

Beautiful wild life and landscape photography ~ do hope not much destruction occurs in the area you write about ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Rita McGregor

We've had hotter than normal in Fargo--90s off and on! Just had an unexpected thunderstorm roll through (surprise to the weather predcters--lol!) and drop the temperture about 20+ degrees. Nice! We needed the rain badly. Could use some more. actually.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


Good to hear you’re all okay out there and that there are no fires nearby. Seeing all the photos of them and what people and the wildlife are dealing with, horrible! I have enjoyed all your photos from your trip to the other side of Oregon. We both said how much we would enjoy doing that only this morning. That cave sounds fascinating from the geological aspect and the historical. Thanks for sharing them all, and thank you also for being so kind about me being late in visiting lately. Enjoy your week :)


What an adventure! Happy MosaicMonday.


Luv the leggie avocets. Happy Monday Sallie. I am at #20 of the linky today



I like your bird photos and hope the summer season brings some better weather. Here in Australia we are having a very wet winter, and stormy where I live. I am waiting for summer as the cold weather makes my body ache. Thanks for the photos.


Sallie - we are also experiencing hot and dry weather, plus quite a few smoky days. The closest fire to us is over 100 miles to the west, and it is not a large one ... We also have those signs that say "wildlife viewing and public hunting", which I have never understood. Montana has plenty of rough roads, and my husband likes to say that it keeps the riff-raff out! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Penelope Notes

Lakes are such a reassuring sight. So much of wildlife depends on these havens, particularly during the hottest days. This road to the cave looks like a fun adventure. What at first glance seems merely a “hole in the wall” certainly has a grand history and so many uses. Who would guess at its beginnings and various purposes were it not for virtual guides such as yourself!

Diane Bohlen

You two are so adventurous. Those Lava tube caves are amazing. I went in one in north Queensland.


I'm praying you don't see fire at all this summer. Lovely photos from your trip

ellen b.

Amen to that last sentence! It is so sad to read about all the fires and to see the smoke from the fires that are close to us. Your trip to that side of Oregon was timely. Hoping the fires are contained soon.

William Kendall

Stark but beautiful landscapes.

Amy Franks

We've been seeing some of the fires there on our news sometimes at night, one of the perils of Summer sadly, Australia gets lots of them in that season, we still get them here but not as much.


Hi Sallie, very interesting places, I sure do enjoy exploring roads to see what's out there...Hope it's cooler there now of course its hot here also. TC and have a good weekend.

Jennifer Jilks

It's been terrible hot and dry in western Canada, as well. Horrid conditions. We had a tornado in Ontario, as well!

Rain Frances

Hi Sallie! :) Your trips are lovely. Oh Summer Lake looks like such a nice place to visit! I admit, I'm a wee bit scared of caves! Even looking at them makes me wonder what's hiding in there lol! :)


Fantastic photos Sallie. It looks like quite an adventure you had. I would much rather see bird or wildlife watching areas than hunting areas. I sure hope the fires are all extinguished soon!

Betty Crow

I sure hope the fires are extinguished soon. I hate to see the beautiful landscape turned into char. You sure had a fun adventure. I would enjoy seeing the exterior of the cave, but not so sure about exploring inside. The American Avocets are beautiful!


Those are nice obscure destinations. I hope the fires spare the birds and the people, and that there will be a change in the weather soon. But the need to address climate change is beyond urgent!

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Villroses hage

Nice birds! I hope the fires do not destroy the wild life areas.


Hello Sallie,
The landscapes in Eastern Oregon are so different compared to your beautiful western side near the coast. I the refuges were more for birdwatching than hunting. I love the cute Stilts and Avocets. I hope Oregon has some rain soon, to put out the wildfires. Looks you you had a great trip! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

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