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August 15, 2021


Michelle Keltner

Always great to revisit towns and the memories they hold for us. Great photos and sad that it is not prospering anymore. Thanks for linking up and I hope you have a great week.


That's a cool trip down memory lane.
It just seems that the depopulation of rural America is just going and going.
I like to go back and look at places I used to live, go to school, and work. Many of them have been torn down by now, even some of the "new" office buildings I worked in.

Rajani singh

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David Gascoigne

There must be a real sense of poignancy in visiting a place like this that had so much significance in your early life together, to find it suffering from decay, sliding into inevitable oblivion. I have been back to the house I was born in but it has been fixed up and looks the very model of gentrification, and the town is doing relatively well. I didn't have especially fond memories of it anyway.

A ShutterBug Explores

What wonderful memories you have and your photos tell a great story ~ beautiful ~ You sound like a very happy couple ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


so cool to take a trip down memory lane!! what i can see of your old homestead, it looks to be in good condition!! my mom still lives in the house i was raised in!! amazing history and the old school house is quite cool!! do scan some pictures for us, i know i would enjoy seeing them!!


I really enjoyed the look back and the info - looks like such a nice place.

Peter B.

I really enjoyed your memories. So much fun, and I have some similar of my own. The old school building is pretty sad looking now. I guess nothing stays the same as the years roll by!

My Corner of the World

I always have misgivings when I want to 'go back' to somewhere in the past. Your post was quite interesting to read and see your photos. They make you appreciate 'now'.

Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

Joe Todd

Great post and photos. Love old abandoned buildings especially with memories attached. I'm thinking this may be your birthday. So Happy Birthday. If I'm wrong Happy Birthday anyway LOL.. Stay safe

Shiju Sugunan

What an interesting post. Great recap!

My latest post:


It's hard to go "home" again. I love these kinds of towns including the architecture.


I'm learning so much about my state! Thanks, Sallie.

Iris Flavia

Now, this was a wonderful, sweet and interesting post. I hope you scan and tell more!

Rajani singh

Mind blowing post


I’ve still never been there, despite traveling all around it. It’s awfully hard to accidentally pass thru on your way to anywhere. Too bad about the lake. I wonder if Lakeview will change their name to Meadowview.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

How wonderful that you were able to enjoy this trip down memory lane! It does look like a teeny tiny little place but it probably was the perfect way to start married life.


What a lovely trip in the past. Yes, that's fun. I like it too... read about this small town, never heard before.

Happy MosaicMonday

Linda W

Wow, very interesting. Do scan some old pictures.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Kinda fun to go back and see what has or has not changed. Do you still have Picasa? I loved that sitebut somehow it is no more.

William Kendall

Ghost town definitely comes to mind.

Photo Cache

Great to travel back again and see the old places that were meaningful.

I like this repeat post.

Worth a Thousand Words

Amy Franks

Lots of memories of good times. The building your hubby use to teach in was probably full of children back in the day, I hope it's still being used for other purposes.


I laughed when you said your husband was the teacher, principal and janitor. Smetimes it is sad to return to a place that has fond memories only to be disappointed at what you see.


That must have been a wonderful start as this area is stunning. I’m happy you repeated this post. It was fun to see the photos and to see where you lived, and to read with your recent additions. Thanks Sallie :)


It's always good to look back and recall the path we chose to walk, it's not all peaches and cream, do you have any old photos of the lake compared to the field today? Did it just dry up or did the Pine Creek get diverted? I went to a small school house as you describe my first year of grammar school in TN. I can't believe how our small town has grown it's so over crowded now. BUT the infrastructure is the same, so it makes it feel like it's bursting at the seams.
Happy week to you and Bill!

ellen b.

Sallie, what an amazing history. I can't get over the fact that Bill was a teacher, principal and janitor! Thanks for the look back...

Lavender Dreams

It's interesting to go back to places you've lived but kind of sad too. Love the mosaic you made and memories you shared. The first place I ever lived in Arkansas was torn down and is the parking lot for the 1st Baptist church...talk about depressing! lol Hugs!


When i read your openi g. I thought the memories were new ☺ now i see the sign as tge name if the location
Happy Monday


Penelope Notes

I think your story is the story of so many people … it is a sentimental journey with historic significance. Areas where lives started out in cozy communities with dreams and expectations in time evolved into forgotten places with waterless lakes and highways skimming by what once were homes filled with love.



New Pine Creek is a cute name for the town, it is sad to see the town now. It is fun looking back at your life in photos, your memories are a treasure. Take care, have a great day and a happy new week!


That sounds like a fun trip back into the past. Although maybe a sad trip to see the place dying. All the houses that we have lived in are all in a bad state and not cared for. That makes is a bit sad. Enjoy your memories.

soma @ InkTorrents.com

Hwy395 is probably my most favourite hwy. It is sad to see the old towns disappear like that. It was a very interesting read and I really liked seeing the photos.



Sallie - so interesting to take an old post and update it. Your retrospective on the town goes to show that not everything improves with time ... It's sad to see old towns die ... Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.


...wow, population 129 and neat stuff is neat!

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