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August 01, 2021


Michelle Nature notes

Oh no on the road, but what discoveries...Michelle


I love this kind of road trip! Have heard of sunstones but not Dust Devil.

Little Wandering Wren

Hello Sallie, I have to say that the road less travelled appeals to me more and more these days, especially with your rock paintings spotted. Those donkeys reminded me of my youth when Mum would always pack a picnic with leftover carrot sticks. We usually found some nag to feed them too - probs highly inappropriate these days! But I'm sure those donkeys wouldn't say no!
Have a great week
Wren x

Michelle Banks

I am so afraid with my grandson going back to school this month after being kept home from kindergarten and my granddaughter is still so prone to illness...why can't be mask and prevent this from becoming so much worse...I don't understand at all..

John's Island

Hi, Sallie. This is my favorite kind of post … lots of neat photos and some good information/description to go with. The back roads journey sounds great. The Greaser Petroglyph Site caused me to do a Google and find interesting info on Wikipedia.


The way photos can be enlarged on typepad.com is a little different than blogspot. It seems like you can get a bigger image (with better resolution) on there but it isn’t quite as easy as clicking through all the photos the way Blogger does it. I think I might prefer the typepad way simply because I like big photos with great resolution. Anyway, it is fascinating that humans were in that area 12,000 years ago and left the drawings on the rocks. The Wikipedia article (as does your post) says the meaning of the marks has been lost. I’ll do a little more research to see if I can find some archeologists speculating about the meanings. Thanks for sharing this post, it is truly interesting. Best regards to you from Seattle. John

Betty Crow

Awesome trip. Oregon is on my bucket list. Maybe I'll make it one of these days. Nice looking donkeys and the sandhill crane is a beauty.

Rain Frances

That was a great post Sallie! How neat to see the petroglyphs! There was a ghostly feel about some of those photos of the abandoned homesteads, a real shame and I'm sure broken dreams and broken hearts. I've never seen cattle crossing the road, though I live in cow country! A drinking town with a cattle problem lol I LOVE that!! That sunstone is beautiful! I would have been gem hunting myself!!


Hello Sallie,
What an exciting trip, I love the old windmill, the petroglyphs and old buildings. Of course being an animal and bird lover, the cute donkeys and the crane are favorites. Great sightings and photos.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

Shiju Sugunan

What an adventure! I would have turned back much earlier on that deserted road. But glad you persisted and captured all those abandoned dreams and fascinating petroglyphs. I liked the donkey episode, they are always the cutest.


Hello Sallie,
Your roads less traveled always take you to interesting places. I had never heard of a sunstone, but how pretty it is.

A ShutterBug Explores

Another blogger I know post petroglyphs in New Mexico ~ they are fascinating and to think they lived and wrote on the rocks so long ago is intriguing ~ You go the best place and post the best photos ~ thanks ~

Thanks also for the Happy Birthday wishes ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

riitta k

Well, you had quite an adventure Sallie! I would feel frightened in such solitary areas :) So amazing you found these petroglyphs, what a great find. Thank you also for telling about sunstones. It looks beautiful and makes beautiful jewellery for sure.

JM Illinois U.S.A.

Greetings and Salutations! Petroglyphs find, cute donkeys, great signs, impressive abandoned building and the back roads are less travelled but far more interesting. Enjoyed the cyber tour so much! Have a great week end.

Peter B.

What an incredible find! There is nothing more satisfying than discovering something like that on your own. I would love to know the story behind that old, abandoned house. It's fascinating!

My Corner of the World

These are some awesome finds, Sallie! Who would have thought you'd find such wonders in Oregon.

I find it interesting that no seeing other people is a concern to you, yet when we see others when we are out and about, we comment how crowded the place is!

Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


wow, that was quite an adventure. I can understand you loved it. But for me it would have been a bit scary as I am totally lost when it comes to unknown areas. I doubt I would have trusted the map when the road became too narrow. :)
Loved your story today. :)

Suzan Batz

Hi Sallie...this is absolutely fascinating. I love how you explore on the "road less traveled". Hubby and I used to do that all the time, but now our car just wouldn't get us where we would like to go.
Thanks for visiting my blog and I will now put you on my list of people to visit.
My younger son, daughter in love and family live in Kaizer, Or.
He loves to explore so I will ask him if he's ever been to Plush and points beyond.
Take care and I look forward to the next post.
Sue of photowannabe

Iris Flavia

Great trip! Reminds me of ours in the Australian Outback. It´s so much fun! Oh, you sure made me "homesick" - in a good way of course, thank you for sharing this!

soma @ InkTorrents.com

Of course I meant to say - "You" I can see so much more of the country when you leave the good road behind. So sorry about the typo.


soma @ InkTorrents.com

I can see so much more of the country when you leave the good road behind. Your road trip sounds just like ours. I had fun reading about it and loved the photos. Thank you so much for sharing.


ellen b.

The two of you sure have the adventurous spirit! I was getting a little tense as you narrated your trip on that dirt road with no or very few turnarounds. Yikes! Glad you discovered some treasures along the way.


Hello, Sallie

What an adventure but a great find with the Petroglyphs site. I like the cute donkeys and the Sandhill Crane, they are both great sights to see. The sunstones are pretty gems, I have never heard of them before. Take care, have a happy day!

Veronica Lee

That was some adventure on those backroads, Sallie.

How cool to stumble upon a petroglyph site!!

Amazing captures!


How interesting! I like the back roads but they make my spouse very nervous.


Wow... what an interesting Post, Sallie. I loved reading. Thank you for sharing.

Happy MosaicMonday

Sharon Wagner

That sounds like my knd of adventure. Especially love that it ended with gemstones and petroglyphs. We've been on roads like that in Costa Rica. We've been driving in Central America for 13 years. Fingers crossed.


You are real adventurers travelling along that unused road. The petroglyphs are very interesting and as you said they stir the imagination of life thousands of years ago.


I love the sight of an old windmill. Great image, as are your other photos. I always enjoy getting into rural areas like these. Navigating those roads sounded like quite an adventure, and how amazing to find those petroglyphs! I also don’t understand the vandalism. Thank you for finding out about them. 12,000 years? Mind boggling! The old abandoned house, what a history it could tell. The donkeys, adorable! Loved those signs too. The Dust Devil Mine sounds a fun place to visit. I have never heard of a sunstone before. And to cap it all off, the sandhill cranes. Great post Sallie, thoroughly enjoyed!


That was quite an adventure on those backroads, Sallie. It reminded me of a time on our cross country trip when we were driving someplace in ND. There was not another car on the road, which admittedly, was in better shape then the one you described in this post. Like yourselves, we looked for a turnaround and went back on a road more travelled, but the less travelled road was an adventure. The photos of the abandoned homesteads and vehicles included here show that some folks did manage to live in the area, or maybe their car gave up?

What wonderful finds you made in seeing those petroglyphs and that mining operation. I also would have only gathered information and not gemstones.

Amy Franks

At least you were both brave enough to try a different route, and btw I think back roads and roads less travelled by everyone else are way more fun.


That's a real adventure and the petroglyphs are such an amazing thing to find, with such fascinating history connected to them.

Places that small in the UK would definitely be called villages or even hamlets. Not towns!

Diane Bohlen

You sure are brave and inquisitive travellers.


Great photos - looks like a wonderful place to visit.

MaryBeth Schwartz

Wow Sallie, what an adventure. You guys are like up---keep going until you can't and then try some more. LOL. The sunstone look pretty. I never heard of them and as a kid I lived in the outer Portland area for 4 years while my Dad went to college.


What an adventure you had. Brave going down the bad roads but you some stuff you wouldn't have otherwise.
I had never heard of sun stones.
Where my parents lived in southeast Idaho one of the drives we would take on dirt roads would go by the dismal town of Bone. There was a Bone Bait Shop that had been closed for years. I always told Heather we should move there and she could open up Heather's Kountry Kooking or Kountry Kurl. She never that was as funny as I did.


ooooh sallie, i did get a few good chuckles, and a few sullen looks as i read this wonderful entry!! the backroads, and in this case, the back - back - back roads always prove to be the road "best" traveled!! look at all the fun you had!!

and i could not help put wonder, who named these towns, was "plush", "plush" in the past?!

i have never heard of sunstone either, it's so pretty!!

ps...i'm fine, recovering well, doing great at home but i have missed you!! this was an awesome story!! i shout stop all the time too!!


How cool it is to stumble upon an petroglyph site!! I am like you and take roads that I sometimes can't even turn around, sometimes there is reward for being adventurous and stubborn.
I've never heard of a Sunstone, so I looked it up, a feldspar crystal...def reminds me of Rose Quartz. Lovely!
Have a great week!!

Lavender Dreams

That is my kind of adventure. It makes me excited to think of doing that and how astonishing that you saw the petroglyphs! That just blows my mind. What a wonderful day and amazing photos. I wanna go!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

You really have visited some remote places! Glad you turned around when it really got tough. I have also been known to yell "Stop" when I want to see something :)


Sallie - I absolutely love this post! "Remnants of abandoned dreams" - that evoked so many images and thoughts in my mind. Congrats to both of you for taking the road less traveled - just look at all you discovered! I have never heard of a sunstone - a beautiful gem! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Oh, this sounds like the kind of road trip I would love! Amazing to find the petroglyphs and it does make you wonder about the ancient people and how they lived. A little bit harrowing to hear about the road and trying to find a turn-around. Glad you were able. The mine in the middle of no-where is amazing and the sunstones are so pretty. I do hope the donkeys have someone to look after them, poor babies. The sandhill cranes are wonderful. x Karen

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