September 05, 2021


David Gascoigne

I am sure that we all ponder these questions, Sallie. Time does have a way of zooming by, faster with each passing year it seems. Family gatherings such as this are especially welcomed during this pandemic, when so little close contact has been possible. Enjoy every moment every chance you get!

handmade by amalia

Beautiful photos. I'm ready to say goodbye to summer but I'll miss the flowers.

My Corner of the World

Fabulous colors, Sallie! Cousins are great to have growing up.

Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!


I enjoyed the pretty flowers you showed. Your great grand kid and his cousins are so cute. You are very fortunate to have great grand kids; you must have started very young. I have not seen my grandchildren for a while as the two youngest are too young to get the vaccine. We can tell we are in September here too as it will not get higher than the mid 80s this week, finally.

Iris Flavia

Such cute kids...

riitta k

Your greatgrandson is adorable. My grandchildren are too young to have children, maybe I’ll experience that joy some day. It is indeed a great joy to be able to meet family now that older people and most younger people have been vaccinated. It was a 1,5 years’ time without meeting nobody. Tough.

Michelle Keltner

My children are young adults, but I can't imagine them having children just yet. Beautiful plants. I have heard of ground cherries but haven't grown them. Thanks for linking up and your kind comments. I have been a bit out of the commenting loop.

bill burke

Great shots of the flowers, they're very pretty. How nice to be able to spend special moments with the grand and great grandkids. Very special and priceless!


Great photos! I’ve heard of elderberry wine but its jam must be delicious. I have never heard of a ground cherry. Seeing our ‘kids’ at the stages of life that we remember so well in our own lives, comes as a bit of a shock. The photos of your great-grandson and his cousin, adorable! They look deep in conversation in that first one. Happy to hear your grandchildren were vaccinated so that you could enjoy their company, and I certainly enjoyed this post. Thanks Sallie :)


Your grandchildren are such sweat boys, playing together. They grow to fast, isn't it? Hope you can meet them often see the stets of growing.

The Garden, the blooms are wonderful.

And I remember... we spook about "geschmorte Tomaten 🍅🍅🍅" . Let me try, to translate our old family recipe. We take onions, into a pot with butter, give tomatoes after to them and stew them. Of course without peeling the tomatoes. They stew for ca. 30 minutes slowly and than I put some eggs into the stewed tomatoes. Some salt and pepper... and voila, it's ready. We love to eat this with fresh bread.

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Heidrun


...those little fellows look perfect for the story book walk at the library!


The color in your grandson's yard were lovely to see as were the older photos of the younger family members. We also have seen such changes in our grandchildren with the oldest starting high school last week. We can well recall traveling cross country for his arrival nearly 15 years ago! Where did those years go...and so fast!


Lovely flowers, Sallie.
I agree. Children grow so fast and the years fly by.
Such sweet great grandchildren. I am glad you are all able to visit each other again.
Have a lovely week…


The beautiful places your family lives shows you taught them all well and that keeps being passed on to the generations you are fortunate to watch grow up.


Flowers and youngsters make a perfect post Sallie.

Little Wandering Wren

They do grow up so fast I agree. Your flowers remind me I haven't seen a summer flower for two years - what a world, so thank you for sharing yours! Not that my life is anyway bad but I am seriously missing my family.
Wren x

Veronica Lee

Lovely photos of the gorgeous flowers.

Such adorable grands you have, Sallie!

Rajani singh

Fabulous post

Michele Morin

Such a sweet remembrance!

Amy Franks

I'm happy for them that they bought their own house. I don't know what the prices are there but here most of NZ to buy a basic 3 bedroom house it's from about $600,000 nzd to over a million nzd, it's crazy.

Gillena Cox

Wonderful share of grands and scenery
Have a nice week. I am at #9 on the linky



Yep, life goes on. It still amazes me how fast people develop and mature. Of course when I was that age I took as a matter of course and would be amazed at the condescension of somebody such a thing. Still it is pretty amazing.
I love all your shots of the plants.

Photo Cache

Nice to see you are enjoying the growing family tree. Such a joy to welcome new members. I too am boggled that my nieces and nephews - just little squirts in my mind still - are in their 30s and 40s and have grown up kids too.

Worth a Thousand Words

William Kendall

Lovely flowers.


How blessed you are, Sallie, to see your grandchildren grown and married and settled and sweet great-grandchildren! I heard Oregon is having an increasing covid outbreak, so be careful--even fully vaccinated people who are over 65 years of age that get breakthrough covid infections are very vunerable, Wish people would tey harder to get vaccinated and wear masks, etc.

A ShutterBug Explores

Awesome photos of the beautiful flowers and what beautiful grands you have ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Hi Sallie, how nice to see the beautiful flowers and the also beautiful young people. I have two grandchildren closing in to the 30:s. None of them have children. So, my daughter is a bit sad about that. And I have to agree also, miss childrens play sometiems.
Take care!


What a delightful family you have. Very special to be able to watch your great grandchildren grow up.

Lavender Dreams

I'm glad to hear the air quality has improved. And it's neat to see family pics. Time just flies by! Don't we know it! Hugs from a slightly less hot Florida! lol


Hi Sallie, really enjoyed seeing the lovely colors in the autumn bloomers and the kids look so happy together...Glad the smoke has cleared out...hope that's the last of it. Have a good week!

Penelope Notes

A love of nature permeates through your family. How wonderful to enjoy time together, especially during these times. How quickly we grow; how quickly time flows.

ellen b.

Glad you could have this great time with loved ones! Lots of lovely late summer color. Congrats to your grandchildren on being able to own a home! Happy Labor day to you.

Jennifer A. Jilks

That is fun. I've enjoyed having our grandies for 35 weeks during COVID. School begins Thursday, though. We'll see what happens.



The flowers are beautiful. It is great being able to safely visit with the family again. Your great-grandchildren are adorable. It is cute seeing the cousins playing together. Take care, have a great day and new week!


Sallie - our kids and grandkids are capable of more than we can conceive! I try to think about how I felt when I was that young - invincible! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with everyone at Mosaic Monday!

Teresa Edgerton-Scott

Lovely flowers and children! How fortunate that you are able to see your grandchildren flourish.


How lucky you are. To have lived long enough to see your grand children make a home and have children. How lucky you are to be able to spend time with them. We are still managing with video chat to be in contact with our kids and grand sons. After being free of Covid for so long now we have been hit with a wave of Delta. The Southern states, NSW and VIC are the worst. The other states are okay, QLD (ours) WA, SA, NT and Tas. They have closed their borders to NSW and VIC the two most populated states. Our youngest with the boys are locked down in Melbourne, Vic and our eldest was on a travelling holiday but they are locked down in Regional Victoria.We haven't seen them in the flesh for a year. Our government was slow at getting the vaccines imported but now things are happening. Cases are skyrocketing and vaccine jabs are also increasing madly trying to stop the spread. We are supposed to be opening the state borders and the international border when 70-80 percent are vaccinated. The trouble is the Covid free states are upset because it will spread into their states amongst the unvaccinated. Sorry to ramble.

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