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September 12, 2021


Michelle Banks

I hope you got my e-mail...I haven't been taking too many photos this summer...Michelle

Jm, Illinois, U.S.A.

Greetings and Salutations! Awesome first image!


Great wildlife pictures !

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful skies.

Peter B.

I love those Colorado photos. Amazing how the moose can stand in what looks like freezing water to casually feed!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful shots.

colleen Looseleaf

On the road again! I always love the juxtaposition of the Northwest wildlife and the deep south. I can only handle a road trip that long about once every 10 years!

Penelope Notes

Your first photo is breathtaking and so freeing. Traveling minus a television set sounds like double the fun, Sallie, and a better way to enjoy the journey!

Iris Flavia

That first pic is really outstanding!


Always enjoy these great photos Sallie, thank you and have a great road trip.

ellen b.

Enjoy visiting and seeing the new location and 'digs'. Happy travels to you!


I love that first photo of the cranes and geese.


I have an iPad app for playing TV stations and one for radio stations. These are apps to download in Uk., but are there an in US.

Linda W

I enjoyed these pictures. Stay safe!


Safe travels and I look forward to your photos of the trip. The first shot here is breath taking!

William Kendall

Beautiful shots. Here we are seeing some fall colours.


All shots are lovely, Sallie but that first photo could win a prize! Amazing! We visited the same refuge on a trio back from AZ through New Mexico. It was a very interesting place to visit.
Enjoy your travels--stay safe and healthy!

Lavender Dreams

The Rosette spoonbill is my favorite bird here in Florida! We went out looking for birds yesterday and it felt great. I'll be glad when the weather cools off some though! Hugs!

Gillena Cox

Appreciate the oldies. I am at #18 on the linky today



Enjoy your trip! Have a great time with the CO "kids". Will miss your blogs, safe travels.

Juliet (craftygreenpoet)

Have a lovely trip! Your photos are very pretty, specially the roseate spoonbill


Love the photo of the Geese, I tried to comment earlier hope this is not a dupe cause I can't recall exactly what I said...lol duh.
I hope your trip to CO is good!!


HI Sallie, there is very little on TV worth watching when I put it on the volume is normally put to mute, I hope you enjoy your travels to CO... and beyond? I love the top photo of the geese flying into the Golden sky. Stay safe and enjoy!

🌺  Heidrun

Reading about Eugene, I searched this area on the map. It's really a remarkable beautiful landscape. With many fantastisc animals and plants. Have a good time there.

Happy MosaicMonday
Hugs, Heidrun


Hello Sallie,

Love the photo taken at the Bosque Del Apache, great wildlife refuge. I have been there too. Corkscrew is another great place to visit and see the birds. Your Colorado images are wonderful, love the goat, moose and elk. Have a fun and safe trip. Take care, have a happy new week!

Amy Franks

I like what you've said about memories, every day there are new ones to make. We are pretty much the same as you with devices at night, there's not alot on tv as it is here, it's all rubbish.


Sallie - I love everything about that first photo - the light, the composition. Terrific!!! And of course, you know I love the moose photos! On this road trip, I got a little tired of taking pictures, and sometimes I just let myself enjoy the moments without having to document them. Imagine that! I hope you enjoy your travel - and stay safe. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


Hope this trip is more enjoyable than the mad dash you had to make to Eugene at the beginning of Covid. We will head down to Arizona to meet up with our RV stored there in mid-November. We agree, RVing is a safe way to enjoy travel and the outdoors, and photography. Enjoy. - Margy

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