November 21, 2021


Michelle Banks

Beautiful photos Sallie...thank you for caring my friend...Michelle


you are lucky to be able to split you time between 2 beautiful areas!! the last 2 pictures are spectacular!! i'm sure florida feels pretty good right about now!!


Colorado was a beautiful state to live in. It's nice to see all your photos.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Gorgeous photos! Love seeing all the pretty color and birds!

Michelle Keltner

Love seeing those birds and I didn't know that about Aspen Trees. They are beautiful. We have been to Colorado several times and I always enjoy them. Thanks for linking up and have a great week ahead.


Birding in Florida really sounds delightful, as the birds all fly in that direction to spend the winter, leaving our woods, ponds, and fields rather deserted.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

David Gascoigne

I know you are happy to be able to return to Florida, Sallie, and I am happy for you, but I think your liberal conscience must be under serious strain living in DeSantis' realm. Enjoy the birds. They have no opinion on vaccine mandates and the like!


Hello, Sallie

I enjoyed your beautiful Florida birds, great sightings and photos.
Max, is the family dog? He is beautiful. Colorado is a gorgeous state, I love the golden Aspen trees. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!


Happy for your shirt-sleeve weather and beautiful nature walks. Happy Thanksgiving Sallie
Wren x

Peter B.

Wow, those warnings really give you pause. Gorgeous photos, love the fall colors, and I really like Flor-orado!

riitta k

The last landscape over the mountains is breathtaking! Thank you for these beautiful photos.

Iris Flavia

Stunning views! The moon is beautiful with the clouds.

Linda W

Lovely pictures! Have a nice Thanksgiving.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Slick mud is not a sign I've seen before.


Hello Sallie. :=) I enjoyed seeing the Ibis and Little Blue Herons on Lake Traford, and the beautiful Aspen trees in Debbie's meadow, and discovered a lot about them also by going to the link you shared. What a special tree it is, and I learned a lot about all the root system and cloning. The Chimney Rock does look like it has a large chimney on top. I saw the film, but don't remember this scene.

Your images of the mountains are spectacular, the colours are glorious, what a day that must have been, and your moon shot is better than any I have ever taken, I think it's great.

I have a gin and tonic at 5.30 and have dinner at 6.00 these days, so enjoyed your "joke". When I was writing the caption, I almost wrote "gone to the pub of course":=))

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! Sally ~ awesome nature photos ~ what an event ~ Xo

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


You hit the aspen season just right in Colorado. I could look at them all day long and never get tired of them.
Interesting about True Grit. The actual book is set in southeast Oklahoma which has mountains but nothing like what Colorado has. Great movie, great book. I'm partial to the John Wayne version of the movie.
Have a great Thanksgiving!!


Beautiful photos from both places. I love your title, it's perfect for the post. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Sallie.

Veronica Lee

Fabulous photos from both states, Sallie!

Happy Wednesday!

Jennifer A. Jilks

You have amazing travels!


...Lake Trafford looks more to my liking! Tale care and enjoy your week.

Penelope Notes

The last photo of the moon amid clouds reminds me of a human eye. You are indeed blessed to see so many wonders throughout your travels.

Gillena Cox

Havd a wonderful week Sallie


Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such beautiful autumn views. A little accidental birding can only be a good thing!

rupam { xhobdo }

Amazing pics


How does it feel to finally be back in Florida? We are enjoying the change of weather from Washington to Arizona. We left the morning the atmospheric river arrived. So much devastation, especially in southern BC. Our Powell River condo and cabin, and Bellingham condo were not affected fortunately. - Margy

colleen Looseleaf

The mountain shot reminds me of floyd VA and the gold bush is fantastic!


I once read an article about how trees are in a network and work together. They communicate I guess like the aspens you were talking about. I remember back in the 1970's the research into plants - they have feelings and remember bad people it seems.

Lovely photos of both states - glad you're back!

Ellen Bayles

Different scenery and both beautiful. You got some amazing shots in that backcountry of Colorado. Glad your driver knew what he was doing. I probably would have chickened out at that sign. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


You have the best of both worlds here, and so very different from each other. Of course I LOVE the golden Aspen families. But the warmth of FL is starting to sound pretty good as winter comes on. No way you'd drive that road in winter.

Lavender Dreams

I would love to go to Lake Trafford...you sure saw a lot! And I enjoy seeing the Colorado photos. One of these days I'd like to travel West again! Happy Thanksgiving week!


Lovely photos and contrasting scenery! It’s good that everything seems OK at your Canal home


Hello, Sallie,

Florida is a great place to see birds, they are everywhere. Love the Ibis and Little Blue Herons. The Colorado Aspen trees are gorgeous, beautiful scenic views and photos. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Have a great new week!

soma @ InkTorrents.com

Lovely photos from both states. The greens from your first photo collage made me think of a few greens from my watercolour palette and that scenery from Colorado is gorgeous.


Amy Franks

Such a beautiful place, it's always worthy going accidental birding.


Sallie - it's nice to see the contrasts between Florida and Colorado. Plenty to love about both of them! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Wonderful birds, especially the Ibis. I’d love to see one.
Beautiful photos. The second to the last one; magnificent!


HI Sallie,
The moon was gorgeous this week, I did get a small peek at one portion of the eclipse. Colorado is awesome I don't think they had enough rain to worry about muddy roads this past season.
Have a great holiday.

William Kendall

Beautiful views!

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