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November 14, 2021


Little Wandering Wren

Hello Sallie - this looks so appealing, I love seeing where you go and that you travel slow (ish) as you traverse the country.
Happy travels

Michelle Banks

I love this post....

Jm, Illinois, U.S.A.

Greetings and Salutations! Wow...what a view in Colorado. It is never ending. Baby is precious being protected from the elements inside a rain jacket. Wonderful cyber tour because you can go where you want and leave when you want free to be! Enjoy your travels.

Adam Jones

Wonderful pictures of a great trip.

Lavender Dreams

It's so nice to take your time and enjoy the trip. So many people get in a hurry to get the miles done but we like to see the sights along the way too. Sure is beautiful in CO and I know you enjoyed the family visits! The weather sure is wonderful here in FL right now! Enjoy your weekend!

Sharon Wagner

Things literally shaped up when you got to red rock country. I missed going there this summer. Cute rain jacket shot!


Hello Sallie,

I have always wanted to do a cross country road trip, what fun.
Wonderful photos from your trip. Love the cute robin and the beautiful family dog. The Autumn colors are gorgeous. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

riitta k

Amazing views along your road trip! The red rocks look stunning, as does the autumn scenery! Lovely white dog!


oooooh man, such an ideal use for a rain coat, only a GREAT grandma would think of that!! gorgeous scenery and images, but the yonder signs were the best. ya just have to love some peoples sense of humor!! thanks for stoping by sallie, i am so neglectful in visiting, i must change that!!


Hello Sallie,:=) It was nice to see pictures of your daughter and son in Law, and you holding your Great Grandson, keeping him warm and dry under your super yellow raincoat.You have a lovely white Granddog, ..what a wonderful place for a dog to live, and explore.

I don't like goodbyes either Sallie, and can imagine how you felt leaving your family, but they are well and settled in their new home, surrounded by beautiful scenery, right outside their door.Not many people have these views every day.

I enjoyed seeing all your photos from Oregon to Colorado. That sign, "YONDER IS HERE" made me smile.Ha ha, what fun, I don't think I have heard the word yonder, except in Western Movies.
All the Park photos and the last one are spectacular.
All the best.:=)


Wonderful to see all these photos. Such a great road trip! Especially loved the sweet little one in her grandma’s raincoat :)

A ShutterBug Explores

Wow! You are having a grand time and showing us such awesome photos ~ Love the baby in the rain coat with gramdma ~ so sweet Xo ~ Be safe and enjoy ~ ^_^

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Peter B.

I love those photos of Utah, and also the Colorado fall colors. Nothing better than a road trip where you don't have to hurry and you can take your time exploring!

Michelle Keltner

You travel in the best way. No rush, no hurry! That is a sweet snap with Harper in the raincoat. Thanks for linking up.


Beautiful photos and views, Sallie. My favorite is your last photo, it's a beauty. Enjoy the week!

Iris Flavia

What a cute raincoat-pic!
Yes, we used to travel like that, too. Stop where you like and it does not matter how long the trip takes.
Beautiful scenery.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such a cute pic of your great-grand in Grandma's barn-coat! The Utah scenery looks amazing but I especially love those yellows in the Colorado pic!


Sallie - such spectacular scenery! And good for you to take your time traveling across the country -- there is so much to see and experience in our terrific landscapes! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


October can be iffy almost everywhere, but you scored with the gold of Autumn in Colorado, and it's hard to beat Utah.

Lorrie Orr

Oh, I meant to tell you that L.M. Montgomery wrote quite a few other books - some are stand alones, like The Blue Castle, Jane of Lantern Hill, Magic for Marigold, and others, and then there's the Emily series of three novels. Emily is a lovely character, different than Anne, but very likeable.

Lorrie Orr

Beautiful scenes from your travels to Colorado. How great to see all the autumn colour. Cute photo of your daughter with Harper!

Amy Franks

naww the cute little bubba looks nice and warm and dry.

Veronica Lee

Looks like an amazing trip, Sallie.

The views are fabulous and you've captured them beautifully.

Happy Wednesday!

Dina Johnston

Beautiful shot of the aspen trees. You guys did time it perfect. Looks like a fun trip.


Thank you for showing me this great place.


...you saw some wonderful countryside!

Linda P

When you have a goal to get from A to B, you can stop in stages, see beautiful scenery along the way a trip across States must be enjoyable. Here in the UK we have memories of our trips across Europe to get to our Italian home. Unfortunately those days are over and we hope that soon we'll be able to get there again, flying of course. We find driving several hours a challenge, but getting from one home to another must spur you on as the intrepid travellers that you are. I look forward to your next blog post.

Shiju Sugunan

Looks like a wonderful trip. What gorgeous scenery and colors! Adorable photo of your daughter and her youngest grand-child.

My latest post:

Linda W

Beautiful photos! Sounds like a great trip.


You guys certainly had a trip.
When I was young, the parents would park us kids with an Aunt and Uncle in Battle Mountain, Nevada. From there we would go to the big city of Winnemucca for shopping and stuff. The most memorable thing about Battle Mountain was the big "BM" on a local mountainside. I thought it was fitting.
I love the Green River area. Spectacular.


It's hard saying goodbye to the family but I admire your adventurous spirit with these long road trips you take. You chose the right time to be visiting Colorado. The colours are wonderful.


I was wondering if you took the trailer. So much better than you mad dash to get to Oregon at the beginning of Covid. We just arrived in Tucson for the first month of our winter Snowbird adventure. We will travel back an forth to Washington State in between the three segment as usual. We lost our power storage spot last spring. They are expanding for all of the new RVers that bought rigs during Covid and the return of Canadians now that the border has reopened. We are always nervous about getting a spot for extended stays so we reserve, usually a year in advance. We like to have power and water at a minimum, so those spots at state and regional parks go quick. - Margy

Ellen Bayles

Love the photo of your daughter and great grand! Glad you had loved ones part of the way to visit and enjoy. That Green River area is very special. I'll have to look that up.


OMG, that Colorado scenery is absolutely gorgeous!!

Juliet (craftygreenpoet)

Green River State Park looks like a stunning place to explore


We have friends who have trailers here and I am always envious of that way of travel as it seems so "happy go lucky" as far as keeping with a schedule. I love Ridgeway! WE stayed there on a trip one Thanksgiving. Such a wonderful little town and good location between Telluride and Ouray. The San Juans are such magnificent mountains!

Carver Sapp

Fantastic shots from your road trip and I love the shot of the rain slicker covering two. I know it's hard to be far from family but I'm impressed with how far you travel on the road and the sights you see.

Penelope Notes

Your sense of adventure never seems to diminish. What fun to once again see the American landscape through your eyes as well as the two generations under one bright yellow raincoat. I almost feel like jumping in there, too, as lately it has been raining non-stop in my West Coast neck of the woods. :))


Hello Sallie,
Wow, 4,680 miles. Sounds like an awesome road trip with beautiful scenery along the way. The Colorado backyard is amazing, love the Autumn colors. Have a great day and a happy new week!


❤❤❤ Such a lovely Post. Especially the capture with the Baby inside the Parka touched me. I enjoyed reading.

Have a good week, stay healthy and well, dear Blogfriend.

Happy MosaicMonday


Aww how fun, I've forgotten how awesome it is to just stop when you feel like it...Beautiful fall color.

William Kendall

Wonderful shots, especially the last.


You find so much beauty in your travels. Lovely post today

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