December 05, 2021



Your ordinary days are always so fulfilling for ones soul. Lovely photos.

Michelle Banks

Beautiful photos.....Michelle

My Corner of the World

I can navigate, but I let Hubby do the driving since he knows the backroads very well! I love the places you went and the awesome photos you took along the way!

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!


Pretty scenes and terrific birds!!


Your photos are beautiful — you have such a pretty place to walk and watch the sky and the birds.

best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Shiju Sugunan

Lovely sightings and captures. I especially like the silhouette shots.


Hello Sallie,
Great captures of the birds, I love both the White Ibis and the Shrike. Beautiful sky photos! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

Linda W

Lovely scenes. There are roads here in the mountains that have signs like that.

riitta k

The Rise & Shine photo is amazing. Beautiful surroundings and such cute bird. Warm greetings.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Excellent skies.

Peter B.

My sense of direction is not very good, and I rely heavily on my GPS device when out hiking off-trail. Lovely photos!


I love that sign! Bob and I help each other with navigation (while Google also helps), and sometimes we still get lost! Glad you're enjoying FL sunshine.

Amy Franks

A very pretty bird, I used my GPS system once and then put it in time out when it tried to send me in a different direction, haven't used it since.


Colorado has such a good assortment of Trucker's signs...lol! It's a hard state to navigate at times with all our mountains and rural roads.

Glad you are enjoying beautiful weather, sunrises, and sunsets, and bountiful birds and greenery!

Have a wonderful Christmas season!


what a beautiful post sallie, pictures 2 & 3 are so pretty!! i really chuckled at the first picture of the sign, that's a good one. i hope it is a specialty made sign...i would not want to think it is popular!

i always enjoy seeing ibis, i don't see them here and have never seen one at all!! enjoy today, i hope the week has been good to you!!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great post.

Lorrie Orr

What a sweet little bird! Definitely the bird of the week! Several years ago a Canadian couple used their GPS in Idaho, I believe, and were taken way up into a remote area. They ran out of gas. The husband walked, looking for help, while his wife stayed by the vehicle, near a creek. She was there 40 or more days before being found, and later the husband's body was discovered. Such a sad tale. GPS is great, but not in remote areas.

Well, that was a sad tale - hope it's not too much of a downer on your lovely post.


We finally got a little cold weather here and I am really envious of your warm weather.

I like your attitude, even if that bird is not a northern shrike, it is still the bird of the week.

Keep on enjoying your walks


Beautiful photos Sallie. Love the little birdie posing for you, so cute.
I use my gps quite often too, if going to places I don't know well.

Linda P

A lovely post Sallie. What wonderful early morning walks you must have along by the canal! Loved seeing the sunrise, the ibis and the shrike. An unusual name and the little bird posed beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Wish more back-roads had signs like that - such a good idea. Love the beautiful morning scenes. The little bird looks quite strikingly fierce with his dark mask and curved beak! Wonderful photos. x K

Iris Flavia

This is beautiful and... I love especially your last words!


What a fascinating birdplace, thank you for showing me ...


Love the pics of the birds.
And the sky photos too.


Love your beautiful start to your day, those sunrises are absolutely beautiful. Love your bird of the week, it knows you want a photo of him. :)


...some people rely on their GPS too much!

Veronica Lee

Gorgeous photos as always, Sallie.

I especially love those sky images.

Lady Fi

Beautiful shots! Hope all is well!


Sallie - generally, we are so grateful for our GPS, but it is true that it is not reliable when we go in the backcountry! That's when a good old-fashioned map comes in handy! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Lydia C. Lee

Lovely pics #SharonsSouvenirs


Hi Sallie, I enjoyed your canal post...everytime I see a Shrike, I go through the same thing is it Northern or Loggerhead, and the short answer is I don't know...lol I usually refer to the "map" in the book and go with what is historically there...either way I agree it's a great bird to enjoy! We need more signs like that one!!


Sunrise and sunset look so beautiful. I use a GPS but I like to check out a map first just to make sure I have some idea of the direction I should be taking.

Lavender Dreams

He might be a loggerhead shrike...we see those here sometimes. Love seeing what it looks like where you live. I so often wish I was closer to some water! I'll just keep going out into the forest until I get brave to drive to the coast! lol Enjoy your week! Sure is pretty!

Gillena Cox

Luv your shrike
Happy Mosaic Monday



The sign made me laugh. Thanks for that! I don't have great direction sense myself and always need intricate details to arrive at a new place.


Hello Sallie,
Pretty sky images. I love the White Ibis and the Shrike! Great captures. THE GPS directions are not always correct. Take care, have a happy new week!

Ellen Bayles

It's good to know your way. It's also good to know GPS can fail you miserably. Beautiful photos! Happy December in Florida!


I LOVE that sign! And your sunrises divine.


Quick story: I was out fourwheeling not far from that sign. It was a pretty tight, scary little road. As I got back to better, graded gravel I was flagged down by a car asking for directions. Their gps had sent them up this very definitely 4wheeldrive road and they were scared and rattled. On the good section. I helped them turn around and get back to the highway. The shortcuts out here are wild.

William Kendall

Beautiful, especially that last one.

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