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December 12, 2021



I love that cloud… Please stay well…..hugs Michelle

My Corner of the World

I always enjoy your photos from the car, they are quite interesting and fun! I'm glad you didn't get in trouble for following that truck!!

Thanks for sharing your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!
Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

John's Island

Hi Sallie, Thanks to the incredible ability to enlarge your photos I was captivated by the little castle at the top of the waterfall. Great photo and way more fascinating than it appeared in the “not enlarged” version. Thanks for sharing your blog. John

Shiju Sugunan

Great captures! Loved the sky shots and the bluebird.


Staying off the interstate highways does make your trips look very fascinating and unusual. I wouldn't have the patience to do that, though it looks wonderful.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Hello, Sallie

I enjoyed your road trip photos. Beautiful shot of the Bluebird.
The waterfalls and sky images are lovely sights. I like the Welcome to Earth sign and the old truck with the Autumn decorations. I hope you have a great winter in Florida. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


those are some extraordinary skies you shared, lovely work!


You made quite a roadtrip! I loved reading & seeing the fantastic landscapes.

Amy Franks

ok on seeing the runaway truck sign I have to ask does that happen often? Seems a bit mind boggling.

Linda W

Beautiful skies and lovely water shots.


i long for days to wander the world....right now, our moms keep us close to home!! the clouds have been especially beautiful. texas signs all look so similar. the bluebird it a beauty!!

Rain Frances

Sallie, these are beautiful photos. I've often dreamed of life as a nomad, at least for a few months a year. It seems like such a nice way to spend your time and visit your country! ♥

Hootin' Anni

Love the view of the OK rv park.

Hope you have a blessed holiday.

Peter B.

I'm impressed that you were mostly able to stay off the freeways. I'm sure it makes for a much different, and more memorable, experience. I haven't seen a run-away truck ramp in a long time. I wonder if that's an issue with newer trucks? You were treated to some beautiful skies!

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such lovely scenery and interesting experiences. I hope you get to see some birds soon! My parents always drove from the north of the UK to London on the A roads rather than the motorway. They always said it was a nicer drive.


What a wonderful road trip, beautiful views of the landscapes and skies. Pretty shot of the Bluebird, I am sorry your missed the cranes and snow geese. Take care, enjoy your day!

Iris Flavia

Oh, I share your roadtrip-memories! And, yes, still makes me laugh. I followed I huge house. The whole "gang" had to stop so I can finally overtake.
Ingo: "Yes, that wouldn´t have worked otherwise" - oh, thank you, for telling me afterwards!

Yes, we also visited the little places. You are so lucky to live in such a huge country :-) And yes, the food! Love your Welcome to Earth sign.

Adn traveling at least with you, as we are stuck. Thank you for sharing, this was fun!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great scenes.


Well I am impressed. Driving all that way and staying off the interstates as much as possible. You were definitely not in a hurry.

New Mexicans like their green chili. I still love it.

Ellen Bayles

How wonderful to be able to travel leisurely and away from the main highways. Great town names. Glad you are happy to be back in your Florida home.


It was great seeing your road adventures and reading about your travels. While we don’t have an RV, we do enjoy road trips and have fond memories of our cross country trip several years ago. And, like yourself, we also prefer the less travelled routes vs, major roadways whenever possible. It’s why we will be driving to FL for a ham radio convention early next year.


Thank you for showing this places to me.


Great photos and landscapes. Travelling off the highway is the best. Glad you made it to Florida without any problems. Have a wonderful week.

Penelope Notes

You certainly covered a lot of ground, Sallie. How fortunate you enjoy the drive without much, if any, traffic stress. Your canal cottage sounds like a true haven though. Glad you got there safely and happily. :)


It's a lot of miles to enjoy the journey.

Lorrie Orr

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all these sights along the way of your journey across the US. It's such a varied landscape. We have a trailer and are hoping to drive to the Arctic Circle this summer (the Dempster Highway).


Sallie - today, I was shopping for some last-minute "will something inspire me?" Christmas gifts, and I saw a fabulous book of US road trips. I didn't buy it right then, but I might go back and get it if I decide I do not have enough for the Hubby. Just thumbing through a few pages made me desperate for a road trip! Thanks for sharing Part 2 of your journey with Mosaic Monday - so interesting!


Is that the view from your place? Do the boat slips go with the residences? When I was a kid I remember going over the Grapevine on Highway 99 down into the California Central Valley. There was a runaway truck ramp there that I always waited to see. That and the aqueduct coming down the hill into the San Fernando Valley. - Margy


So much to see as you journey through so many different states. I would enjoy this trip very much especially through the reservations. Wonderful huge skies as well.


Good to learn you are back in Florida and all is well. Thoroughly enjoyed your journey. Thanks Sallie!

Gillena Cox

That cloud at Socorro is awesome. Nice pic all.
Happy Monday


Lavender Dreams

I love seeing your photos of places I've been and even some I lived in! lol I grew up in Arkansas and visited Mena many times. I still have friends that live there. Love that ketchup! lol But I'm happy your back in FL. The weather is fabulous right now! Bluebird of happiness...YAY! Enjoy your week!

Jackie K Smith

Looks like a lovely trip - we also like the non-freeway travel!


Great photos and a lovely trip.
Have you a photo of your little trailer as I only remember the small camper van you drove West in last year?!


A successful journey is a wonderful journey...I enjoyed seeing shots of the sights you saw. Have a great winter in FL.

William Kendall

Beautiful landscapes.


Great photos - my fav is the sky shots - really beautiful

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