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December 19, 2021


David Gascoigne

As a birder, this is what I would think of as classic Florida habitat, dark, foreboding, insect-infested, yet at the same time holding wonderful appeal with so many species making their home there. Great post, Sallie.

handmade by amalia

This beauty heals the soul. How nice to be out in nature.

John's Island

Happy New Year Sallie!


What a lovely green place to visit

Rain Frances

What a beautiful place to visit, I giggled at your comment about bringing that sign everywhere you go!! Merry Christmas Sallie!!! ☺♥🎄

riitta k

Such wonderful place and photos. Now on Christmas day we have frost of -17C and a beautiful white snow blanket in Finland. Merry Christmas Sallie.

Peter B.

What a beautiful place. Nice that they designate it a "quiet zone". Happy Holidays!!


I'd like that sign made into a hat. Love the cypress reflections. Lovely place to walk.

a spirit of simplicity

This looks like a pretty place for walking.

Suzan Batz

So lovely and so different from my corner of the world in Sacramento, CA.
We are finally getting rain and hopefully will be an end to the drought.
Love the gnatcatcher photo.

soma @ InkTorrents.com

So beautiful and peaceful. I am glad that it is a quiet zone. The lily pad photos made me think of Monet's paintings. Happy Holidays, Sallie!


Sharon Wagner

I miss my Florida walks already. Yes, definitely wish I lived there. Happy holidays and safe New Year to you!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Silence is golden.


nature is so beautifully represented here, the rain has been good to it!! song birds are difficult to photograph, especially if you are out in the open and they see you!!

awwww a "quiet zone", i could use that sign as well!!


The place is beautiful and great for walking among nature.


Sallie, that is indeed a wonderful sign and thanks for showing it and taking us all along on your walk. Thanks too for the comments on our Christmas decorations. They always bring me joy at this time of the year, when it is sorely needed, especially these days. Sending best wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas and the best that 2022 can bring.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Everything looks lovely and fresh after the rain. Love that sign!


Wonderful sign. How could you not enter a place with a sign like that. It looks so beautiful and green.


...the world needs more quiet zones!


What an amazing place, thank ypu for showing me around.

Little Wandering Wren

Yes at this time of year, I find we all need that sign! I have enjoyed my wander with you. I can almost hear those songbirds!
Wren x

Amy Franks

I really like that quiet sign, it almost seems in today's world that the only quiet time we get is when we sleep, if then.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

A lovely and peaceful walk, dear Sallie! The sign is perfect, I want to put in over my front door :) The cypress trees are amazing. I love the little bird with the white eyeliner. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and new year ahead. xx K

Linda W.

It looks like a delightful place!

William Kendall

A pretty and peaceful place.


This looks like my kind of place. Trails and warm weather and things to take photos of. That bird has quite the name. I don't think I ever heard of such a thing.

Little Wandering Wren

Hello and Happy Wanderings to you Sallie over this festive season. It has been lovely joining you today and especially seeing the birds and imagining the bird song!

Jenn Jilks

Those trees are so interesting!
I like the sign. I hear you!


Merry Christmas - I hope your days are blessed.

Gillena Cox

Amazing pics Sallie. It should be the of the Rainy Season here also but the rains linger still

Happy Mosiac Monday


Veronica Lee

As always, I enjoyed the lovely captures of your nature walk.

Happy Monday, Sallie.


Hi Sallie, I agree the sign is perfect!! Your bird is the female Blue Gray Gnatcatcher, the little eye rings, and the white outer tail feathers dead give away...they migrate south so I bet some stay right in FL. Got any big holiday plans?
Not me, I haven't been to a party in so long I lost track...I think it was my Aunt Jean's 70th birthday party.
Enjoy your week.

Lavender Dreams

I love seeing all the Cypress knees and how they look in the swamp. We DO have a lot of water still even though it hasn't seemed like we've had very much rain. Love this walk. Wish I was there to go with you! Holiday hugs!

Penelope Notes

Neat reflections, Sallie. Water is a beveled rippling impossible circus mirror that sustains life and creates magic that is for sure, although we don’t want more of it than we can handle.


Hello Sallie,
Lovely captures of your nature walk, beautiful greenery and wonderful birds. They are enjoying nature's bounty, a good year for the berries. It looks like your little bird could be the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher. Take care, have a great day and week ahead!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Sallie - I laughed out loud at your comment about "pictures where birds used to be"! Glad I am not the only one with that challenge! The photos of the cypress trees are stunning! Merry Christmas to you! And thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Ellen Bayles

Oh I love that sign. I'm glad you were able to enjoy this beautiful walk again! Merry Christmas week to you!


The rain sure makes the landscape beautiful and green. It looks a lovely place to walk.
I have just scrolled down and read your posts of your trip home. It was very interesting and yes Colorado is a beautiful state. I admire you for travelling so far.
Sorry I haven't visited for some time been busy writing my memoirs and scanning photos.


Wonderful place and I love your soothing green photos

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