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January 23, 2022


Michelle Banks

I could live without seeing panthers or bears up close....

Michelle Keltner

I wouldn't want to meet up with a bear or panther. My dad lives in the FL panhandle and sees bears at work on a regular basis. That's a no for me! lol The Caracara is a beautiful bird that I am not familiar with. Thanks for linking up.

My Corner of the World

Great shots of your trip, Sallie. I love your 'fake stars'! I, too, would like to see a panther in the wild, but not up real close!

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!


That sounds a great place to visit for a walk. Although I'd be a bit hesitant of meeting a bear or panther. I learnt something today. I didn't know Florida hads bears or panthers.

Shiju Sugunan

The Crested Caracara certainly deserves to be the national bird. I liked the photos in this post.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Such a great shot of the moon and what a lovely place to hike. Seeing panther tracks must have felt exciting! Now to find the animal...

A ShutterBug Explores

Fantastic moon shot and love effect of the fairy lights from your porch ~ Xo

Wishing you lots of love in your day,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


I love caracaras! There's a wonderful book about them which I reviewd here:

Enjoy your wonderful weather!

best... mae

riitta k

Caracaras looks fascinating and I love your moon picture!


Hello Sallie,:=) It's good to get out once in a while, and you went to such an interesting place. Those signs are pretty scary though, I wouldn't want to go on foot, even if the said panthers come out at night, but I would love to see the Caracara. Thanks for sharing such an unusual looking bird. I also love your first image of the moon and the fairy lights, they do look like stars in the sky.


Hello Sallie,
I wish I was in Florida now, warmer weather and a walk in a nature preserve would make me happy. Neat capture of the hawk on the tree top. The Caracara is a beautiful bird. I wouldn't mind seeing a panther from the car. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

Rain Frances

I wouldn't want to run into a panther! Neat to see the track though! What a lovely area. I love that moon photo! :)

Linda W.

What an interesting bird! Your approach to panthers is like my approach to bears. I want to see them from the car.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shot.

Peter B.

Wow, panther tracks!! Both exciting and scary. I love your moon and fairy lights. That one large bird looks like an owl.


The Caracara... What a stunning bird!


Lovely place. Thank you Bill for driving. I saw a Caracara once in south Texas. Only seen a panther/cougar/mtlion once in the wild as it ran across a snowy road in front of me in Washington state. More likely they see you, than you see them. And probably for the best.


Lovely photos. I’ve never seen a Caracara. What an unusual bird.
A panther you say. Oh my. Definitely would want to be in the car for such a sighting.
They are magnificent.


Fairy lights and the moon, perfect combination for a photo! This must have been a great walk. We were talking about taking a trip to Florida about this time next year. I always love these wonderful nature reserves and all those birds down there. I have never seen a panther, not so much as a track. Not disappointed, they are beautiful animals though and may they be around for a very long time. Caracaras are fascinating birds to look at. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw one. That was down in Florida many years ago. Enjoyed your photos, thanks Sallie!


oooooh i love fairy lights, i could sit by the light of the moon and the fairy lights all night long!! interesting, a good word to describe the landscape!! i have never seen a caracara, your archived picture is a good one!!

Yikes on the sign, that might put a little fear in ya!!!

Veronica Lee

I've never heard of a caracara bird.

It does look like a cross between a parrot and an eagle!

Love your fairy lights.

Taken For Grnte

Thank you for your photos of this park, and your past photo of the Caracara. It is a great looking bird.


I've never seen a Caracara before but he's gorgeous - hope you're not freezing in the cold weather.


A wonderful place to walk and enjoy nature but I don't know if I would want to bump in to a panther. :) That would be scary. Enjoy your week, Sallie.

Catherine Sokolowski

I am checking to see how far this is from my home in Florida. I would love to run into that beautiful bird but will cross my fingers that I don't run into a panther!

Linda P

What a thrill it would be to go on a hike where you can spot unusual birds such as a crested caracara. I'm thinking that the reserve must cover a large area if big cats roam around in it. Thank you for showing the kind of vegetation as it gives an idea of the Reserve where you walked. Seeing a panther in the wild from the safety of a vehicle would also be exciting. All the best for future hiking experiences in the coming days.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Sorry you didn't get to see the Caracara or panther. It is quite a striking-looking bird! We have panthers here - we call them mountain lions. Not something you want to encounter. They are beautiful, though. But not when they are hungry...

Lorrie Orr

I've never heard of a caracara bird, and I'm glad you showed a photo of one. Looks like a cross between a parrot and an eagle! I'd rather see panthers from a car, too!

William Kendall

A good spot for a walkabout.

ellen b.

Love that shot of the hawk and the moon. Happy home improvements to you. Hope all goes well. Nice to take a break for a nice hike!


What a wonderful nature reserve, Sallie! I like the thought of panthers still flourishing somewhere. Like you I'd want to be in a car or some sort of protection to see one. The warning sign has the same instructions we see her in Colorado for Mountain Lions. I hope not to run into one of them either when on a trail, but we do carry either bear spray or a small penknife in our hand--just in case. The exotic eagle is beautiful!


I had not heard of this bird before so thank you for the photo. Once seen never forgotten with that beak which looks out of place. I'm not sure I would want to come across a wild panther though unless I was in a car.


Cool, that looks like an interesting place to hike and observe nature.


Sallie - the Caracara is a new bird for me - spectacular! I have seen a mountain lion once in the wild, and it was from a car! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

Lavender Dreams

Oh what a gorgeous bird! WOW! I've never seen one of those. We see bobcat tracks pretty often...bear tracks too! I LOVE your fairy lights. I always wish I could string some up somewhere! Maybe inside! Enjoy your week, Diane


Most wonderful, being outside. Full moon is always a hit in the night.

Never seen or read before of the Crested Caracara. He looks fantastisc, what an adventure to see this bird alive. Thank you for sharing.

Happy MosaicMonday


Hi Sallie, I hope you get to see a big cat...I've only seen one in the wilds and it was right here in my own county not 3 miles from home...I only got a brief glimpse as it jumped from a roadside dumpster to the road and bounded across in one giant leap. I saw the long ropey tail and knew in an instant what it was. That was way back in 1979!!

Penelope Notes

What a fantastic bird … it looks like a nice mix of so many other bird species. The moon seems so close to home, as if we could easily hop on a spaceship and visit. :)


Hello, Sallie

I love your moon and fairy lights photo. Nice report on your walk, the preserve looks pretty. I have seen the Caracara in Florida, they are cool looking birds. Take care, enjoy your new week!

Amy Franks

The idea of running into panthers in the outdoors sounds scary. I think I'd be with you in my car.

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