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January 30, 2022


Rajani singh

Beautiful blog


Hello Sallie, Thank you for your comment which I haven't seen, because the moment I ticked, it disappeared. A tick is to post, not delete.
So please could you visit again. I'm so sorry about this, it shouldn't have happened.


Goats can be such stinkers, but their personalities are so contagious. I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful walk about to the farmers market.


Your nature photos are really enjoyable. I wish our farmers' market wasn't so wintery: nothing really grows here in February. So we have potatoes and other root cellar items.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Catherine Sokolowski

Looks like a fun walk!

Penelope Notes

It would be such fun to see a goat at the local vegetable market. They have such fabulous faces and some seem to put a lot of trust in humans whether warranted or not. Watermelon/tomato salad? Sounds like this could hold the secret to a long and healthy life. :)


Hello Sallie,:=)Parks that are not as well frequented as others, or as well known, are the places I like to visit. There tranquil environment suits my disposition, and you can still find wildlife and take beautiful nature shots. You must have really enjoyed your walk there, and you captured some Starlings, which is my post today.Funny how they all line up on the wires like that.

The Farmer's Market had some wonderful flowers and fruit on display, and I enjoyed seeing the goats. Your salad sounds tasty, Have never tried it, but will do so now. A varied and enjoyable post Sallie, thank you.:=)


Hello Sallie,
What a great outing, I would enjoy seeing all these birds and the farmers market with the cute critters. Love the goats too. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

Shiju Sugunan

Beautiful bird sightings! The birds on wire is a creative shot. Also liked the young mother goat and kid shot.

riitta k

So lovely to see your birds, flowers and the cute goats! We have to content with indoor markets at the moment.

Jm, Illinois, U.S.A.

Greetings and Salutations! What a wonderful day for a walk in a park and finding watermelon and tomatoes at the Farmer's Market. It was such a pleasure visiting your blog today.


Cherry tomatoes and water melon sounds like a delicious salad. Very summery. We are very much into warming soups here. You have a number of wonderful nature parks with all manner of wildlife to enjoy. I do enjoy your wanderings that you share with us.

Lorrie Orr

What a great detour you took, with lovely sights to see. A watermelon tomato salad sounds delicious. We have a long, long wait for in-season watermelon here.

Photo Cache

Sometimes I look forward to retirement years, when I could do such things. Have a wonderful weekend.

Worth a Thousand Words

Peter B.

Sounds like you have some really large, beautiful parks in your area. Goats seems to have the perfect combination of cute and comical!


Goats, especially baby goats are very photographable.

I love your hike, and the fact that you went somewhere else for bird pics.

Garden Centers and Farmer's Markets make wonderful photo ops also. Amazing that you have to pay to get in.

Michelle Banks

I have your letters and your comments do go through, for some reason they just need to be approved....We had two computers down this week so I am behind yet again.....


...I love cherry tomatoes and grew a couple of varieties in my garden last summer. They grew will, but slip open, what a pain.


Neat photo's. Just make sure you have a camera phone on you all the time, that way you don't miss a shot

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.


First, Sallie, it was very nice to chat with you earlier this week. We are looking forward to our short stay in FL in the net week or so. Hopefully, the warmer temps will continue and we will surely not miss the ice and snow forecast for many areas in the next few days, including NH. How wonderful to be able to go to a farmer's market and find such treats and watermelon and tomato salad is very good. Hickory Creek Park looked like a great place to explore.

Michele Morin

Those colorful tomatoes make me long for summer!

colleen Looseleaf

I can't believe all the parks and nature preserves around you. Once a goat tried to eat my dress that had flowers on it! I am now craving homegrown tomatoes. But the snow!

Linda W.

Looks like a lovely place.


i would LOVE to go to a farmers market right about now!! thanks for capturing those beautiful flowers for us, it's been so long....

i heard someone turned the heat off in florida!!!


Truly nice to make an excuse to go out for a walk. Watermelon and tomatoes together sounds interesting. Do you put a dressing on that?


Hi Sallie,
what a wonderful walk about. You got some beautiful photos of the birds, flowers and goats. I love seeing goats, they can be funny to watch. Love those tomatoes, I want some. :) Enjoy your week!


There are so many parks and preserves in Florida. You found a beautiful one. Lovely photos!


Beautiful park, birds, flowers. Adorable goats too :)

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Gosh, you had a lovely trip out! Beautiful birds and gorgeous scenery and a nice farmers market too. Those tomatoes look so good! I can eat them like sweets :)


Sallie - I love trees with plants growing on them - that's the jungle! The cherry tomatoes look delicious, and it is marvelous that you have a farmer's market at this time of year. Tomorrow our high will be 13 degrees, and the snow is swirling around outside!!! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


Hi Sallie, I certainly would love to walk around Hickey Creek Park. It looks gorgeous. You saw wonderful sights and those goats from the Farmer’s market are very cute. I would definitely be in the animal enclosure right along with you. The flowers and produce would be another draw for me. I have been hearing about the iguanas falling out of the trees with your cold snap. Did you see any? That must have been really something.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wonderful array of photos ~ my favorites are the little goats ~ so cute ~ Xo

Wishing you peace in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Wonderful landscape, there are fantastic landscapes and it must be fine for a walk. Here we have very stormy weather and we stay at Home, I prefer reading books, especially poems.

Happy MosaicMonday

Kenneth C Schneider

Such an interesting detour! I escaped the south Florida "cold" spell for single digits here in Connecticut.

Veronica Lee

Looks like a fun market.

Beautiful photos of your walk, Sallie.

The goats are so cute!


Good to combine a must do with a Want to do! A great spot for a walk and the market looks fun. Yum on those little cherry toms.

William Kendall

Goats can be real characters.


Wonderful greenery on your hike and beautiful flowers, park birds, and cute goats, Sallie. A great day out in nature. I heard about the cold front that came down to Florida and hope it is over by now and did not do much damage. We are expecting an Arctic Blast this week here in Colorado with snow and sub zero temps for a few days

ellen b.

That was a lovely diversion on your trip to the Farmer's Market. How nice to have Farmer's markets in the winter. :) Little goats are the cutest!!

Taken For Granted

You got some great photos on your walk-about. I would love to have some of those tomatoes.

Lavender Dreams

I know what you mean. I hesitated to show how cold it got here but I was tickled by the 0% chance of snow in the forecast! lol Love seeing those neat birds and how much we can see even when we are close to home. Enjoy your week! I'm loving the FL strawberries right now!


Sounds like a great day, with a walk in the park, beautiful birds and the farmers market. The goats are cute. The tomatoes look delicious. The salad sounds yummy. Have a great day and a happy new week!!


That was a nice fun errand day.

Amy Franks

We have got watermelon, cherries, nectarines and apricots here right now over the Summer season. i think i would've bought some of the tomatoes though, those are favourites here too


Hi Sallie! That sure looks like it was a nice enjoyable day out. I love those little goats too, they are so adorable. I hope you are keeping warm this cold Florida weekend. Stay safe out there!


What a beautiful walk!

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