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January 09, 2022



beautiful flowers and I love to see the pelicans and ibis. :)


i surely understand about social distancing, it is out the window for most people around here. and it is almost rare to see people wearing masks. we do both when we have to be out, but stay home most of the time.

beautiful images today. we visited sanibel many, many years ago when i did not have the same obsession for wildlife, i would like to go back now!! the night heron is a beauty and a lucky find, at least in these parts. i enjoyed seeing the manatee, they are a little ugly but so beautiful!!


I'm glad you didn't have damage with the weather Sunday. I didn't either. The tornadoes were further south closer to you. I had a great early morning rain storm and gusty winds. Today is a beautiful day with blue skies. Stay safe!

Michelle Banks

My best friend's 4-month old granddaughter has COVID. So far it isn't serious but really scary......stay safe....hugs


Isn't it amazing that a creature the size of a manatee can be so elusive! I've watched them too, and find them so fascinating.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


I am always grateful for warm toes. You've had some lovely walks with many beautiful photos.

Shiju Sugunan

These are beautiful pics from your outing. Many favourites.


Hello Sallie,
Great critters and photos. I love the birds, especially the White Pelicans and the Night Heron. The Manatee is a cool critter. Wonderful photos from your outings. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

My Corner of the World

Great collection of photos! Manatees are so cool :)

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

Linda in Virginia

Lovely photos! Keep on staying safe.


So nice to be outdoors and finding such wonderful photo opps, Sallie. We will be traveling to and from FL next month and stopping along the way to visit family members and friends in several states, including parts of FL. Perhaps your location is near one of those we will be visiting. If so, it would be great to meet another fellow blogger in person! We plan to do a first time meet-up with a blogger in TN as well. Please feel free to contact me at the email address on my blog, and I can share more details about our trip which includes a ham radio convention in Orlando.

Peter B.

So much natural beauty right in your "back yard"! Lovely photos, and I love the manatee!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.

Michelle Keltner

I could use some sunshine! I was visiting my dad in Florida over my Christmas break and the weather had me sweating! lol But, I am missing the warmth here lately. Thanks for linking up.

David Gascoigne

A good day at Sanibel is as good as anywhere in the world. Ding Darling was one of Roger Tory Peterson's favourite spots.


The Pelicans are fun to see. We had lots of them on the OR-CA border when we lived in that area. I enjoyed your photos, very pretty and colourful.

Michele Morin

Picturing tiny masks for the pelicans... 😁

Veronica Lee

Your photos never cease to astound, Sallie!

I especially love the pelicans.

Looking forward to yet another year of fun blogging with you, my dear friend.

Happy 2022!

Shiju Sugunan

These are beautiful bright photos.


I've never been overly excited about FL, however, seeing all that water with the wonderful reflections is tempting. Plus I would LOVE to see Manatees.


I know what you mean about difficulties with social distancing in sunshine destinations. We decided to head back to Arizona three weeks early for the second part of our RV adventure. Snow and ice, plus surging Omicron up in Powell River, sent us back south. The flight direct from Bellingham felt mostly safe even though the plane was full. Now in the RV we can control how close we get to others except when grocery shopping. Fortunately mask wearing seems to be higher here than in December. - Margy

Penelope Notes

A Florida winter sounds just like spring in a lot of places. I think you made the right move as the West Coast has been blustery, snowy and very rainy. Love the the row of pelicans pictured. Don’t recall ever seeing one in person. :)

Amy Franks

Winter sun is so important, it'll be Spring for you soon. I've never seen a Manatee though, they look like big gentle teddy bears.


Hello Sallie,:=) These nature reserves and Wild Life refuge's are truly wonderful places to visit, and fairly safe, as they have wide spaces, and you can separate yourselves from other visitors. I love the image of the Pelicans, the beautiful flowers, the Heron, and the Ibis. I have never seen a Manatee before, that is only in nature films. What superb outings, and sunshine too.
All the best Sallie, to you and your family,and keep well.

Villroses hage

Beautiful, sunny motives! Not much sun here.


...stay well and safe!


Hi Sallie, beautiful looking birds! You took great photos and the ones at the wildlife refuge has now made Sanibel Island on our bucket list. So many places to enjoy the local birdlife. I remember the Manatees also, they truly are one of nature's wonders! Really looking forward to getting down to Florida again one of these days. I’m happy you are in the warmth and sunshine. We still have snow on the ground but I like that too, though the cold weather does keep me inside more. Right now I am enjoying seeing the birds at the feeders. They will keep me entertained until I can go south. Happy New Year!

Suzan Batz

Such gorgeous scenes..Love all the birds and wildlife.
Thanks for stopping by my blog..Boy I sure hope you get your washer soon. I don't blame you for not accepting damaged goods.
Our new package of ink cartridges arrived today by UPS. Perfect in every way.
I just can't imagine someone just being that lazy and especially in the rain.

riitta k

The photo of white Pelicans looks gorgeous and Florida Snow flowers look like white wild anemones that bloom here in the spring woods. I don’t mind at all seeing your summer & green photos in the middle of the Finnish winter πŸ’• Stay healthy.


You are fortunate to have so many wondery places to visit without worrying about social distancing. Thank you for sharing this part of Florida. I would love to be able to watch the pelicans or the manatees. Great photos as always.

William Kendall

Pelicans are such characters.

Little Wandering Wren

Happy New Year Sallie - I'm going to look down more to look up after this post! I think Florida snow could be my fav snow!
Wren x

Alan B Bates

Rub it in why don't you!
I'm glad somebody has some warm sunshine to enjoy. I'm also glad you are making the most of it.

New Jersey Memories

Lovely photos of the beautiful birds and Florida scenery.

Linda P

You see some amazing creatures. Wishing you a happy new year.

Gillena Cox

Luv the birds best today. Have a good week Sallie. Happy New Year

Much love...


Happy and Healthy New Year, Sallie! Florida has so much tropical beauty and I'm glad you are able to enjoy it at these wonderful preserves. Manatees are such amazing animals--I've only seen them in an aquarium.

ellen b.

How nice to view these natural spaces through your lens. Glad you are enjoying a sunshiny winter in Florida!

Lavender Dreams

There are never many people out in the natural areas we visit in this part of FL so it's been such a great place to spend time these past couple of years. We had hoped to see Manatee this weekend but didn't spot any. They are so amazing and you took such great pics. I would love to go to Sanibel too...so many neat places to go. Thanks for sharing your fun!


Wonderful nature images, I love the birds and the manatees. Florida has some wonderful parks. Ding Darling is one of my favorites. It is a shame it is so crowded there in the winter. Take care and stay safe. Have a great day and a happy new week!


Wow, what wonderful nature there. I enjoyed reading.

Have a happy New Year! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€


Thank you, Sallie, for these beautiful photos. They look like summer shots for me !
Happy New Year to you, your husband and all your family.


Sallie - I am not a big fan of power plants, but it is fascinating to me that they are helpful to the manatees. Lovely pictures from Florida!!! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


Hi Sallie! I'm finally back from my blog break and I'm so happy to see you are here in Florida. Be careful out in public, people here are so careless about masking or taking any kind of precautions. Your photos are all gorgeous as always. I'll see you again soon. Stay safe and enjoy!


I like the drive thru idea cause you can see a lot more than on foot...I look forward to seeing flowers yours are lovely!! The Ibis shot is excellent.


Wonderful photos of your trips and I love your mosaics!

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