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February 27, 2022


 My Corner of the World

A lovely series of critters, Sallie! You do a great job photographing them.

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!

Lavender Dreams

What a great place to walk...especially with your camera! Looks like you've seen a Tricolored Heron this week too and I love the pose of the Anhingas! Just beautiful...all of these critters in the jungle!


Hello Sallie,

Now, I am singing that song, In the Jungle. Love the cute lizard. The bird on the left side of the mosaic looks like the Tricolored Heron. The Anhinga is pretty spreading his wings. Great photos.
Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

riitta k

I envy your warm climate and the abundance of birds. Great shots.

Linda W.

Heck, I was watching for a sleeping lion! Nice nature shots though.

Penelope Notes

Those sunrises are golden and the "feet" long, luxurious and most importantly practical. :)

Iris Flavia

It really is a jungle (Henry says hi) - beautiful last shot!


Sallie - it's nice to know that aspects of the natural jungle are thriving among the urban jungle!

Peter B.

Beautiful jungle photos. I love the "monster" lizard!

Jim, Sydney, Australia



Hello Sallie, :=) You are blessed To start your day with this beautiful sunrise.:=) Taking your camera with you on one of your errand trips really pays off, as you find nature everywhere you go. Your photos are amazing! Your images could fool anyone into thinking they were taken in the jungle, and they show a delightful array of different species. Don't you think that this would be a good challenge for a blog post, "Things are not always what they seem"!
Have a good day Sallie, and thank you for sharing your inspirational post.

Amy Franks

I really like the little lizard, we have the geckos and tuatara here, they are probably related but different colours.


In a way, it's sad that only little patches of natural habitat survive surrounded by urban jungle. Well, I guess Corkscrew Swamp and some areas of the Everglades are a little bigger. But it's sad to think of what was there 100 years ago, when the birds and lizards really owned it.

best...mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Villroses hage

The monster is posing like a sculpture.


It was interesting to see the greater picture. You could have been in a very isolated spot capturing those photos. Your range of photos put the scene into perspective. Thanks for sharing and visiting my blog.

Juliet (craftygreenpoet)

That's a lovely selection of photos! Moorhens and their close relatives coots have such amazing feet!

William Kendall

The anole is a cute critter.

David Gascoigne

I am quite sure that no one among us, Sallie, would not fail to be delighted to start our day with such a sunrise. How could anything go wrong after that?


Some wonderful jungle photos, Sallie. The sunrise is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy the week and the new month of March.

Lorrie Orr

Wild parks and areas within a city contribute much to the mental and physical health of city-dwellers. Wonderful photos.


Sunset picture is never wrong

A ShutterBug Explores

Exciting jungle photos ~ great photos Xo

Wishing you love and peace in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Jennifer Jilks

How wonderful seeing open water!

John's Island

Hi Sallie, It delighted me to see you stop by and share your results from Wordle 254. I believe your results qualified for a “splendid”. :-) “In the Jungle” is a neat post. You publish the kind of blog I love … going on walks and taking pictures to share of things that are interesting. Your first two photos are wonderful examples of the importance of perspective. An excellent optical zoom often makes all the difference in critter photos. Love the closing sunrise and reminder that every day is a new beginning.


It is great that these type of parks exist in towns. Sure does look like in the deep dark jungle.Love the heron shot where it is posing nicely for you.

Veronica Lee

Beautiful photos!

I love Florida's wildlife.

You always encounter the coolest critters, Sallie!


such a classic song, awesome for this post and pictures. it sure does feel like the jungle, the first picture is great and the last one gorgeous, what a great way to start the day!!


Love the birds and jungle. It is amazing how a pocket of wilderness can be hidden in a neighborhood here in Florida.

ellen b.

Those feet are interesting. You have fun spots in your ordinary days! Thanks for your email. You aren't the only one having problems with Wordpress. I did find one of your comments in spam and I was able to retrieve it. Thank you for letting me know.


This is an interesting post featuring wild in an urban jungle. All the photos are beautiful. Glad to see this much wildlife in an urban jungle.
Have a great day!

Taken For Granted

Always good to see wildlife in its natural environment. Lovely photos.

Michelle Banks

I love the lobed feet...Lovely photos Sallie....Michelle


I think I closed the tab before hitting send, Florida has such a diversity it def is a jungle, one I want to come visit again...
Hope you have a great week....Love the sunset photo.


Hi Sallie, this was a fun post....Florida is a Jungle for sure. I want to get back down there one of these days and explore more. I barely scratches the surface....The sunset photo is a beauty. Have a great week.


Beautiful images, I love the wildlife in Florida. The lizard is cute. The Moorhen does have weird feet, so does the Coot. Looks like a great day for a walk. Gorgeous sunrise! Take care, enjoy your day. Have a happy new week!

Linda P

We have a local park with a lake where water birds congregate, but the scene is very different, of course. The birds are interesting to observe as they swim, fly or pose. The sky at sunrise is a lovely sight. I wish you a good week ahead.

Shiju Sugunan

Some very nice sightings and photos. I could not identify the heron. You have an excellent daily sunrise view from your backdoor.


Gorgeous tropical views and interesting birds, Sallie! Our views have been mostly snow and cold and icy the past few weeks!


Town parks are convenient for a nature fix. You always see the coolest birds and monster lizard.

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Fun to see the sights on your walk in the jungle today! The heron has found his very own little island. The little lizard looks rather fierce up close. I lived in Tucson for a while as a newlywed, and we had little lizards all around. They always looked at you like they had something to say. Haha! The condos look like they are floating in the water. Always love to see your great photos. x K


A great series of photos Sallie, fabulous sights to share with us. I read once somewhere that the feet of the moorhens evolved so that they could better walk on the vegetation on water, like lily pads for instance. Whether this is true I am not sure as I can’t remember where I saw it originally, and it’s been a long time. Thank you for sharing them and enjoy your week.

Lydia C. Lee

Love the bird shot - coming into land? #Naturenotes

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