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February 18, 2022


Michelle Banks

I am sooooo looking forward to green and warmer temps....

My Corner of the World

What amazing nature you find around you, Sallie! I like nature on my laptop screen a lot, I hope that counts!

Thanks for sharing your link at My Corner of the World this week!


Even on the worst of days with all that is happening, just getting outside can make things seems better. Hopefully, the better days occur more often. Thanks for this walk around and that final image was simply stunning. We are finally home in NH from our 3 week road trip, just in time for an 8-inch snowfall on Friday! Sorry, we didn't connect this trip, perhaps sometime in the future.

riitta k

Such wonderful nature photos. I loved the pond with fountain.

Photo Cache

Nature is invigorating. A time in nature is instant vacation

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great sky.


Hi, I read your comment on Mae's blog and saw that you once lived near Portland, OR. I had to see if you still lived there. Ahhh you now live in beautiful Florida. I live in Florence, OR. The photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great day.

Peter B.

Nothing better than getting out and enjoying nature. Wonderful video!


You always find so much beauty here in Florida. I always enjoy your wanderings. I love that final shot of the sunset.


anthropomorphize Gosh what does that big word mean? I must look it up. You sure have loads of nature close by to keep you Happy.

Jim, Sydney, Australia


John's Island

Hi Sallie, Lots of interesting photos here. I would love to see a nest with eaglets! I think that is the first Tri-Colored Heron I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing your photos. And thanks for your kind comment on my blog. You asked about how to share Wordle results. I am using the Chrome browser on a PC and can tell you how it works for me but I’m not so sure about an iPad using the Safari browser. After you have finished Wordle for the day a screen should appear with your “statistics” … That page shows how many times you’ve played on that browser and what your winning percentage is. Also on that page is a button to “share” your results. When you click that button, it will copy your results to your clipboard. You can then paste the result to social media. See my results for today’s Wordle below …

Wordle 249 3/6



I would be ecstatic if I saw these on my grocery run :) I remember these birds well from our last trip to Florida. It’s been far too long. The reflection of the sunset in the water makes for a stunning photo. Your photos brought back a lot of great memories, thanks Sallie :)

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

Lovely photos of the heron and the turtles. It is so nice to be out and about in nature.

Lydia C. Lee

Back for #SharonsSouvenirs

handmade by amalia

I enjoyed all your photos, such a beautiful time of year.

ellen b.

The coloring on that heron is very nice. I've never seen one like that. Thanks for sharing your adventures in your 'neighborhood'!

Penelope Notes

To many in this troubled world, ordinary would be extraordinary. Yes, nature does trigger the happiness button for sure. Obviously, you’ve been exposed to a lot of it and this could explain what seems clearly to be wonderful general health and attitude. Screen time is the next best thing and I did watch the video to my delight, particularly during this time of man-made stressors in key places of the planet. Thanks for sharing.

Juliet (craftygreenpoet)

Lovely photos, the heron is very impressive whatever species it is (we certainly don't have that species over here!). I agree, spending time in nature is always a good thing and the BBC make excellent programmes.

A ShutterBug Explores

Oh you are surrounded by nature's treasures ~ beautiful photos ~ Xo

Wishing you lots of love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Veronica Lee

I enjoyed the glorious captures on your walk, Sallie! Such wonderful creatures you encountered!

Happy Monday!

// Heidrun

I agree with your Statement, Sallie, nature is always a great wonder, its always a pleasure. The BBC brings very good documentations ... and more, sometimes we love to see an Agatha Christie crime.

Happy MosaicMonday


Nature is so important for our mental well being. You are fortunate to live in an area so close to our natural world. Thank you for sharing your neighbourhood. I have to wonder what pickleball is though.

Linda W.

What a great walk! Thanks for sharing it.

Amy Franks

Yes! I believe the same thing about Nature as you. I know that when I get outside even for a bush walk I feel so calm in the fresh air.


Sallie - first, I laughed out loud at your comment about my sister's RV parked on the top of that "mountain". I will watch the video later, but coincidentally, I found a motivational Earth video myself earlier this week - I was searching for something to use in my climate volunteering. Here, we do not see too many vultures, but the eagles and crows make short work of any dead deer along the roads. A fabulous ending with that sunrise/sunset. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


I always amazed how many different herons there are. I never heard of the Tri-Colored Heron before. Love the last image, it's a beauty. Enjoy the day and have a wonderful new week.


I love turtles, tortoises, and your birds - wonderful views

Lorrie Orr

Ordinary days are full of extraordinary moments like the ones you've captured here. The colour of the sunset is gorgeous.


...oh how I miss the silhouette of the palms!

Lavender Dreams

We do see so much close to home here in Florida...even in our own backyards. I've always thought I should sit outside more and watch the sky! One of these days! Love the sunset view! WOW! And the turtles are very cute. Oh and the horses! I love it all! Enjoy your weekend. (we drove out to the Gulf coast today and had SO much fun!)

William Kendall

Herons always fascinate me.


Hi Sallie, ordinary days are the best...Im glad to see the eaglets are doing great...and that sunset at the end is lovely...Have a great weekend.


Hi Sallie, I love seeing the birds in your warm climate home. You're lucky to have places to walk so close to you. I was interested to see the controlled burn. The forest service has clearcut the forest behind us in an attempt to mitigate for wildfire and for regeneration. The sky/water shot is just lovely.

Alan B Bates

I love the skies and reflections in your last photo.

We have lots of Turkey vultures here. They go soaring and people tell me that they are bald eagles. No, they are not. I'm not a bird guy and I can tell the difference.

I don't think I have ever seen a wood stork in the wild or a tri colored heron either.

Yep, being in nature is very important. I feel sorry for people who dont' get outside very much.


All these photos are wonderful and it is a nice virtual tour through the nature. Beautiful sky capture too..
Thanks for sharing with us.


What wonderful birds you see! I'd love to be in Florida now instead of in the snow and ice. However, we do get out in winter much of the time, and see the birds that don't join you down there.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful photos Sallie, that last one is so beautiful! I remember the very first time I saw a wood stork, I thought it had some kind of disease, I was so afraid of it lol! I'm off to check out the video now, thanks! :)

Jennifer Jilks

Yes, ordinary days would be excellent!


Hello, Sallie

What a great variety of birds, It is great seeing the eaglet on the nest. You are lucky to see great wildlife so close to home. The horses are cute, hanging out in the shade. The ponds and ditches have enough food for all the critters, like your cute turtles, the Tricolored Heron, Wood Storks and the Vultures. Beautiful sunset and skywatch! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.


Hello Sallie,:=) This doesn't seem like an ordinary day to me, quite the opposite. You saw and photographed so many beautiful nature scenes,right on your doorstep, and nearby. What could be better than living so close to nature. I loved all your photos, and your commentary, and also the beautiful nature video. It does lift ones spirits to watch wild life, where ever you find it,even the smallest of flowers, can bring you happiness. Your last photo is so so beautiful.
Enjoy your weekend.:=)

Linda P

You're fortunate to see so many interesting creatures close to home. Nature is a wonder. Thank you for sharing.

Lydia C. Lee

That last shot steals the show from the #Saturdaycritters! How lovely!


Tickles my funny bone when "science discovers"... something we've known forever. Nice to have nature right outside the door, or window. Love all the birds. I saw one Raven today.

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