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March 13, 2022


Adam Jones

Nice picture of the Heron

David Gascoigne

In addition, Sallie, lichen is a very important component of many birds' nests. A hummingbird's nest, for example, is heavily dependent on lichen, bound with spider webs. An exquisite construction. The nests of Blue-grey Gnatcatchers are also predominantly made of lichen. I am very fond of the way it decorates a forest.

John's Island

Hi Sallie, Nice selection of photos from the archive. That Witches Broom is wild. This will be my "learn something new every day" for today. In the winter, when I look up into trees, and see something like that, I always think it's a bird's nest. Wonder if I've ever made that assumption when it was really Witches Broom? :-) Neat post, have a great weekend. John


I just love those flowers, I would like a bunch for my table.
Beautiful captures of the Heron and the Snowy Egret. The Egret's yellow feet stand out. I think it is finally starting to warm up here, maybe winter is over. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.


Hello Sallie, :=) We have been experiencing similar weather to yours here in Portugal. It's good that you can rely on the photos you took on previous walks for another blog post, and it's very interesting indeed. Love both the bird sightings. I never noticed the yellow feet of the Snowy Egret before, ...not that I have ever seen one in the wild, but on other nature blogs. The image of the trees is lovely. It looks as though they have been painted, and the witches broom is something I have never come across before. It's one of natures curiosities and a phenomenal find. Leaving on a happy smiling mood after seeing the sunflowers
Enjoy your weekend, I hope the weather improves. :=)

riitta k

This time of the year is mainly waiting. Here there is nothing interesting to photograph outdoors… I hope you will be content with the home renovation!

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie

Interesting photos today! The lichen, witch's broom and the cypress trees are really amazing. The weather is strange everywhere, it seems like it can't make up its mind. I had to laugh when you said you didn't know what day or time it was. Every year I get so muddled by the clock change and my schedule gets all out of whack. Love the sunflowers - can't believe what's happening. Hope you have a good weekend without too much disruption from renovations and strange weather. x K


These are wonderful pictures.Sunflowers are pretty and cheerful!


lol, Sallie, what you decribe is SPRING. constant changes, all seasons in one day alone. The month when you have no idea of how dress.
Beautiful shot of birds and flowers :)


The witches broom is an interesting find. Great photo of the heron. Sunflowers are always a joy to see.

Amy Franks

Some nice Spring colours and birds, I don't think I've ever seen pink fungus, maybe but I can't remember, I think we get alot of the orange one here.

Michelle Keltner

I like the heron. Our weather is very confusing....hot/cold/snow/hot....who knows what it will do anymore! Thanks for linking up. I enjoyed the photos!

Jim, Sydney, Australia


Peter B.

It's amazing the colors and brilliance of lichen! We came across a big patch of orange and black lichen on our last hike. Reminded us of halloween!


Glad you were not affected by the tornadoes. That witch's broom was interesting to see. It did look like a nest. Egrets are such pretty birds. Keeping Urkraine in my prayers--my maternal grandparents were from there.
PS--S King's short stories are a good way to begin reading him. He's a prolific writer and very wordy, and he has a wild imagination! The Shining was one of his shorter books. I really liked it as an opera as operas are usually tragedies anyway, but usually it is the women who suffer and die..lol


Sounds like you could set the clock back to winter instead of spring. Nice to see enough nature to last an extra day or two.

Su-sieee! Mac

Hi, Sallie,
We’ve been having crazy weather in California, too. Hot, cold, hot, freezing, cold, hot. Even had a few minutes of hail. I liked that. I like the photo of the three colored heron and how you caught it seemingly walking gingerly though the water.


Love the tri-color heron! The pink lichen is amazing. Love your walks!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Great shots.


I thoroughly enjoyed this and great photos from your archives. I hope your home improvements go smoothly. Happy St. Patrick's Day :)


Hi Sallie,

The Heron taking a step is a great photo.
I've never heard of Witches Broom. And it definitely does look like a bird's nest.
Enjoy the week...


The weather seems to be changing all over the world. We had the hottest summer ever. Nice birds.

Jennifer Jilks

We have several witches brooms in our forest! They are cool! I like the heron!

A ShutterBug Explores

Gorgeous nature shots ~ love the egret ~ Xo

We had similar weather that day ~ even snow ~ crazy world!

Wishing you love and laughter in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Rain Frances

Hi Sallie! ☺ Beautiful photos, especially the Heron. Thanks for talking about the lichen, I learned something new today! ♥

handmade by amalia

Great to hear that the conversion is going well!

Linda W,

I love the tri-colored heron! And we can all hope and pray and send in what we can!


I love your tri color herons. I don't think we have them here in Oklahoma. We have loads of great blue herons.

Hootin' Anni

I am bound now to keep my interest in the "odd bird nest" and to read more about it after I comment!! Love the image of the tri-colored!! Thanks for taking time to compose and share it with us. Now, to Google I go. :-)

Amy Franks

Air conditioning is so necessary, we are in earth Autumn and still using ours especially the ceiling fan in the bedroom at night.


Beautiful images from your archives, Sallie. Interesting reading about the Witches Broom. I never heard of it so I thank you for the learning moment. Have a great week!

Bob Bushell

The trees are fantastic, you caught them really well. And, those you had the Egret and the Heron, fabulous. Cheers Sallie.

Linda P

Glad to know your home renovations are going well. Sometimes we have to take time out to concentrate on such a project. Thank you for sharing your nature photos. Identifying the egret must have been satisfying. The witches broom is very strange. I'm always grateful forinformation boards when out on my walks.

Lavender Dreams

I always love learning about something like the witches broom. So much to see in our beautiful state. We didn't have bad weather at our house either and today is gorgeous!

Gillena Cox

Some nice ones from your archives

Happy Monday


ellen b.

That's something else about your weather shift. I find it so amazing those huge birds nest in the trees. It's fun to see them sitting on their nests. Love that tri-colored heron. So cool. And that cypress tree is pretty special, too. Happy new week to you.


Hello Sallie,
I love the sunflowers. Pretty captures of the Snowy Egret and the Tricolored Heron. The witches broom does look like a bird's nest. Great photos! Take care, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

Juliet (craftygreenpoet)

Glad the storm didn't affect you! I love that photo of the snowy egret showing off it's yellow feet! Many birch trees in Scotland have witches brooms in them, they do look like nests at first sight!

Veronica Lee

That heron is a stunner!

Fantastic series of photos, Sallie.

Happy Monday!


Sallie - beautiful photos of the Egret and the Heron! Glad the storm did not affect you. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


I always think the feathers of the egret look so downy and soft. We've been having strange weather here in CO, too. First frigid and the next day balmy enough to unzip coats. I'm hoping for more moisture in April to help with fire danger. I liked reading about Witches Broom! When do you head north?

William Kendall

That heron is a beauty!


I periodically share photos from the archives and am happy to see yours. Sunflowers always make me smile.


I totally agree here the same thing only the wind was a whipping and took out electric out for the afternoon which meant no heat..I have already cleaned out my fireplace for the season..
This day was gone by the time I turned around!
I hope your project is going good.


Since you have had those extreme temperature changes and clock changes as well, Sallie, I can tell you it is still winter (at least here in NH) and that as I comment it is just after 4 pm on Sunday, March 13 😉 I certainly wish that there were no clock changes like several other states do not do. We have a collection of wall clocks and twice a year, the ladder comes out to reset all. Then there are the appliance clocks, alarm clocks, wrist watches. Thank goodness the electronics reset their own time.

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