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May 08, 2022


JM Illinois U.S.A.

I bet you are doing the happy dance to celebrate the new computer after drinking that wine with sunrise. LOL! Small pleasures are the BEST! We have a big rabbit, a medium sized one and then a wee baby bunny with this big eye. The baby already learned to stay still when I come into the yard or open the back door. So cute!


You are fortunate to have so many birds, and bunnies, to watch and photograph. Bonus thenew fast computer.


Your little corner of the world looks just lovely. I think spring is the best season in all parts of the temperate zone.

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Penelope Notes

Haha … the bunny freeze is something we all suffer from a bit when it comes to choices about which way we should go. I think we discovered during this pandemic when normal activities were taken away that the “ordinary” is actually miraculous.


Hello. Spectacular bird sightings. Wonderful photos.


Hello Sallie,

Beautiful photos of the birds and the lovely flowers. The Osprey and Heron are two of my favorites. Love the cute bunny too. Gorgeous sky capture. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

Peter B.

Congrats on your new speedy computer. LOL at the sunrise definition... and so true!

Michelle Banks

Oh kildeer nest in the worse places here....

riitta k

Amazing sunrise and beautiful colorful flowers. Life is good!


What a photos. I love your pic of the kildeer. This bird we never seen here in the Netherlands. So it's special to see it in your picture.

And what a nice springflowers. Amazing.

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful sky.


love your beautiful view, birds and flowers. Gorgeous!


...life can become challenging when a computer does behave!

Jim, Sydney, Australia

Beautiful shots.

Lisa | Handmade in Israel

The colour of the sky behind the Red shouldered Hawk is simply gorgeous. Cute bunny too!

ellen b

Hooray for a working computer to upload all these great photos. I feel lost when I can't! Ordinary days are needed days for me.


Glad you are back and to read that have a new PC up and running well, Sallie, which is always good news. It did seem amazing that the hawk and the birds were still in the same spot without the hawk looking for a meal. Bunnies always are amazing when they freeze in place.


Beautiful photos, Sallie. My favorite is the blue heron.

Bob Bushell

Brilliant photos youj have taken, I love the Osprey, stunning.


A new computer...awesome! I enjoyed the photos the flowers and the sunny warm...have you had any earthquakes? We are having them like almost daily...Sort of scary. They interviewed a geoglogists and he basically said it's normal...funny how it was not happening before it became normal, Enjoy the last bits of spring!

Ken Schneider

Beautiful sky, birds and blooms. Having moved to Connecticut from south Florida in December, we finally are beginning to warm up.

Lorrie Orr

I think killdeer are such pretty birds, and rather skittish and hard to photographer. Good capture!

Linda W

I am glad you are enjoying your ordinary time. Your pictures, however, are extraordinary.

A ShutterBug Explores

Wonderful nature shots ~ feathered friends and floral ~ My favorite is the little bunny ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Thank you for showing me such a wonderful place

Taken For Granted

Thank you for all the lovely photos. We can never get that close to our Blue Herons, and love seeing the Osprey. I am surprised the little birds would perch so close to the Red Shouldered Hawk.

Michele Morin

Herons are my favorite! You have captured some beautiful shots!

Juliet (craftygreenpoet)

Lovely selection of birds and flowers and of course the cute bunny


Your photographs are beautiful. Animals in their natural habitats all look so perfect -- you captured their fleeting moments so well in your photos. Thank you for the link-up.

Veronica Lee

Stunning photos as always, Sallie. I especially loved the cute bunny.

Happy Tuesday!

Amy Franks

the dog I use to have would've gone for the rabbits, she was a foxy so apparently they are bred to catch little things like that. Love the flowers though, I recognize all of them.


Them dang dumb rabbits. Two years ago I wondered what the dogs were up to and went into back yard and heard what sounded like dog squeaky toys, and what!!!?? They each had a baby bunny in their mouths and the babies were squeaking. Darn dogs wouldn't put them down without me whacking them but it was too late. All three passed. So mad at the dogs and the bunny parents.

William Kendall

The wascally wabbit is adorable.


Stunning first photo Sallie, and great ones of the birds. Smiled at the one of the hawk on the pole and the mockingbirds trying to keep on the down-lo, little smarties :) Lovely to have a wildlife walk so close to you. I would make use of it every day. I wonder if you see any alligators? The bunny was really cute. Those bright red flowers are gorgeous and tropical looking and yes, I treasure my ordinary days. Have a great week!

Lavender Dreams

I agree! I love working on photos and even looking at old ones to remember. And how nice to have a new speedy computer. Life is good and the weather looks great for this coming week. Love your Osprey. We saw one yesterday but didn't get a photo. Enjoy your day.


One day, I hope, we can visit Florida... it must be! The nature around is different then our here around. My dream are the Everglades.

Thank you for sharing, Sallie, I enjoyed reading again.

Happy MosaicMonday


I like your description of the sunrise! The abundance of red flowers is beautiful and the rabbit made me smile as I've been watching the ones that live in my backyard. They certainly are persistent! Enjoy those afternoon showers--wish we had them! We have fire danger warnings every single day these days


Life is good and a new computer is wonderful too. A blog post is a wonderful way to share and save your memories. I love all your birds images and the cute bunny. The sunrise is gorgeous, a lovely start to your day. Have a great day and a happy new week!

Life Images by Jill, West Australia

I had to smile at your rabbit, as I have just started re-reading Watership Down. Stay safe and enjoy your week.


Sallie - sometimes the simple pleasures, like a computer that works, are the best! I loved your comment about a sunset in reverse (without wine) - but hey, why not throw in a mimosa!!! While I was in the UK, I had the opportunity to interact with raptors, and the expert reinforced for me that raptors only fly when they need to eat! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


I love all of them - red hibiscus are one of my favorite flowers, long legged birds, and a sunset - great!

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