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July 17, 2022


Soma @ InkTorrents.com

I much rather be in nature and I stop a LOT for photos too. It is so wonderfully green and beautiful. I specially like the first two photos.



covid is on the rise again here in new jersey, being in nature is a great way to isolate yet still feel great and enjoy time outdoors!!

the bird you guess about is a green heron...i'm sure someone confirmed that!!

Photo Cache

You were doing both - exercising your body and exercising your soul!

Visiting from Skywatch Friday!

Worth a Thousand Words


As always...exceptional photography.
Thanks for taking time to share your blog at I'd Rather B Birdin'


...this spot is wet, wonderful and green! Thanks for sharing it.

John's Island

Hi Sallie, Thank you for the smile: “Great walk for photos, not for exercise -- I stop a lot!” That is so true for me, and so is your response: “That's OK though because I'd rather take pictures.” Neat post, I enjoyed all your pictures. John

Lavender Dreams

The last photo looks like it should be printed and framed to hang on the wall. I love the peaceful look of it. And I like less buy places too but I would love to watch some of track events. And I love your city. I traveled there a long time ago but would love to visit again!

Shiju Sugunan

You saw some really interesting birds. Great captures!


Hello Sallie,
PS, thank you for linking up and sharing your post. I enjoyed your birds and the views of the pond. Take care, enjoy your weekend.


Hello Sallie, We still have to be careful not to be in crowded places, or Covid could get you, and make you feel very ill. Most of my family have had it, and felt awful. I still wear a mask, as we are obliged to do in indoor spaces, but not outdoors where there are less people, and like you I prefer to be outdoors photographing wildlife in any case.

Your first photo is a beautiful serene picture of the pond, and you captured many lovely birds on your walk. I could relate to what you wrote about walking.I had to smile, because when I say to my daughter shall we go for a walk, my daughter smiles and says, you never walk! Do you mean shall we go in search of wildlife!!:=))

All the best Sallie.:=)


I'm with you about staying away from the crowds and not getting out early for walks. I'd have to be out at 4am to beat the heat. No way. Yet you always manage to find a place to see nature and I love your bird photos.


Oh I couldn't agree with you more. Better to be out in nature watching all the beauty than to be in a crowd watching people. Wonderful photo collection!


Hi Sallie, I agree with you that lately most days have been way too hot to get out and walk. Enjoyed seeing what you spotted on your walk. We have friends who live in Springfield, OR, and they have attended a few of the 2022 World Track Championships events and have sent us a few photos. Like yourself, we are also not track or sports fans in general so as exciting as this event must be, we would also stay home.

Peter B.

Beautiful photos of the herons. I love just meandering along at a slow pace with my camera, just waiting for that next photo opportunity!

Jim, Sydney, Australia



A splendid variety of birds Sallie. Happy for your community that this event brings them a lot of business. Like you I stay away from crowds and always did even before we had to stay away from them :)


Not going to sporting events near me -- I share that with you. The University of Michigan football stadium is so close that the fans park their cars on our street in order to walk there. And the last game I attended was in the 1980s. Ah, life in a college town!

best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

Veronica Lee

I always enjoy your bird photos, Sallie.

Happy Wednesday, my friend!

Linda W

Wonderful nature shots! I’m still avoiding crowds.


A green heron is on my bucket list. Earlier this summer I came upon a guy at a nature center who told me about it and he tried to show me where it was. I couldn't see it and he couldn't respot it. He left and I stood there looking and studying and then suddenly it took off from just where I was looking and was lost in the canopy of the forest before I could raise my camera.


Eugene has always been huge in the track and field world.

Your trails look like my kind of trails. Handy to the wildlife and away from people.

Lorrie Orr

I would also rather be watching birds than in a crowd. The green heron has such distinct colours. I don't think I've ever seen one. When I walk with my camera it's much slower, too. I hope your week is going well.


I would rather be birding also, if I saw all the birds you see. Beautiful photos.

A ShutterBug Explores

Sallie ~ your feathered friend photography is awesome ~ all of them ~ Xo

Wishing you lots of good health, laughter and love in your days,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)


Now, it's to hot outside here to view the birds.

I enjoyed reading here, Sallie. This fantastisc nature. Thank you for sharing.

In the late evening we like being in the garden. Tomorrow it's the hotest of the Year says the news. We will see.

I wish you a good week.

William Kendall

Herons always get my attention.


Agree! Birds over crowds


I just love your bird photos - gorgeous

Amy Franks

I do the same on road trips, if something catches my eye I get out and walk around taking photos, it's good to stretch your legs.

Lydia C. Lee

These are lovely - a very peaceful time - a sort of meditation and exercise at the same time. #SharonsSouvenirs

Bob Bushell

Fantastic bird images Sallie, I love them all.

ellen b.

That green heron is so interesting. Love the coloring. I like a slow walk with a camera! Wow...that's a huge influx of people for the championships. It will be an economy boost for sure. Hope you have a good week.


I am also trying to stay away from crowds. Bird watching is always enjoyable although I'm not good at getting good photos of them.
One of my book club friends' only child --a daughter-- recently moved to Eugene from Littleton, CO. My friend is really sad and worried so it's nice to tell her "I Know" someone that lives there and what a wonderful place it is, Sallie! This Mom had her daughter late in life and is really attached to her so she's sad that they don't live close any longer but her daughter wanted to try living somewhere new after graduating college. I told her I had the same experience with my children moving to Colorado and look where eI am now! :)


We watched the competition Sunday afternoon on the tv. I cannot imagine running 10,000 meters and surviving! It is amazing! But like you, I’d rather watch the birds.


As I read your post I had half an eye on the TV which is showing athletics from Eugene so that felt like a special connection.They are just about to show the marathon which will be running through your town.
Great photos as usual. I particularly like the green heron. Walking isn't just about exercise it is what we see that lifts the spirit as well.


Hello Sallie,
I am like you I would much rather be out birding than in a crowded place. You saw some great birds on your walk. I do love the Green Heron and the Great Blue Heron. The Grebe and the Scrub Jay are great sightings too. The view of the pond is lovely. Take care, enjoy your day and have a happy new week!

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